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Oh this sleepy little town, nearly ashes on the ground. I'll leave it all behind, even thoughts of you and I... So I tell you now; Goodbye :heart:


Marble has always been told to just put on a pretty smile. But sometimes the prettiest smiles hide oceans of deep secrets.
When she meets a new pony, it's like all her worries and demons melt away.
At least, until she starts drowning again.

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Can read right now, I will later though

Hoo-ver Dam. This is not half bad, I'm putting this on the shelf.

They should get Luna to help with the nightmares.

Deep breaths deep breaths I the heck with it you little monster of mom you gave your day her daughter anxiety is that what a good mother should do no and because I can't type fast I am gonna type gibberish jvhcvvvfhfhdhsjdifjfhdhdkqhsbxjckcnfjfjdjshwjwydjsuxjdhdkdkrhfivfhfgdhrheyehddhrjehwhwjdgdudysjedkdgwjqbwjwieirfbvhgoedyntnyrxkuxytxzrj::flutterrage:grgdvsgdbs zhdhfyfyfhrhdhrhtytjththrhdjdhrurfhththdhdhdhy F. In fun fun fun gunfire h. Ty. Thy Ty f u rub five hrbrhchfhthfhfv bchrgrhchfhtyff Yrydychfuifidirfr Ddjdhchghfjrcnfjfutfjfbfhcjfufuuiruch:twilightangry2:gfrydychfgdgrgrvdgrhrvrgh ensue shelduck he h. Fybrhyf gdtdtsgegrhrhdusjdhrjrbdbzuzgxhxhdhdifudhdidjchdycbcvch:pinkiecrazy::you're dead.

6602465 That's a good idea! But making the nightmares go away would only take away the side-effects of the problem, and not the problem itself:pinkiesmile:

No, I mean Luna would help her out the same way she did with the CMC.

Hey. . .hey, you. :0

Where the smile doesn't reach

Please correct this. It's a title, so capitals must be used properly: "Where the Smile Doesn't Reach"

6603998 Oh, okay, sorry!:twilightoops: We always learn new things, right?:twilightsheepish:

6604018 Yup. For the longest time, I didn't know how to properly format paragraphs. I still don't, really. English is a hopelessly complicated language. :derpytongue2:

I feel like this sometimes. Our own personal demons sometimes come from our thoughts and people who are related to us. For me, it was my grandma (on my mother's side). I am looking forward to seeing how this ends up

6604809 Aw, sorry to hear you feel so:pinkiesad2: But yes, that's too true. Sometimes it's not our enemies but the people closest to us that hurt us without even realizing it.
The next chapter should be up this week, stay tuned!:twilightsmile:

6605079 Umm, sorry for writing something that upset you? But it is tagged sad, after all:pinkiesmile:

[Inquisitorial Agents Contacted]
-[Assassination Target Confirmed]-
[May Death Be Brought To The Enemies Of Equestria]

*calls a assin to kill cloudy quraz* what shes so mean so yeah :3
plus i know how this feel marble like you my feeling get heurt badly from the poeple i loce sometimes so just dont give up ok:pinkiesad2: i love the story btw

6625240 Yes, sometimes it's not the enemies who hurt us, but the ones closest to us:pinkiesad2:
I'm happy you like the story!:yay:

I cannot wait to see how this plays out. Marble's state is believable and understandable, considering what we have seen of her parents and sisters. Marble almost seems to be a personification of what would have happened to Pinkie had she not left the farm.

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