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I am the Storm Scribe. Let my words thunder across all creation! Let my imagination rain down and bring life to new worlds and adventures. Above all else, may you enjoy what meager gifts I bring...


Vinyl Scratch, also known as DJ-P0n3, is one of the most famous DJs in Canterlot. But lately, she's been feeling like something's missing in her life. And then a gray Earth pony mare shows up at her club one night...

Author's Note: I wanted to do something different with the Octavia/Vinyl Scratch pairing. In all the stories I've read, Tavi was the reserved, more quiet one while Vinyl was the party girl. But what if it were the other way around? What if Vinyl was the more reserved one and Tavi the wild girl? This is my attempt to expand on that idea.

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Not going to bother reading until there's a little more of it, but I just wanted to say I approve wholeheartedly of your design philosophy.

I'll be back later :)

-Scott 'Inquisitor' Mence

This is great! I can't wait to see more! :twilightsmile:

Gotta say, I think I PREFER this kind of Octavia and Vinyl relationship. It's outside the norm, but still entirely possible.

cute, and perfect pic for the concept:twilightsmile:

Pleasantly surprised by the role reversal, and probably just as floored as Vinyl at Octavia's forwardness...

Upvoted, faved, brohoofed...screaming at you to hurry up and write more...:flutterrage:...You know, the usual jazz.

“...DAMN,” Beatbox said after a long moment.

What I imagine..

I guess we all know who wears the pants in this relationship

Oh my f*cking god. This is awesome.

This MUST continue!!


A few things that irk me about this:

-There's a lot of mention about only Octavia noticing things which sounds rather unrealistic.
-Vinyl is unusually open with those two guys (more so than in a normal working relationship)
-“Did what I think just happen... happen?” Beatbox asked. the sentence structure makes it a confusing read.

There's more but that's all pretty trivial.

All in all though you have a nice set up for a story here, even if it could use some improvements and I look forward to reading more. :twilightsmile:

My face when Octavia kissed Vinyl: :rainbowderp:
I just wonder if she used :rainbowwild:
I can't wait for this to update, so please hurry!
Uh....I mean......if that's what you want to do:fluttershyouch:

In a world where godesses are real, is there any room for religion?
Other than that, a very interesting story. I like the premises.
Looking forward to reading next chapter!

This is the type of 20% cooler Rainbow was talking about. :3

I'm loving the character role reversal going on here. :yay: Vinyl all reserved and unsure, and Octavia wild and untamed? MADNESS I tell you! :trollestia:

Mad, but brilliant. :twilightsmile:

i don't know what i expected when i started reading this, but you surpassed it anyway.

You should have listed this under comedy also, the romance is why I clicked on the story for but then I was like...

I have to say, it started out a bit shaky, but definitely improved throughout the course of the chapter. Well done good sir, I look forward to reading more.

Maybe it is just me but this feels a little rushed. Not so badly though that it was bad. It IS a good start and I'm definitely interested to see where this goes. Personally, I just like enough detail to be able to visualize the scene as it unfolds.

Interesting role reversal between Vinyl and Octavia. Well written too. I'll be looking forward to more

Really good, waiting for more.
For as common as this ship is, it usually downplays Vinyl's character development and concentrates on Octavia's ark. You have a chance to do justice to both characters.

My small suggestion would be regarding the Discord's revelation to Octavia - and my suggestion would be "show, don't tell"
Mad god of chaos as a push for introspection in a deeply shelled character - it's a beautiful set up, you can really play it out in the story.

Now, when you said a role reversal I pictured, "high class bitch" and "cool and collected dj." What I got was a kind, straightforward high class and a confused dj. You have perked the interests, please continue.

"After Princess Celestia tore that TV preacher, Reverend By-The-Book, several new ones for makin' threats against this couple in Ponyville a couple years back, folks have been a lot more open about gettin' together with whomever they want.”

A reference to Lyra Heartstrings and Bon-Bon, eh? I see what you did there. Can't wait for more!

940027 Not necessarily true. Have you read Vinyl and Octavia- University Days?

942594 Not in university days. You SHOULD read it, it is an amazing take on VInylTavia, and is very well-written. Off-Rhythm is another take on VinylTavia, with a unique twist...

This is a very fabulous story i cant wait for the next installment to be posted:rainbowkiss::heart:

Why does this remind me of a movie I can't remember. but i know that I loved the movie.

I must say that I thoroughly approve of this thus far. :pinkiehappy: Eagerly awaiting the next chapter. Though Vinyl really should get a better bouncer... :rainbowlaugh:

Not bed, but feels a bit rushed. Still I like it

:rainbowhuh::rainbowhuh::rainbowhuh: Y U NO UPDATE?? :rainbowhuh::rainbowhuh::rainbowhuh:

Great story so far. got one little error that you missed thought.

Jam Session stuck her tongue out at her.

I'm pretty sure that you meant to say 'his'.

This needs to be updated. We cannot wait any longer. Your loyal followers grow weary. We have stuck by you through many moons, and require satisfaction.

-In short-


1059219 It is going to continue, don't worry. I just have a lot going on IRL at the moment, plus I'm going back to college for my last semester soon.

Frederic Horseshoepin and Beauty Brass. That's definitely a new one. I kind of like it.

1136866 All will be explained in future chapters.


So Octavia has... *Google mode activate!*

... Sedatephobia?

I can't wait to see how you use that to make the story more interesting then it already is!

Finally, I can't wait for the next chapter, and hopefully it dosnt take as long.

*giggles madly* This is gonna get good.

This is a strange concept on a Octy Vinyl story, instead of Vinyl being the flirty one, it's Octavia.
And I dare say it's is a really great idea :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I've been waiting for this for about a month, but it's pretty worth it. I like how octavia wears the pants in the relationship instead of vinyl.

he only reason i came is because of the pictue:derpytongue2:

With a mare who's kisses were far more satisfying than any stallion's, even those of her foalhood friends, Beatbox and Jam Session.

should be whose

“Where too, ma'am?” the driver said, the white-furred stallion not turning around to look at her.

should be where to?
An otherwise awesome chapter.

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