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Hey there nightelf37 do you have a plan for any of the other Shisno Chronicles: Friendship is Magic stories including It's About Time where Twilight gets a visit from herself

I got a question for you nightelf37. How do I create my own character for the My Little Pony stories?

2183828 okay but still it's a good option

I already have something else in mind. I was just too addicted to Stardew Valley, that's all.

you know nightelf37 you could do a not chapter for A Friend in Deed and just feature Chronicle and his twin sister Timerity doing the musical number.

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Plans for Shisno Chronicles: Friendship is Magic · 8:20am Jan 3rd, 2013

I think I'll separate the seasons into different stories. That way, I can continue with the series even if I reach the IDW comics, which is still in progress and takes place between seasons 2 and 3. That and also so I can make a lowdown on my original character's abilities and such.

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Future of Shisno Chronicles: Friendship is Magic

I'm not done with the first series yet, but I figured I'd come clean with what is soon to come.

SC:FiM: The Return of Harmony
Covers the titular Season 2 premiere. Will be not only in Chronicle's POV, but centered on him. Warning: Start of an OC/canon ship and Discord-bashing.
Comes in three parts (which may or may not be split into their own parts): The Rise of Disharmony, Chronicle's Promise, and The Wounds That Remain.

Shisno Chronicles: Friendship is Still Magic
Covers Season 2 from "Lesson Zero" to "A Canterlot Wedding", an includes an extra chapter prior to that that will cover one of the consequences after "The Return of Harmony".

SC:FiM: The Return of Queen Chrysalis
Covers issues 1 to 4 of the MLP IDW comics.

SC:FiM: The Adventure Continues
Covers Season 3.

SC:FiM: The Nightmare Forces
Covers issues 5 to 8 of the MLP IDW comics.

SC:FiM: Equestria Girls
Covers the tie-in movie.