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While having lunch a certain question comes up about how most of the evil ponies they've fought have been Unicorns. So is it just coincidence or is there a darker nature to unicorns that no one has thought of before?

Just a short one-shot I came up with after watching No Second Prances as this idea hit me.

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While visiting a city on a bowling tournament, Letroski aka The Dude goes out looking for something to do that night. What he didn't expect was to run into a kindred spirit named Tree Hugger at a certain club.

This is just a one shot I came up with for fun when I thought about these two ever meeting.

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A normal day is shattered as a quake happens unleashing an ancient darkness from before recorded history. The Main 6 gather to face this evil with the help of Luna, they will learn of a nearly forgotten part of history as a legend steps out of the shadows but will his legend help or is he already lost in his own darkness.

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