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This story is a sequel to Accidental Harmony

Several months after moving to Ponyville, Vinyl and Octavia are planning their upcoming wedding. With help from friends like Lyra and Bon-Bon, what could possibly go wrong?

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In the 500 words here, I found one error:

… “do us the all a favor” – ‘the’ doesn’t need to be there.

I found that Lyra was a good substitute for Vinyl's casual, sometimes sarcastic attitude. It helped fill the gap, making the scene a lot less 'serious', though still allowing Octavia to provide, to the audience, the means of expressing exactly HOW important this day was. Bon Bon could have been a bit less of a 'middle-ground' comparison, more of a 'controlled personality' compared to the overly worried Octavia or the laid back nature of Lyra, but... well, there weren't a lot more choices in order to make each of them be given personality.

Interesting how Lyra was, at one point, the one who Vinyl had lost to in the music contest... and now, they're sharing a cell with their marefriends. Oh... I'm gonna watch this.

... This's gonna be a goo' story. :raritywink:

... What, I KNEW following you wouldn't disappoint me! I've been waiting MONTHS for this! :pinkiehappy:

D*MN YOU Lyra, you had to say it! And we all know fate will now buck you up... Rule number 1 in bad situations: It can always be worse!

The blue light of Vinyl's magic played over Octavia's coat, leaving tingling sensations that prickled at her skin as the dress simply lifted itself off of her before floating across the Carousel Boutique to settle delicately and perfectly on an empty dress form.

I think you mean Rarity here. Vinyl is not in the Boutique at that moment.

a nice start :pinkiehappy:
Can't wait for more:twilightsmile:

Uh-oh~ This won't end well, lol. :rainbowlaugh:

All. Of. My. YES!:yay:

>sequel to accidental harmony

wait a minute :)
it was here before, is this remake or ?

Oh. My. God. It is here. It's finally here! :heart:

Octavia nodded in agreement. “It’s time . . . to invite our parents.”

"Never mention it, my dear. Anything for a friend," Rarity said absently. The blue light of Vinyl's magic played over Octavia's coat, leaving tingling sensations that prickled at her skin as the dress simply lifted itself off of her before floating across the Carousel Boutique to settle delicately and perfectly on an empty dress form. Rarity gave it a slight nudge to pull out a miniscule wrinkle before turning back to Octavia. "When are you bringing in Vinyl for another fitting?" she asked.

So Vinyl is using her magic to pull off the dress while she's not even in the boutique ? now that's magical talent! :twilightsheepish:

Overall an okay start to the story, though there's a lot of swishing tails moving around (are they all in heat?), the singular canonical character feels a little out of hers, and the tone of all the interaction is laced with sarcasm (like all the roles were played by a single actor)

Not bad, but there's room for improvement.

Well damn if this isn't a great starting point here. Also yay! Sequel story!

Tho I gotta tell you, I sure am glad they got arrested for something minor and not a heavy stuff.

Bon-Bon exclaimed with a scowl directed towards the source of her ire, “I k

That should be a period.


Rainbow Dash's wing looks like a hand.

(Also, why don't we have a twilight snapple emote?)

The blue light of Vinyl's magic

I do believe you meant "Rarity's" here.

Octavia felt warmth bloom in her face as she averted her gaze. "I'll keep that in mind. See you in a few days, then?"
"I shall look forward to it."

Space the paragraphs.

Lyra's shoulders shook and she finally raised her eyes to meet Vinyl's. "We're still talking about food, right?" she asked.
"Sure thing, harpflank."

Space the paragraphs.

“Sounds good to me,” Vinyl said as Lyra stood and arched her back, groaning in a mix of pain and relief as her muscles broke free of their stiffness. She trotted out of the room, following behind Lyra’s swishing tail, green shot through with white. Soft carpet muffled her hooves as she walked and she hardly noticed the familiar photographs adorning the hallway. Unearthly, delicious smells invaded her nose as they drew near the kitchen. When she finally turned the corner into Bon-Bon’s domain she had to swallow a mouthful of saliva her body produced in gleeful expectation of imminent snacks.
Her eyes immediately settled on a bowl full of candy wrapped in yellow and blue. It sat as a lone island of order on the table, surrounded by used measuring cups, bowls thick with congealed icing and whisks dripping batter. “Bon-Bon, can I—“

It kinda seems as though these maybe two seperate paragraphs, though I am unsure. If so, space.

“ Bonnie

You got a space there.

I am sure I missed some (just woke up), but this is what I caught as I read. Kill this when you're done with it.

Great chapter. Was ecstatic when I say this in my notifications. Glad to see you finally got around to it. Can't wait for more.

I loved the first story, and now here's the sequel! Off to a great start so far!

Ok, with that ending I can see why they'd end up in prison :ajsmug:

Sequel? All my yes! Looks good so far, and I'm looking forward to the next part!

Lyra just had to say it didn't she?

Well, Accidental Harmony landed a spot to sit on my page as a top favorite of all time, so I can definetly say that this one is going to recieve the same fate.

I wonder how you will write their parents personalities. I've read so many renditions of them that almost nothing will surprise me.

Thank you for pointing all of those out. They're fixed now.

Could you maybe give me a specific example of how Rarity is out of character? I'm not seeing it, but if I'm missing something obvious I'd like to fix it.

'Tis what I do. Glad to help.


Might be that I overstated it a little, she just feels a little harsh towards Octavia (and this is just me but: not nearly happy enough for her)

So just today I finished the first story in the series and I find the sequel is uploaded just today! :rainbowlaugh: Can't wait to see what you have later on! :raritystarry:

“Well, at least it can’t get any worse.”

It's not liking saying that has ever jinxed anything... right? :facehoof:

As for this story... take it away Fluttershy
*Takes deep breath* :yay:

SEEEEEQUELLLLLLL!!!!!!! must read IMMEDIATELY! :pinkiehappy:

All hail master errant! Hail! Hail! Hail!


All hail master errant! Hail! Hail! Hail!


Yeah, that's what that made me think...

Anyway, please go on.

Your Lyra reminds me alot of the Lyra found in Only On The Surface so far (thats a good thing).

Also yay, sequel!:twilightsmile:

Good start, tracking :pinkiehappy:

Parents? :rainbowderp: Shits gonna go down... :derpytongue2:

aww snap...their parents :rainbowderp:

All dem innuendos.


i dont always fave my new stories without thinking but when they are from my favorite authors i do.


GAH! Why did you have to point that out?!

Good story!

Alright, well, this is a sequel to something already in Twilight's Library, so I'll go ahead and add it as well...


I suggest running. much better option.

2391398 this is going too end badly.
i think scratches parents will be like whatever if there anything like her.
its octys parents that i fear will be the main problem.
kikikikikikikiki:pinkiecrazy: i cant wait.....well i can but id rather not.
must hurry up and build a working time machine so i can skip to the next update.
if anyone has any chemical-X please lend me some.


Yeah, but just remember; the parents aren't always like the children. Take this fluffy pink thing, for example::pinkiehappy:

On another note, ARGHSHFDJBKNDHOU!!!!! grammar!!!!:twilightangry2: :pinkiesad2:

2405932 sorry:fluttercry: i tryed my best:raritycry:
pwease don't yell at me :applecry:

Why have I not read this sooner? Whatever, good chapter as always.

Huh, I would've thought that Octavia's parents were more carefree.

Don't say you can't write comedy. This was Hilarious!

The comedy felt sitcom-like, which really worked here.

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