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“If the youth are not initiated into the tribe, they will burn down the village, just to feel its warmth.” — African proverb


Trixie Lulamoon, the personal student of Princess Luna, has finally, through a combination of reasoning, pleading, and whining, managed to convince the princess to invest some real responsibility in her, and give her a chance to show off everything she's been learning while under the alicorn's wing. Luna has appointed Trixie to be the official representative of her Night Court to the town of Ponyville, which this year will be hosting the Longest Night Celebration. Trixie is additionally tasked with overseeing the preparations for that festival.

At first, things seem to be going less than swimmingly. The catering is way too many kinds of apples, the weather patrol is far behind, the musical maestro is nowhere to be found, and the decorations could use significant toning down. To top it all off, Trixie can't help but feel that this was less an appointment to a position of real responsibility, and more an informal exile from the Night Court. Still, things could be worse: a mad alicorn goddess of fire and hate could escape from her millennial imprisonment on the sun and try and conquer Equestria.

But what are the chances of that?

A prequel to Boast Busted
Part of the Lunaverse
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Sweet!!! Boast Busted was pretty badass. Then there's this.

Keep writing these, i love this universe! =D

Oh, yeah! ***Kool-Aid Man Crashes through my wall***
(Stop doing that!)

Ahem. You teased this before but you kept your word on expanding this universe! I'm really glad to see it. I love Trixie's sarcasm and deadpan wit!

I also like how this Trixie has problems with friendship but not because she's a recluse like Twilight. She just has that way of getting on ponies' nerves.

Heh, I also got a good chuckle out of why Trixie hates her surname. Never thought of that reason.

If you're using the names given through the blind bags, how about Carrot Top's? Golden Harvest, I think it was.

Interesting take on how the Apples have a monopoly on the local economy and other ponies have to work around them. It's very close to another company that's taking over the technology world lately...

Really looking forward to more!

Aw buck yeah. I've been waiting for this since I finshed reading the other one AND HERE IT IS. THANK YOU.


Also, will Corona have certain... elements... of Trollestia? :trollestia:

Instant Track and Like.

Two-hour train ride from Canterlot to Ponyville? Hmmm... But you can see Canterlot from Ponyville. So figure maybe 12-15 miles or thereabouts, as the pegasus flies? I guess the track has to spiral down the mountain... I just dunno. Seems rather slow going to me.

It'd be ten kinds of epic if we could actually get them, but I doubt it. Mostly I just want a Tom emote and a Trixie emote where she isn't scowling.

How do I make Trixie likeable? I dunno. I just write her the way I think she acts on a normal day, not when she's trying to do...whatever, like in the episode.

(What was Trixie's plan, even, in Boast Busters? Phase I: Show up in town and insult everypony. Phase II: ??? Phase III: Profit!)

As for Corona and Celestia and Trollestia, I dunno. Well, that's a lie, I do know, but you'll just have to wait...

Um...Ponyville...isn't in quite...the same location...? There are stops on the way? I don't know, for some reason having it be less time seems wrong to me.

"She took the time to pass them each a handful of gold bits apiece as a gratuity..."

Handful? :rainbowhuh:

I assumed bits are minted from brass, not gold. That's partly because the "brass bit" is a common low-value coin in D&D and some other fantasy game settings (and FiM draws some things from D&D lore, such as the various monsters). The other thing is, if a "bit" is a gold coin, then gold must be an unbelievably common and low-value metal in Equestria. Which I guess is possible, because look how they treat gems after all... but still, it doesn't seem right to me. Something needs to be valuable in their world!

303969 So Trixie is the Equestrian equivalent of Underpants Gnomes? :D

I really want to see where this goes, and to help you feature it, I'm favouriting it now.

And for future Ditzy, I say now Dærp!

I've never heard of the brass bit being used in D&D. I thought it went copper < silver < gold, with 10 cp equalling 1 sp, and 10 sp equalling 1 gp. That's how it worked in D&D 3rd Edition, anyway, which is the only version I've really played. I know there was a brief stint where there was electrum between silver and gold (I think there was 5 ep to each gp) back in AD&D days, and platinum's fairly common in most editions too (with 10 gp to each pp in all editions).

Anyway, the point being that I've never heard of brass being used as a currency, and the Equestrian coins definitely look like they're made of gold. Given how common gemstones seem to be, it wouldn't surprise me if gold was ludicrously common.

Mmn, still, I see the point. I think I'll change things to be a few silver bits and use the D&D 3rd Edition assumption that silver is the common denomination, i.e., 1 sp is basically 1 dollar.

I knew Applejack was lying about how the Apple family needed the money they could prolly fix Granny Smith's hip, fix the farm and still have enough left over to fix Town Hall even w/o the cider sales for shame AJ for shame :ajsleepy:. (closest emote I could find)

Not lying, per se. I think she honestly believes that the Apples are a struggling farm, or at least that the success they have could disappear in an instant. But given their monopoly on zap apples, their cider being good enough to get ponies to line up for hours to taste, and the fact that Sweet Apple Acres is but one holding of what appears to be a very large family franchise...I don't think Applejack's beliefs match up to the shown reality very well.

But again, though, I don't think she's lying.

I think your headcanon for Applejack is completely silly, but let's roll with it for now. My favorite part was your cut from Trixie being sarcastic and bitchy straight into the themesong about friendship and magic. :trixieshiftright:

Looking forward to seeing the hulking and violent Raindrops again, and the rest of the bunch, as well as how the other four of the canon six are doing. It seems impossible that Trixie (as a new pony in town) could avoid Pinkie Pie for long :pinkiegasp:, and Rarity will instantly gravitate toward anypony in a giant hat ... :raritystarry:


Watch her and Trixie become enemies because she points out the stranglehold that her family has on the local economy.


So somepony prolly Granny Smith or Bic Mac tells her that and she believes them. BTW I know that there's a new Mane 6 and the original Mane 6 won't really be see except in passing but Pinkie wouldn't let Trixie come to town w/o throwing her a "Welcome to Ponyville" party so you might want to throw that in even if just for the lulz :rainbowwild:.

Great to see a new installment of The World That Hates The Sun! You've introduced the cultural more of caution around noon really well, I think - I got the shivers from it. I'm very keen to see how the new version of the Apple family looks!

I just read boast busted, and then this! all of my :heart::heart::heart:

Yay, more of The Involuntarily Antagonizing and Only Slightly Remorseful Trixie.

Doesn't really roll off your tongue, does it? :twilightsheepish:

I really enjoyed Boast Busted and I was looking forward to reading more of this Alternate Universe. And I was not disappointed, far from it, I really enjoyed this first chapter. I wonder what other surprises you have in store for us? The Apples aren't a struggling farm, which again doesn't make sense, even in the show's canon given they have exclusive rights to Zap apple Jam and seem to be the sole provider of Apple Cider in Ponyville.

I can imagine when you reveal Sweet Apple Acre's the farm will actually be very modern. Rows upon rows of Apple trees, Applejack being a bit more like a tycoon and employing loads of extra help. Also wouldn't it be a nice twist if the Orange's were the one's struggling? Or they were the unsophisticated cousins?

Also it's hard to imagine Pinkie being anything but the party pony, but what if she ran a firm that organized party's along with her two un-named sisters? Or keep Pinkie as she is, perhaps she's a universal constant :pinkiehappy:.

I look forward to seeing how Trixie met Raindrops, Derpy & Cherilee. Also Trixie's confrontation with the Apple's is a must see for me :heart:. So yeah excellent chapter, looking forward to the next one :heart:

Two chapters in one day? What sorcery be this? It must be the power of Imagination :twilightsmile:

Another brilliant chapter in one of my favourite stories/MLP universe's. The Apple family are jerks, well Applebloom is anyway, at least Applejack is still neighbourly. Also shame on you Rarity, criticizing Trixie's clothes. I WILL DESTROY YOU!!!:raritydespair: Just kidding :twilightsmile:

Great character portrayals, where's Fluttershy though? Is this going to be an unexpected Twist where Fluttershy is a hermit, feared by Ponyville and Zecora is the trusted local witch-doctor/herbalist who is preparing this years entertainment with her Zebra magic/illusions?

Very good, here. I like the differences, like trains, the unease at midday and such. And yeah, I don't even like apples. Variety is the spice of life!

As for Trixie, very nice here. She's one of my favorites from the show.

Ah, awesome! And oh, no! Not Pinkie Pie... I like her, but she's my least-favorite. Also, great how you're doing this. Can't wait for more!

Found a minor typo:

"There diagram"
[Their diagram]

Wonderful continuation! Trixie's woes have barely begun. Pinkie Pie's "welcome" will prove to be "joyous" for sure.

Still funny and quirky, just the way I like it. Keep at it!

Nightmare Moon: Feared one day of the year, Nightmare Night.

Corona:Feared everyday at midday.

Nicely done. You've made the characters interesting and likable, while keeping true to canon or fanon interpretations. I'm foreseeing some drama between Lyra and Bon-Bon, and I've got my eye on Applebloom. She seems overly antagonistic.

Also, Ditzy's coming soon! I'm excited, are you excited? Excited!

I can't wait to see how Trixie reacts to Fluttershy....assuming, of course, that she even meets her. I'm sort of expecting the same pony who cowered in fear of being eaten alive during "Luna Eclipsed" will probably avoid any sort of extension of Queen Black Snooty.

Another chapter this fast! Who are you?, Rainbow Dash?:rainbowdetermined2:

Still great, but I would love to see more of Raindrops; she is best alternate universe pony.

I called it oh Pinkie Pie unlike RK_Striker_JK_5 you are my favorite pony because of your randomness. It's nice to see that Trixie is getting a better tour of Ponyville than Twilight did though makes it different. I have a feeling that Trixie will have the same response to the original Mane 6 as Twilight did (All the ponies here are CRAZY). I believe she will meet Fluttershy but due to lack of a Spike nothing will come of it not even a name

For the moment, at least, the story's going to be Raindrops-light, since she got the third-most screen time in "Boast Busted" after Trixie and Twilight.

Raindrops will get more time in the sun, of course, but characterization of the remaining four soon-to-be-Elements is taking precedent once the initial meetups have all been taken care of.

No, I just have a lot of spare time and not much else to do in that spare time. Plus I type fast.

YEAH. Carrot Top for win, because Apples are monopoly and need to be overthrown! Trixie strikes again =3 Loves Boast Busted, so definetly tracking this one. Awesome so far.

307892 aww... I was hoping your response to Morex25 would be "No, I'm RainbowDoubleDash".... :D

I love what you've done with this universe. To think something as simple as a different alicorn going rogue would effect things his much.

Ditzy Doo has inherited a slight fourth-wall breaking tendency from Pinkie Pie, mostly Pinkie Pie's ability to always have the right thing on-hoof, no matter how unlikely it seems.

Incidentally, I'm interpreting what it means to be a holder of an Element of Harmony slightly different from the normal continuity. Have you noticed it yet? It's been most obvious with Trixie's interactions with Carrot Top and Ditzy Doo so far.

Well, at least Trixie has managed to kill two birds with one stone here. That's something. As for the Flutterdash thing, I don't honestly think that she's going to give a brass razoo after Corona shows up.

It's fascinating but so heartbreaking to see the canon Mane Six as jerks and background ponies. Doubly so because they're still in-character.

I'm dreading the potential Dinky-centric storyline where the Cutie Mark Crusaders are antagonists, if they even form.

:twilightoops: <( I don't get it, these pine cones should be, theoretically, edible...)


Great chapter! I love Trixies interactions with Ditzy and the scene between Lyra and Bonbon gave me a happy smile :twilightsmile:

Oh... so SWEEET. Now Trixie will kick RD's flank. Because.

Different interpretations of the elements, huh?

Well, my speculation is that once Trixie interacts with one of the bearers, she unintentionally opens up to them, as though a spiritual link connects them, making it easier for her to get along. Seeing as how they are going to haft to get along later, this is important in her finding out the magic of friendship.

Gawd, as much as I like this show, the core concept is still corny.

Still enjoying the heck out of this! Let's hope Twilight from Next Tuesday doesn't try to fix things!

I've noticed you seem to have... issues with spelling Pinkie's name. It's not spelled with a 'y', it's spelled with an 'ie'. Other than that, no other errors I saw (I'm a Derpy Hooves person, so I just replace every 'Ditzy' with 'Derpy' when I read). Your use of Cheerilee is interesting, to say the least. Overall a good chapter, though who is the navy blue earth pony you used in the candy shop? I could pick out who everypony was except him (Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Doctor Whooves, and Pokey Pierce).

The dark blue earth pony was a "she," actually, not a "he." She's not an OC, I'll tell you that much.

312263 I checked the list of ponies on the Wiki page, the closest I could find was Chilly Puddle.

Great chapter. This alternate universe gets better and better/more and more enthralling :twilightsmile:.

Keep up the good work.


I'm guessing... she opens up to them, as R.T. Stephens speculated? A connection is more deeply formed?

And yeah, they're still the Mane Six... but through Trixie's eyes. Very good, there.

Something horrifying occurs: If the Apple Trust is the rich company/family in this universe, does that mean Applebloom is gonna be the Diamond Tiara of this universe?


312843 I think it's safe to go with Diamond Tiara being Diamond Tiara. Applebloom, rich or otherwise, doesn't seem like that kind of pony. Applejack may not be an Element here, but she still seems like she wouldn't let Applebloom be like that. :ajsmug:

Anyway; Story is coming along very well and I can't wait to see what happens next.

i just want to say that the use of silver as their currency makes me happy.

the bits shown in the show always looked gold to me. which, considering the immortal sun goddess, made perfect sense. gold has constantly been used to represent the sun throughout our own history, why should it be any different in equestria? not to mention sunlight is often referred to as 'golden rays'.

this, however, is a world that fears the sun and reveres the moon. i see no reason the ponies here would want to be reminded of the sun every time they thought about or did anything with money, especially when there's so vivid a memento every day (the noontime respite). besides which, moonlight has a silvery sheen. so, with an immortal moon goddess running the show, silver is just more appropriate.

so i repeat: i appreciate the use of silver.

NEWSFLASH: The new blindbags have canonised Trixie Lulamoon and Lyra Heartstrings! Go read about it on EQD!


Interestingly, Lyra Heartstrings is fairly well-accepted in canon, but I don't think I've seen Trixie Lulamoon in any other fic. Still, it's a fairly obvious thing to do, so I'm going to be relatively humble about this.

I've maybe seen Trixie Lulamoon on four or five different occasions in various fan-mediums since the original Lulamoon blindbag. None of them fics, though, people are usually content with just Trixie or The GaP Trixie.
So grats on your possible pioneership, I guess.

Eh, modelling and printing schedules for those toys mean that "Trixie Lulamoon" was decided months ago, before I even started watching My Little Pony (which was only in January, I think). I pioneered nothing.



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