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Welcome to The ScootaBelle Group, an organized collection of stories shipping the dictionary with a chicken.

Stories are organized into Romance, which is subdivided into Chaptered Stories and One-Shots, Implied Shipping/Friendshipping, Polyamory, and Not Safe For Work, which is subdivided into Aged Up and Foalcon (which is not visible from the parent folder, so you don't have to see it unless you want to).

The admins here are looking to grow the ship, through a maintained group full of ScootaBelle stories, and hopefully an active community, including occasional writing contests. If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to shoot a PM to an admin.

Co-Founder and Head Admin: bats
Co-Founder: Formerly Committed
Back-up Admin: arcum42

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Small request: can my story, "New Revelations", be removed from the "foalcon" folder? Stupid cellphone made it go into that folder by mistake.

Thank you in advance!

Why did you remove the argument with Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle under

...stories shipping the dictionary with a chicken.


Comment posted by SinTin deleted Mar 5th, 2015

I think I will leave this here...

333399 I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that when you were born the doctor couldn't tell where your flank ended and your head began. You might wanna get that checked out, I hear they offer corrective surgeries for such anatomic abnormalities.

Seriously chillax, shipping two youths isn't perversion, if it was do you really think the creators of Avatar The Last Air bender, through word of god, would've confirmed that the Shipping Fuel for Katoph was definitely intentional on their behalf? Probably not.

This comment will receive hate. Sweetie Belle is a chicken, Scootaloo is a dictionary. Allow the mind melting to begin.

Comment posted by WayPastSlamJam deleted Jul 28th, 2014

333399 corruption is relative, as you could be corrupted in the sense you don't like something, or we may be corrupted for not liking one thing over another... Whereas someone else may like something more than you, then they could be corrupted in your mind. To others they may think of them as friends, others may just not care.

Comment posted by Nattalie Simmons deleted Feb 16th, 2014
Comment posted by Brohgue deleted Dec 31st, 2013

Member 223:trollestia:

Hello Bats! Would you like to discuss something? :trixieshiftright:

NSFW trumps poly. :pinkiehappy:

What if, and just bare with me, I have a polyamory fic but it's nsfw. Where would that go?


I regret nothing! :pinkiecrazy:


Member 175.
Damn you, bats, damn you...

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