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While having lunch a certain question comes up about how most of the evil ponies they've fought have been Unicorns. So is it just coincidence or is there a darker nature to unicorns that no one has thought of before?

Just a short one-shot I came up with after watching No Second Prances as this idea hit me.

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Haven't I read this story before? About evil unicorns? I'm sure someone knows what story I'm talking about.

7195979 I don't know the name of the story but I do know what you're talking about.

It was Rainbow Dash bringing up "how all the villains they face are horny". Someone made it back during season 5.

Unicorns are not evil in of theirselves, magic is also not evil...magic unicorns on the otherhand...that is a devilish combo

"Absolute power corrupts absolutely."

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Now I want to read a fic about a unicorn with depersonalization disorder. No! Horn, why you do this?! Maybe a non unicorn evildoer, no wait, that's already done.

A bit punch-less, in a manner of speaking. The resolution came from an incidental character, without much perceived conflict. It wasn't sugary/shippy/<insert hook here> either, if one likes that. It was more like an explanation. I would have liked if this 'questioning' happened along some, uh, event/problem/circumstance.

Wasn't bad though, have a like.

7195979 No idea, not sure what you might be thinking of, maybe it was a Sombra story or something? I don't know but this was just something that came to me on how it's usually a Unicorn that they deal with when a pony goes evil. (Minus Nightmare Moon of course lol)

7195993 Huh, ever heard of that story before I may have to see if it's still up here somewhere.

7196002 lol, it does seem like that huh?

Though Nightmare Moon was 'part' unicorn, being alicorns represent all three types, according to most stories. So still works?
Good little snippet though, a friend and I were just talking about this the other day.

7196034 This was just a silly little idea that came to me, just something for fun. I keep my more indepth kind of stories for the longer ones. But still glad you still liked it and thanks for the like.

7196051 I guess if you go by the fact alicorns can use magic like unicorns then yeah it still works lol. But yeah I would be surprised if no one else noticed this trend as well.

Not ALL the bad ponies have been unicorns. I mean, Lightning Dust and Wind Rider were pegasis and Suri Polomare and Diamond Tiara were Earth ponies (okay, Diamond was far more the Cutie Mark Crusaders' enemy than the Mane Six's, but the point still remains). Still, this is a fairly good short story. And technically, as an alicorn, Nightmare Moon IS part-unicorn (as well as part Pegasus and part Earth pony). Though I'm surprised Applejack didn't mention the Flim Flam Brothers in that conversation. Or did she, but I missed it because I was skimming? At any rate, very good job on the exchanges, emotional content and wrap-up in all the right places.

7196064 Well that's why in the story it's said Evil, ponies and not bad there have been plenty of bad ponies but I mean those that went all evil like slavery, conquest and stuff like that have generally been unicorns who abuse their magic. No the Flim Flams were not as this was more about evil that ponies have done and not bad. Although I had thought of Twilight mentioning them in her travels to alternate timelines but we never really knew the full story behind that one so I cut it.


Now, it has come to mind, what happens to a 'spolied' child. Imagine that you had a child growing with the power to manifest it's will in the form actual work. It's easy to see the transition from 'I can make things move if I want to' to 'I can make people do what I want to' become stronger if you don't need physical contact.

It's just pointing out that, maybe, it isn't Celestia who has to make a special school for ponies with probable psychological needs. I would bet on propaganda targeted to parents. Oh boy.

I can see someone plotting a tragedy about a unicorn with earth pony parents. That is, if ponies are greedy by nature, until education inserts values.

Just being silly, let me overthink stuff.

great story line! this one really made me sit and think, and the way you had the girls and spike talk about it was spot on> congrats to you!

7196114 Thanks, after seeing that episode and thinking how similar Trixie and Glimmer were I started thinking what if Sunset showed up as those three would have a lot in common and suddenly I realized how so many evil ponies (even reformed) were unicorns.

Rarity for next season Big Bad; make it happen, writers!

7196088 There is an old Twilight Zone episode based on a short story called "It's a Good Life" by Jeromy Bixby, about a child exactly like that. Only, there is no Princess Celestia to help him control his powers. The closest thing to her is in the Movie adaptation, where a teacher traveling to her next job stumbles upon the boy, and in the end helps provide him with the guidance he needs.

7196082 Okay, point well taken.

7196198 Oh yeah I remember that one, the 'monster' kid that kept doing things like sending people 'to the cornfield', they actually made a sequel to that in the Twilight Zone remake series a few years back where he had a daughter with powers like him. Although I never saw the film version.

7196212 Just read that story, it took the same concept I had but took it beyond unicorns, I have to admit that most of the villains they've faced have had horns, well except Lightning Dust and when the Wonder Bolts were jerks and that one that framed Rainbow Dash. But still I have to wonder if this is something the writers do on purpose or not.

