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An epilogue of sorts to 'Mothers.' Gilda is dragged off for a little 'chat' by the behemoth bulldozer of a pegasus, Fluttershy's mother Barricade. But what exactly did they 'chat' about?

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Lol first
And this is great!
Now back to TF2 crossover!:flutterrage:

can you perhaps continue with the glorious one shots? this world of yours has intrigued me so much. i loved mothers and this was equally fantastic. i wish i could write this well. even if you dont continue with this universe, good job, truly. i loved it :twilightsmile:

Cool. I always wondered what happened to Gilda when Barricade dragged her away at the end of "Mothers". :raritywink:

Are you sure Fluttershy didn't get her understanding from her mother?

I just couldn't stop chuckling with Gilda's misfortunes. :raritywink::trollestia::rainbowlaugh:

one word that describes this

Still amazing, Knight.
I had to go back and read Mothers before I read this just to have the context point. And this is a nice way to wrap it up!
...though, I hope this isn't the end for this 'arc,' but a bridge!

Brilliant Epilogue, My Friend; a great encore to a magnificent story.

Hurah, I never viewed Gilda as an evil character. So its nice to see something nice happen to her. I agree with some of the other commenters, I hope this isn't the end of this universe.

650435 Barricade got her understanding from Fluttershy.

Excellent. Love it.

Best "redeemed Gilda" story ever. Well, it's the only one I've read so far.

Kinda nice that you lessened the whole emotional foot shooting from the ending of "Mothers". You kinda went out of your way to set up Gilda as a well rounded character and it did you a disservice to end it the way you did. But on to THIS piece.
Still a little heavy on the references and light on ending "pay off". Not to say I don't like the ending, Gilda fashion designing along with Rarity brings to mind many antics of them arguing over balancing "fabulous" and "awesome". My only thing with it is, the ending doesn't really have a terrible lot to do with the story. The little chat didn't bring about the ending and she was already on an apologetic path, the chat just kinda pushed her a bit further. The story just needs to be more relevant to itself.
I DO like your ideas, they just needed to maybe cook a little more.

Great work! :moustache: Maybe you can make more of these fics? :twilightsheepish:

I love this.

Apparently Fluttershy learned the Stare from her mother at least.

Holy frijole...

That's THREE TIMES! THREE TIMES have you amazed me with your writing! I would have said something different than amazed, but i dont think there's an english word that can describe how amazing your writing is. Are you secretly J.K. Rowling?:rainbowhuh::derpyderp2:

962789 I only wish. She actually has MONEY.

LOL. Oh, and another thing. You probably get asked this alot but... when is the next chapter of Waking Nightmares coming out?

962921 The answer to that will always be this: It will be done when it is done.


i'd have to disagree. the word is awesome.:yay:

...can you please make this a series:pinkiehappy:?

This is nothing short of AMAZING. You never cease to impress me with your writing. I'm blown away by this. Seriously. You portray the characters so perfectly, and I loved the ending. Take all my yays. :yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:

That was an awesome way to branch out from Mothers, I only wish there could've been more dash-scootaloo conclusioness.

very very Very nice! not as good as mothers but still really good. To bad there was no romance for her.:duck:


That was very nice. It did not have the same impact as Mothers, but it was still a great story.

going on record here, Barricade is best Flutershy Mother.

You know, I do hope the cannon mother of Fluttershy would be like Barricade, I'd be awesome, sweet, and a touch ironic to.
Also, Barricade should have went with "rip your skull out and beat you to death with it".
(hi-five for who gets that)

My heart is once again bursting with rainbows. Well done. This needs to happen in Season 3. It's was beautiful. MOAR!

Damn. Reformation is fine, but no brutal slaughter like what I'd expect from Barricade?:duck:

Nicely done! :yay:

I still say that 'Mothers' would make a great plot for a multi-chapter fanfic. And this epilogue would make a good edition to it. Could I have permission to write 'Mothers' into a multi-chapter fic? I'm asking because I love the story and think it's worth being longer, and I also just love Barricade and just want to give her more screen time :twilightsheepish:. And if I can't write a longer version of Mothers, can I at least have your permission to write a prequel to Mothers? I'd also like to write Rainbow and Gilda's backstories. (And maybe find a way to fit Barricade into it :twilightsheepish:.)

977983 I agree. This would make a great series.

1208227 Anyone who disagree's I will shoot on site :pinkiecrazy:.

If you ever get permission to do this, I would like some sort of a message or reply saying that you do so that I can read what you write. I think that it would be great to see an expansion on "Mothers" and even a prequel.

barricade reminds me of heavy from team fortress 2 or fps russia:rainbowdetermined2:

rainbow dash is best pony:rainbowwild:

nothing (pony or otherwise) is badass enough to pull a tex

Nice story, I love it when authors take charters like gilda, and show the good side to them

As bizarre as it sounds, in all this heart-warming story, which has got such a lot of great Rainbow Dash and Glida character work, the thing that jumps out at me is Glida's description of Pinkie as "That pink thing". That pretty much sums up everyone's favourite Element of Laughter, doesn't it? :pinkiehappy:

Growing up is hard. Rainbow Dash has achieved that, with the help of her friends. It occurs to me that Glida never has, indeed has been trying to avoid it as much as she can. Barricade forced her to see what she really is (nothing much) and that wasn't a pleasant sight. I think that Glida owes that gigantic pegasus a lot of thanks because she might even have a chance to be happy this time.

I love it!!! :pinkiehappy: great story

AND NOTHING will EVER be able to pull a caboose. Not even pinkie when she shapeshifts into a train.

2630833 Especially when Tex turns into a pony in My Little Caboose: Blue is Magic

3297118 Read My Little Caboose: Blue is Magic. They both pull the same shit together. That story has the best of both worlds! Caboose even goes O'malley mode on a manticore

Dude, I started reading that shit as soon as the story was first made last year. Still waiting for the appearance for a few more ai, but they managed to open the epsilon unit in the sequel.:scootangel:

3426216 Yeah, I'm still waiting for the dude to add another chapter

Sucks that his posting rate dropped so low. Fucking school, ruining our stories.

3426461 I got one story. RvB crossover called Tucker's Pony Fantasy


3426593 Hahaha. Wasn't expecting that reaction

3427255 Can we stop the unrelated conversation, please?

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