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A wise man will always fear three things. The storm on the sea, the moon in the night, and the anger of a gentle soul.


Written because Monochromatic's RariTwi Bomb event made me want to stretch my writing legs during my hiatus.

Twilight Sparkle, prized pupil of Princess Celestia and most powerful unicorn to date, is convinced that strength is the most important part in a fight.

Rarity Belle, seamstress of Ponyville and sister to Sweetie Belle, is unconvinced and has decided that Twilight needs to be taught a little lesson.

The result? A duel at high noon.

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Comments ( 10 )

I love how you worked the title into the story. This was well written and I enjoyed every second of it. I also like the twist to Raritys special talent.

That was a great fight sequence. It did throw me off that Twilight needed to use a cloud walking spell, but I noticed the story description refers to Twilight as a unicorn. Rarity being from a military family is an odd detail, but an interesting one.

I decided to go back a few years and simply have Twilight be a Unicorn, leaving all the Alicorn stuff for the future of this little story's canon. So a cloudwalking spell turned out to be necessary :twilightsmile: But I'm glad you liked the fight! It's never easy to get the right flow, so I'm glad!

Thanks! The twist to Rarity's talent made sense to me, and something I'm quite happy I came up with. It's an idea I might take with me in future stories, if I do end up writing more Rarity :duck:

I thought you did a really good job with her already, you really captured her personality better than a lot of people I've seen try to write Rarity.

That is a relief to hear! Character voices and personalities are a bit of a difficult one for me, so it's relieving to hear I did her justice!

I do so enjoy watching Rarity be a badass. I also like the notion that Rarity's Grandpa was were she learned it.

There's something about the "Yes, I'm pretty, but don't think I couldn't beat you in the dirt if I wanted to" trope that just speaks to me. Rarity is a perfect candidate for such a character archetype, and having her focus on skill, efficiency, and tactics while being really just an average-strength Unicorn feels very appropriate for the character.

Put in weapon terms, Rarity is the graceful fencer whereas Twilight is the axe wielding juggernaut.

Eeeeeh, I see Rainbow Dash or Applejack as more of a axe-wielding juggernaut type character. Twilight is more like this just stronger. https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Red_Mage

Loved that you mentioned the Coup de Jarnac! There's a lot of canon evidence for Rarity being quite a fighter, and this fits perfectly!

I'm glad you liked it :twilightsmile: and the coup de jarnac was a term I learned recently, and it felt right to put in. Both because it's a suitably posh and slightly snobbish thing to use french or other languages to add flair to your sentences, but also because it's another little thing showing that Rarity knows what she's doing!

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