Are Innocent foals just plain cute or dangerous?

Rarity had to admit that when she got all that power from that book she abused it if she was totally honest, she wasn’t sure how much of what she had done had been because of the power of the book over her and what might have been just herself drunk on power.

Considering you didn't remember a thing of what you did to Ponyville, unlike Trixie (who didn't snap out of it even after taking the amulet off at first), I think you're fine, Rarity.

The writers have trouble coming up with non-magical threats when it comes to ponies. Unicorns are the obvious spellcasters, so it falls to them to be the villains. Even so, let's not forget the Mane-iac or Doctor Caballeron, who were both earthers and dangerous.

Okay, that is an interesting take on Celstia's School for Gifted Unicorns. I like it. That was very clever of you.

Power corrupts and unfortunately unicorns are the ones with magical power. Earth ponies and pegasi are just as capable of going bad, but when they do they can't cause the kind of damage a unicorn can. The worst an earth pony can be is like Dr. Cabelleron, a criminal or thug, or Diamond Tiara, a bully. Pegasi can probably get worse with their weather control abilities, Rainbow and Derpy have managed to accidentally cause a lot of damage in a couple episodes, but there are a lot of ways to protect against something like that. Unicorns, however, can do virtually anything with magic, which has a lot of potential for abuse. By nature unicorns are not worse than pegasi or earth ponies, but because of their natural abilities the ones that do turn evil become large threats. There are probably just as many bad earth ponies or pegasi, but they are likely easily handled by the police or the royal guard, not the princesses or the elements of harmony. Now a powerful enough artifact like the rings of scorchero could be greatly abused by a pegasi or earth pony and make them worthy of being a villain on the show. They could also be mutated or enchanted like the Maniac or Flutterbat. I guess a clever enough non-unicorn could be a Lex Luthor or Joker-like threat as well. I kinda hope they pull something like this off in the show, it would be a good change of pace to have a more cerebral villain.

It is not just Unicorns. Anyone with a horn is affected. Discord, Tirek, Chrysalis, Luna, ...
They all have horns and became evil.

7196871 Thanks, it just kind of hit me while writing that Celestia's school could be like how Xavier made his school for the X-Men about teaching mutants. It just seems like the perfect reason why she made such a school given the powers unicorns have.

7197336 Someone else pointed that out to me, I honestly never heard of that story lol, mainly since I haven't been on this site that long and usually I search for stories I set it for five thousand word minimum so it's no surprise I missed this one. Although I guess it's no surprise that a few people would come to this same conclusion.

I believe you there, this is written differently enough that it's clearly just coincidence. I just thought the similarity was kind of funny. I'm sure billimorph would be flattered anyway, he's a cool guy like that.

Personally, I thought this was a bit difficult to get through, mostly on the basis of the formatting. I'm not sure what text editor you wrote this in, but everything is kind of messed up. Lots of line breaks in places where there shouldn't, stuff like that. You should maybe do a second pass of editing for those parts.

7197375 I'm not sure what you're talking about with the line breaks, when I use Microsoft Word and past it in, this site takes out all my spacing and I have to manually put them back in. I noticed two errors when this happened but when I looked through it again I didn't see any real problems other than the two ones I missed.

All the big unicorns have either been evil or gone evil. You know this means Sweetie belle may be next. I just got chills just thinking about it. Rarity is also a powerful unicorn but choeses not to so it. That means sweetie belle has the possibility to be even more so.

Twilight lesson zero, trixie magic duel, sunset shimmer Equestria girls, rarity inpesration manifestation, starlight glimmer season 5 logic points a hoof at sweetie belle.

7199976 If that ever happened she might have to go evil under an alias, kind of hard to be afraid of the "dark mage Sweetie Belle" lol. Kind of like those two stories about the young kid trying to be a villain calling himself "Bad Dude" or something.

7197542 I've found it works better if you use 'no spacing' format instead of 'normal' in Word. That makes you enter the spacing manually instead of having Word add it and that formatting does get copy-pasted like you'd expect.

7197336 As much as I hate to agree with you. Yes.

7517251 Thanks it was just an idea that hit me while thinking over all the villains in the show and realized unicorns seem to fall to the dark side a bit easy lol.

Interesting story. To be fair though, Sombra's physical form is that of an unicorn. His true species is an Umbrum, Shadow Pony which appear to be red crystal and fairy like miniature ponies like the breezies in disguise form and monsterous nightmarish ponies in their true form. Like FNAF 4 Nightmarish.

7666209 A bit late on the response I know, but yeah, this is true, but hard for anyone unfamiliar with the comics(which I wholly recommend as being more entertaining than the show even) to know.

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