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Author of Philharmonic Staccato, dabbler in doodles, and all-around procrastinator. VinylBon is my OTP.


Vinyl Scratch was always an odd one, seemingly hating classical music yet always willing to go with Lyra and Bonbon with a little convincing. One evening they see Octavia perform, and the songs are more than familiar to Vinyl. Realizing that Octavia is playing songs that Vinyl herself had composed when she was younger. Over time and through many trials with her new friends, Octavia discovers that there's a little more to Vinyl than she initially thought.

Proofreaders: Sour Grapes and BarbarianBrony (Thanks to both of you!)

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Well, holy hot damn! You're back. But in all seriousness, it's great to see that this story is still alive and kicking. Loved the fact there was more of a focus on the conflict between Vinyl and Lyra, not enough to really give anything away yet still tantalizing enough to hook readers in.

My only issue with this is a small nitpick sort of thing, but you really seem to like to use the word giggle. It's always a giggle, no chuckles, chortle or good old fashion laugh. But again, just one of those nitpick things.

I eagerly await the next chapter.

I remember this story. It was confusing as to who was being shipped with whom.

I...completely forgot about this story. So it's great that you're rewriting it!

I had hoped for a few chapter... But I guess following it as it gets rewritten is okay. On the plus side, I had completely forgotten about it, so it makes it much easier to keep track of what happens :derpytongue2:

“Certainly sounds like she did a wonderful job.” Said Vinyl

Comma instead of full stop, and small "s" instead of capital S :pinkiesmile:

Aside from that, I think it's a good thing that you put some more focus on the conflict between Vinyl and Lyra, and Vinyl's crush on Bon Bon. I don't remember it from the first version, so it was likely not very noticeable :derpytongue2:

Couple...of...months?!?! :pinkiegasp: I can't wait that long :raritycry:

I... I think I love you. I was JUST wishing I could read this story again, and now it is being rewritten! I adore this take on Vinyl and Octavia.

Good job! This was, and is, an enjoyable story and I cannot wait to get a few more chapters. It's still well-written, but my OCD requires me to leave a comment.:twilightsheepish:

The formatting shifts throughout the chapter. It starts left-justified, then goes to centered, then back to left-justified, then finishes with centered. This personally bugs me, but has little to no effect to the quality of the story, which bears repeating that it is good. Also, giggle was used quite frequently.

But keep up the good work!:pinkiehappy:


I blame Drive for that. Once I get home from Beonycon I'll fix it up. Thanks for letting me know! :)


Be careful with Drive. Watch for a few blank lines, each one is a paragraph it has deleted. I once had it delete the cliax of my story! The first few coments were VERY confused, I didn't realize it util a few days afterwards. Whoops.

Excellent work here. Loved the more intense conflict between Lyra and Vinyl. One question: Do you have the original stashed anywhere? I'm looking forward to what you come up with, but I'd love to be able to read the original again. It was one of my favorite Octi/Scratch fics of all time.


Sorry for the late reply Lol, my laptops on the fritz so stuck to a tablet. I do indeed have the original stored somewhere. :) shoot me your email in a pm and I can add ya to the list to view it in Drive. :)

So, how goes the rewrite? I loved the original, but after this long, it seems like the story's on life support...


Oh you know... -checks story's pulse- Mostly hanging on...

Do you have the original stored away somewhere? Kinda wanna reread it

Yup! Pm me and I'll get you a link :)

I'm still working on it, I promise! Just haven't had time to write a bunch lately with my job.

IF you like I can send you a link to the old version of the story

That would be cool. Thanks

I hope you're still working on it! It's been a long time but I'm still tracking this in hopes of a soon-to-come update :twilightsheepish:

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