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Octavia and Harmonia Philharmonica were on their way to Manehattan, ready to fulfill their duty as granddaughters and visit Nana. Vinyl Scratch and her brother Long Play were traveling back home from a concert in Canterlot, the first that Vinyl had ever attended. Pure serendipity facilitated these pairs' first meeting.

(Inspired by the pure adorableness that is the cover art)

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Except loud. She seemed like she could be very loud.

Yes, Octavia. When you're all grown up, you'll see just how loud Vinyl can be.

Yeah, Inuhoshi make some really cute and fuzzy pictures.

And this story is not bad at all, these characters are really likeable the way you wrote them.

Eyeup, definitley diabetes. A nice story. The characters were really cool.
Maybe it's to early but if this ever is going to lead to a new series of stories, I'll be reading them for sure :pinkiehappy:

The brother/sister dialog really doesn't sound right.

It sounds like a good start and who wouldn't want another 100,000+ TaviScratch story? :pinkiehappy: Not I, that's for sure. :twilightsmile:

It sounds like a great setup for a different way to tell the story, especially since the older brother and sister wouldn't mesh well at all and be completely confused as to how the two would hang out (though I get the feeling that Vinyl would just be the one 'hanging out' as Octavia is unable to voice much of anything like rejection until it's too late and she tolerates the unicorn). :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

There was a pause. “Vinyl?”


“Let’s make an agreement right now. When you decide to make a ‘big decision’ and you gather Mom and Dad and everyone, I reserve the right to sit out of the conversation on the basis that it’s pretty obvious. Deal?”

This exchange makes me happy, and I want to see Vinyl's coming out now. Because that'd be hilarious.

"Yeah, sis, I knew that. Remember? Train station. Purple-eyed filly? In fact, there she is! Good job, sis, you found her!"

Diabetes acting up have a diabetes attack so d'aaaaawwww

An OctaScratch where they both have siblings would be interesting. I would definitely read that.

More. Write more. I need my fix of holy-hay-why-is-this-so-freaking-cute and I need it... Not now, but soon. Let the words flow.:pinkiehappy:

At first I just wanted to read it because OctaScratch. Then i wanted to read it because d'awwww.

Then I saw it was YOU who wrote it. FUCK YEAH.

This was adorable. And I so want to see that conversation with Vinyl and her parents played out.

Long Play sound like a guy I'd like to hang out with, he's quick to wit if need be. Also, if kids were really that cute, I wouldn't have such a burning hatred for them. Pony kids are fine (for the most part), but I've had my fair share of real kids for me to stay single for a long time.:pinkiesick:

honestly, was hoping both sibling pairs would hook up in some way.:rainbowkiss:

I would definitely enjoy reading more about these four in this kind of light. No one has done it before, and it would be a great way to see these two grow up together into the two mares we currently know. I hope there is more to come, because this could be a goldmine of a story/series.

Oh, please, please, please continue this! :pinkiegasp: The pace was just perfect, and I'd really like to see what would happen on the train. I've always wondered how those two lovebirds got together... hehehe.


3482514 You win comment of the century. :rainbowlaugh: I spit my tea out laughing at that.

You should totally make this a series! I loved the interactions between filly Vinyl and Octavia, and it weirdly makes sense for Octavia to be shy.:twilightsmile:

This... is... AWESOME!!!

~ Michael

Aw, this was beautiful. Opposites attract, as they say:) I especially loved Long Play's view's on Harmonia when they met each other. Vinyl on a sugar rush would be a hilarious sight to see. Please continue this. :scootangel:

Oh god I love this. Filly Tav and Scratch is just the cutest fucking thing ever.


First meeting chapter two?


This is totally gonna be a series. Not a long one, but the story's continuing. Curse you people, making me write more.

Really can't help it when a story is this good/intriguing.:twilightsheepish:

Why do they sound the same if they’re not the same thing?

...Do they? Traaaaable. Treeeeeble. :rainbowhuh:

CHAPTER TWO?! HUZZAH! :raritystarry:
We need moar baby OctaScratch anyway. :rainbowkiss:
Also, I totally ship Harmonia and Long Play now. :rainbowlaugh:

There is no difference between filly and adult Vinyl.

Yes, this shall do nicely.

this is cute x3 very cute :)

Curse us all you want, you know it would have haunted you anyways. All good stories do.

-dances- YES YES YES YES YES!!

Huzzah! The chapters have been doubled!

Also, this story has given me a bigger case of diabetes than any other. Glad to see you are continuing it. :yay: :ajsmug: :raritystarry: :rainbowkiss:

Comment posted by MrPengu1n deleted Nov 18th, 2013

harmonia is rubbing me the wrong way. i realise she isn't social but at least jet set and upper crust where honest about there criticism.

This is too cute to not have more chapters. I'm looking forward to seeing how much more sugar-sweetness you can pump into it.
Little Tavi cheering. Did not see that coming.

the amount of D'awwwws and cuteness in this fic is TO DAMN HIGH

You're welcome :pinkiehappy: hehe, I figured Vinyl would get Tavi to talk sooner or later.

All the cute! XL Can't wait for the next chapter! :pinkiehappy:

Well. This is arguably better than my idea, but I still think mine would have been more hilarious in the short term ;)

Man, Harmonia's kind of an asshole :D

This is totally gonna be a series. Not a long one, but the story's continuing. Curse you people, making me write more.


This story is just a ball of fluff and cute, and my brain can't handle it. I might explode... :raritystarry:

I fall in love with this story :heart::rainbowkiss:

Thank ya kindly for this story, I can see this having a nice future.

OMG, the first chapter was awesome :pinkiehappy: . I really liked how you made filly vinyl acts, its just so adorable. :heart:

It shall be our prescribed dose of diabeetus, yes?

This is the most adorable thing evar!

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