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Hearts and Hooves Day was a whirlwind, especially for Cheerilee and Big Macintosh. They remained friends in wake of the fiasco that almost ended in hasty marriage, and Cheerilee never gave their friendship any further thought. They were just friends, nothing more.

However, when she learns of Big Mac and Marble Pie's fling over the Hearth's Warming holiday, Cheerilee begins to dwell upon her friendship with Big Mac. Could there have been something more to their relationship that she hadn't realized before?

After all, hindsight is 20/20.

Edited by Lord-Commander and Kestrel

Pre-reading by FamousLastWords

Cover art made by the talented Coffee Munch

Takes place in the same universe as Learning Curve. Familiarity with that story is not required, but I do recommend it!

Seattle's Angels

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 80 )

Poor Cheerilee. Marble Pie kind of just ran over her ship in the fandom, didn't it?

Good chapter to start off a good fic, that I know will be good. :pinkiehappy:

Pre-reading by FamousLastWords

Hey, that's me!

Great story, bae. :twistnerd:

Pinkie Pie let her overhear on purpose, to move more chocolate cake. :pinkiecrazy:

Awww...what a great start! I'm betting the two dislikes are Marble Pie lovers...

I'm faving and upvoting this!

6640121 This is a really good story. Anyone else think so?

6639862 Cheerimac is a great ship, but i respect all people's opinions.

6640141 Nice...I'm a fan of the other Cheerilee story and I'm a big fan of Cheerimac.

I'm curious, wonder whether cheerily liked big mac a little bit more then she thought and just didn't notice till she overheard about big mac and marble?

Big Mac can choose whomever he so desires. It's his choice and his alone:eeyup:

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6641749 That actually wasn't me. It was two of my friends that deleted their own comments after getting into an argument.

The title caught TheObsessiveTrixieFan's interest, but the comment section warns her to stay away from this. She does not want to get involved in petty dramatics, and if this story attracts people of this caliber and company, she will avoid it.

However, you are also updating said story, so TheObsessiveTrixieFan shall stay her voting hoof for hopes that this was a one time incident.

6642361 I can assure you, it wasn't a big deal at all. It was a misunderstanding between two of my friends and I, and they both deleted all of their own comments for some reason. I don't delete comments without a very good reason and/or plenty of warning beforehand. It was not my doing, I had no control over it, and it will not be happening again.

Never know what you got until it's gone, eh Cheerilee? :raritydespair:

Because that's kinda how I felt too.

Zap Apple Jam that didn't sell? I call bullshit xD That stuff's always off the shelves as soon as it's made.

her ship was sunk

Not sure if cleverness or coincidence. :trollestia:

Great chapter! Go Cheerilee Go!!!

Really liking this story's setup, some very solid SoL and believable love interest so far (also I'm a sucker for canon ships, specially when they colide), not a lot if stories here even come close to doing jealousy in a non ham-fisted way.

Alright then, time to reply to some comments at long last!

6643195 According to some fiscal economics theory that my friend in middle school gave me, there seems to be no way to tell exactly how much jam is made and the rates at which it was bought. Because I live in America, I took some liberties that the constitution gave me:ajsmug:

6643226 33.media.tumblr.com/05d049e1e9c00753fd9c5250b7750a38/tumblr_ndr7taT2Nr1s1ucavo2_500.gif

6643696 Glad you're liking it so far! I can only hope that the second half of the story pans out as well as this one has!

6640097 Of course. Business strategies always seem to work out when you exploit the emotions of your clientele!

6641031 Well, according to my OTP...:trollestia:

6640141 The fact that this comment has seven downvotes is a little perplexing to me. Who got pissed at you, bro?

This is rather interesting, seeing how Cheerilee is looking at things.

6644194 I don't know! I don't understand it!

6644194 Bro, the dislikes are happening again!

pretty good start to an interesting story. nothing too heavy yet something to drag in people out of curiosity. the story is your bait and your readers the fish.

i think that she will be fine just as long as she doesn't go to either twilight or rarity for advice. because...........well, either of them would give her bad advice, at least in my opinion.

6647023 That's odd, because it displays for me. Fixed it anyway!

Oh, poor Cheerilee. The dreaded "parents meeting my good 'single and attractive' stallion friend" scenario.

I believe Cheerilee is in a situation similar to Meg from Hercules, and because of that I believe this song is relevant:

that huge contest Pinkie Pie had with that Cheesy Sandwiches pony

Cheesy Sandwiches...I love that!

Great chapter!

Bring on the cake. We're gonna need it, and like six gallons of ice cream now.

She went in acting like a schoolfilly with a crush and left with a full-grown mare heartbreak. This is ice cold stubborness Mac. Ice cold to a best friend. :raritydespair:

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