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It's almost Mother's Day. Scootaloo comes to Rainbow Dash with a startling question, but then backs off, feeling ashamed she asked it. Rainbow Dash, taken off-guard by the question, starts to question both herself, how she feels about Scootaloo, and about her past...

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S'good! And sweet! I always love scootalove. Main issue is...I can't see Gilda in the role you gave her. The ending still made me chuckle though! :twilightsheepish:

was..... was that a DIRECT Phill Collins quote? not sure if winning or not.......

great story, very good :pinkiehappy:

Good, I enjoyed this. Have some stars.

Very nicely done. A little rushed, but very heartwarming.

D'awww. Happy. Make. Me.

''Fluttershy and wearing Royal Guard armor sans the helmet, talking in a voice that...''
sans? are you french?
great fic, i read all the saddest fics ever, but none made me cry, but yours made me the closest to manly tears.
you ar dgenius! :coolphoto:

Great story, the ending with Gilda. Hilarious :heart:

Well my manly card just disintigrated, but seriously, great story.

Very well put together story, lol'd at some of the families, especially Fluttershy's, and found the ending with Gilda quite funny. Have some stars my friend, well done.

Huh.. I should pay attention to titles more.. The adoption startled me :facehoof:
Good story btw. :moustache:

"You'll be in my heart"!? :twilightoops: You sir/madam, are a genius! :pinkiesad2:
This was really quite touching and one of the better fics on the site. It's been a little while since I've shed a tear while reading :fluttercry:
Loved it. 5 stars and favorited :pinkiesmile:

dat song, manly tears were almost shed (am in class, so had to hold em back :rainbowlaugh:)

And the ending with Gilda was hilarious. You sir have earned my 5 stars and a watch

News at that night: Local Griffin turned into grape jelly and a throw rug by Royal Bulldozer.

"Tank did have that device to fly with her, and she did have Twilight cast that permanent cloud-walking spell she cast on the others after the Youngest Flyers competition. "
1. this is hand waving.
2. it sounds forced if you intend it to be rainbow dash's thoughts.
3. you could omit it and your story would read better.
good read otherwise, we know if tank is not falling from the clouds something is keeping him up there, the mechanics are not necessary. if you really want to explain this make it an author's note prior too or after your story.

... well at least its not pure scootabuse. :scootangel:

Manly silence was given.

Then manly roars of laughter.

This has become one of my all-time favorites. :fluttercry: It's... so beautiful.

who needs testosterone? I have ponies damnit. well done brony.

Pretty good story you've written. My only problem with this is the transition. Try adding your time changes into the next paragraph instead of ploping down massive dis-belief shattering monoliths. The discription and characterization was pretty good; just try and focus on your pacing (it seems like gilda and dash made up way to fast, and there was no real explination for her massive character switch.).

a solid 4 stars! get rid of the /\/\/\/\TIME MARKERS/\/\/\/\ and do some minor polishing and I'd rate this on par with some of the best.

I, the doctor, approve of this story

137712 "Sans" isn't necessarily French. I use it a lot sometimes. Though I often hardly use it at all sometimes.

Is that a pegasus or a bulldozer?

Quote of the week.

It's a little too sappy in some parts but other than that, it's a great little story that puts characters and the idea of motherhood in the forefront and really hits on all the right notes. The end with how Rainbow adopted Scootaloo is simply classy. I'm of the school that the Twilight-Spike dynamic is more sibling-like than a parental one, but for this story, the effect works fine.

Scootalove + Phil Collins + Fluttershy's bada$$ mom = WIN.


This was beautiful

Beatifull story simply brilliant!! This and the my little dashie fan fic is the only ones i have shed tears :raritydespair:
Now im sorry for asking such a noobish question but could anyone tell me how to favourite a story? i have trouble finding the button to do so.

Are you going to make a sequel showing how everything goes or anything of that sort? Please do...I mean...if thats ok with you...:fluttershysad:

137823 Lol, me too right now...

:applecry: This broke my heart from the sheer adorableness.


I had a problem figuring it out too :twilightblush: You just click the little star next to the name of the story.

Great story. Very touching, and the ending was amusing.

:pinkiegasp: PHIL COLLINS :pinkiehappy: awesome.

i loved this story, i gives this over 9000 stars

Dude, you totally need to make a fic with Fluttershy and Barricade.

Sweet mother of Daaaaaawwwww that was wonderful!:rainbowkiss:

Why? Why does this affect me so? I can say no to _textbook_ puppy eyes from my baby sister, I _laugh_ when my baby sister and my little sister attempt double puppy eyes - but this... this warms my frozen heart.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go replace all those heartstrings you just pulled.

No fic can make me feel emotions.
Good day.:moustache:

So sweet :rainbowkiss:

Best ending of a story containing Gilda EVER. I approve :trollestia:

Absolutely wonderful. The best Rainbow adopting Scootaloo story ever! And the ending was hilarious! I cannot rave about this story enough. I love that you didn't just have Rainbow go and adopt her lickety-split, that she agonized and worried about the decision and even went to Gilda (who turns out was not a total b-witch) so this was pure win!

Oh, don't be sorry for the ending with... Barricade (and I thought that Nightlamp was weird name), it was funny!
Very good fic :pinkiehappy:

Weeell...I hate to go against the grain, but...

Fundamentally, I don't see Dash as a good candidate for adopting anyone or being a mother. She just doesn't seem the type. That said, since I knew that was going to be the centerpiece of the fic, we'll ignore that for the sake of critique.

I felt the "Scootaloo" is an orphan reveal could have been handled in a less perfunctory manner. In truth, I think this fic would be best served by more strongly coloring the narrative with Dash's viewpoint, and by never taking the camera off her. That would mean cutting out some of the narrative but would tighten it up. You could spend more time developing Gilda then, I suppose.

That said I rather did like Barricade!

Fluttershy having a bulldozer for a mother is so incredibly fitting.

This was great! I loved everything about it. It really fits that Dash would be her mom.


Don't worry about going against the grain. I appreciate constructive criticism as much as I appreciate all the compliments I've been getting. I'm glad you gave it a chance, though. And I'm glad Barricade added some lulz for you.

I actually feel a little sorry for Gilda...

I... oh goodness, I want to read stories about Fluttershy's bulldozer mom! O_O
Was she flirting with Twilight's mom, btw?

Also, the part about Twilight and Spike, and Twilight's explanation regarding the test... loved it. That is pretty much how I imagine it also.

Oh, and by the way..... I want more. Please.....:fluttercry:

It just makes your heart explode doesn't it?:heart:

Awww I feel bad for Gilda.

I loved this story! By the end of it I couldn't stop smiling and I had teary eyes. Five start and fav :D

Cute story. I found a few minor errors which were minor enough that I can't remember them now, with one glaring thing, for me, that I'd suggest you change; Gilda should call Dash, Dash, not Dashie, as she does in her episode. Other than that, there were a few times the pacing felt off and things moved too quickly, along with some exposition that ended up being completely unneeded, though that part was already addressed in the comments.

Poor Gilda at the end.

I didn't even start reading yet; That is the most HEART WARMING cover image EVER!

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