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“If the youth are not initiated into the tribe, they will burn down the village, just to feel its warmth.” — African proverb


Trixie appears once more in Ponyville, but something is...off...about her. She isn't speaking in third person. She is convinced that she is supposed to be the Element of Magic, that Celestia is supposed to be the Tyrant Sun, that Luna is supposed to rule as Equestria's monarch - and that Twilight is supposed to be a wanted criminal. Has she gone insane? Or is something bigger beginning - with consequences that Trixie, Twilight, and two entire worlds, can only guess at?

The long-awaited Crisis on Two Equestrias begins at last!

While reading the stories of The Lunaverse can only enhance your reading experience, it is not necessary for this story! It is being written as completely, 100% stand-alone, with no prior knowledge necessary!

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As previously mentioned, this story requires absolutely no prior Lunaverse knowledge in order to enjoy. While doubtless some questions are being raised right now by non-Lunaverse readers going through this, these are questions that will be answered during the course of this story.

For Lunaverse fans, this might get a bit repetitive. Sorry, but I'm trying to write this as a sort of "second introduction" to the Lunaverse. I'll try and keep the repetitiveness to a minimum.

Promising start. The beginning feels rather abrupt for those of us who have been following the lunaverse since the beginning but, as you say, for a second introduction I think this works well. Lookimg forward to seeing how things progress and how LTrixie reacts.

Yesyesyesyesyesyes! YES!!!

Oh I have SO been waiting for a Lunaverse/Maneverse crossover! I can't wait to see the culture shock, the trying to understand what's going on...all the stuff that makes crossovers fun, in my opinion. This is offer to a kick-flank start and I cannot wait for more!! Hope you enjoyed your Disneyworld trip!

It's happening? it's happening!
Loved the opening line/paragraph with Trixie and the dark and stormy night bit! Intriguing does this mean Trixie teloporting will become a thing in later L!verse stories? Loved the little statistic bit, just the way it was described was incredibly fun to read. Though i'm a little surprised pegasi aren't the most likely to be struck by lightning. Twilight freaking out over minute details of her home was adorable. I very much liked the AJ discussion with Twi and the doctor's scene/explanation. I really loved Twilights observation on her raw magical power and the want it need it spell. I really loved the ending it's very sweet! :pinkiehappy:
Overall great opening, I am eagerly awaiting more! Best of luck!

Trixie's in for quite a shock when she wakes up isn't she? :trixieshiftright:

I wonder where is L!Twiligt...

EEEEEEEEEEEEEE I'm so excited!! :raritystarry::raritystarry::raritystarry: Such an intriiiiguing beginning. Poor Trixie though! I suppose it makes sense that spellcasting in a thunderstorm is a good way to get yourself struck by lightning. :trixieshiftright: Though it's apparently not highly recommended...

2305178 L!Twilight? I'm more worried what will happen when TGAPT finds out there is an imposter in Ponyville, who is not only using her name but has the audacity to have the same cutie mark. And mane style. And classy taste in clothes. And more combat spells that our favorite blue braggart.

Magic Dual 2?

But she was in a bad mood, and it made her feel a little better to blame somepony else for her problems, at least right now.

I'm all too familiar with that kind of mood at the moment – sorry – happy thoughts, happy thoughts.


So wait, Trixie gets zapped to another world because she is trying cast an unfamiliar teleportation spell, in the middle of a wild storm, and something goes wrong? Have you been cribbing off my non-Lunaverse work?

Anyway, in addition to anachronistic order. It would seem there are other subtle differences from the show. You seem to have Lesson Zero happening after the start of winter, but in the actual episode it seemed to be spring/summer: the leaves were all green and the ponies were having a picnic. Not complaining or anything, just pointing it out.


I guess that's all for now. Not much has happened yet, mostly just setup, but I'm supper eager to see things get fully under way.

The naturally inate weather magic that pegasi possess probably helps ward them against things like rogue lightning.

Darn it, nothing even really happened yet. Next chapter, next chapter!

Interesting bit of misplaced expectations for myself right there at the beginning, a Trixie huddled under a tree in the rain immediately made me assume M!Trixie and not L!Trixie. Pretty quickly cleared up, however.

Ahh, teleportation, always good for some hijinks. Mix it with thinking about Ponyville and Twilight Sparkle, and toss in a little lightning...

“Nuestra casa es su casa,” Big MacIntosh paraphrased.


Love the ending, and so happy to finally read this. This is the Lunaverse story I have been waiting for.



My body is ready.

I was thrown off at first by the way you have Magic Duel occurring before Lesson Zero, but given how wonky episode order is in the series to begin with, I can roll with it. Besides, it works from the standpoint of the narrative, and that's what matters most. Good start, and I can hardly wait until Trixie wakes up to find that "Corona" has flown into town. :trollestia:

Speaking of which, considering how badly battered Luna's self-esteem got by the end of AtGGG, I'm wondering if I should hope that she meets Mane-Luna or -Celestia at any point. On the one hand, seeing that her big sister was able to run Equestria in a manner that, at a glance, seems utopian compared to the Night Court's machinations (unless Celestia has had similar issues of corruption in the bureaucracy in the past, and just happens to be in the 'golden age' swing of a similar cycle) could make her feel even more like a failure.

On the other hand, the fact that Luna was redeemed so easily and completely after she got stripped of her madness by the Elements of Harmony could serve to show her that she has a stronger heart than she thinks. Her alternate fell into the sort of evil and insanity she's been afraid of for the past millennium, but she came back from it, unlike Corona.

Anyway, looking forward to the rest of it!

Incoming culture shock in 3....2.....1......


This gives me the warm fuzzies

What? Nothing much happens in the first chapter? I'll just wait to read then... At least until I end up 6 chapters behind, swear a lot then read them all from midnight to 4 am because I'm stupid for reading a great story when I have no brain power to use.

I am thinking twi can help her luna verse self to redeem herself

2305178 somewhere in north Mane-Equestria i read Countdown to Crisis

I thought this would be like a Crisis on Two Earths thing (DC Comics) :twilightblush:

hey since trixie is also the element of magic from her world will this worlds element "the tiara" break and two and one half go to twilight while the other half transforms to look like half of trixies her cutie mark and go to her? because I think that would be awesome.

Why is it that whenever I go back to reread a story, it updates within the week?


All of my yes.


OH, my GOD.

Tracking. Favorite. Watch. Up-vote.


Looking forward to more. Lets make sure our sunside mane six are characterized correctly please... No problems so far, but keep it that way.

2305971 It is.

Is Trixie that unlucky? Or is it just that her luck tends toward the "what you need, no what you want" side of things?

Well, this was...a chapter.

Can't really comment on much else, since nothing has really happened. This whole chapter was just setup for something more, and given the way you phrased that first post, I imagine that's going to be the next few chapters.

But on the other hand, nice to see Good Twilight here. She's crazy, but it's the fun kind of crazy, unlike Bad Twilight. And the episode restructuring has given me the confidence to do my own...restructuring for Waning Moon, so thank you.

While I've had my falling out with the Lunaverse, I'm still interested in seeing where this leads. In short...


So Equestrian doctors operate on RPG logic?


Magic Duel before Return of Harmony? Interesting. I can dig it I guess.
Great start, looking forward to more.

she had found on a rocky precipice,

I think that should be "had found herself on".

dance from a book: sure, you could right down the individual steps

Should be "write".

I have decided to let you go through with you plan to

"your" (attributing a typo to Princess Celestia is punishable by cakefight)

He was interrupted by something cyan-and-rainbow came barreling in through Twilight’s balcony

Should be "when something cyan-and-rainbow came" or "by something cyan-and-rainbow that came" or just drop the "came".

Twilight’s next set of objections were forgotten at that, as she set aside her checklist, quill, and inkwell immediately at that

Bit of repetition.

Umm... not to be too much of a continuity bug, but you should probably decide whether or not It's About Time happened yet or not. For the episode to happen as aired, it would probably need to come before the crisis crossover, as I don't think Twilight would have given her future self quite the same "you aren't scientifically possible" speech if she'd already had a previous encounter with an alternate universe version of herself.

Unfortunately, that episode really works best coming after the events of Lesson Zero, since it's ostensibly the reason why Twilight's friends give any credence at all to her ramblings about receiving a warning of impending disaster from the future. