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as I dropped by EqD I saw the image in the nightly roundup the concept of Celestia in a really evil and totally and awesome form it's really good and I personally think we need more of this kind of Celestia!

I'll try to gather some stories that contain this concept (beware of spoilers) as I come across them. Any help and discussion is very much welcome :D

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Daybreak Doom.

There, I made a better name than "Daybreaker", "Daymare Sun", and "Dawnbreak Fire" combined.

"The burning of us all must be prevented, life will not vanish today or any day, we will be the endless tide that puts out the sun"
Some random quote I came up with.

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Comment posted by KittyLover5 deleted Jun 25th, 2014

Alright, so I saw this group AFTER I started my story "When The Tables Turn." My story is about evil Celestia, but instead of the transformed version named "Daymare Sun," its "Scaremare Sun."

LOL. I can relate. :derpytongue2:

Yay! :yay: My fics on here =)

darn, as if I wasn't having enough trouble getting through all the twiluna stories :pinkiehappy: my tracking list is gonna crash the site sooner or later


When you finish those, I may have a couple stories that may have a decent villian Celestia (in an alternate universe) that is not transformed. Hard to say as they are not terribly far along, but they will be if the authors keep up the good work then they will be good. If you are interested then let me know when you are ready for them.


Gwenio I'm officially your fan! so much to read!!

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