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While visiting a city on a bowling tournament, Letroski aka The Dude goes out looking for something to do that night. What he didn't expect was to run into a kindred spirit named Tree Hugger at a certain club.

This is just a one shot I came up with for fun when I thought about these two ever meeting.

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This is AWESOME!!!

Reading this and listening to stoner tunes is the best.

Well... I'm totally adding this ship to my list of random ship I like, man! :twilightsmile:

6396623 Thanks glad you liked it

6396983 lol yeah it's totally random but fur some reason I felt it would work.

Aaaaand, you blew it. I'd been looking for this ship for forever, but your writing is really poor. So disappointed.

At the end, Isn't that Dr. Hooves line? :rainbowhuh:

6397418 Yeah I liked that line so much I just had to use it here.

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6399090 Glad you liked it and yeah after the 100 episode I was hit by inspiration on what if these two actually met lol.

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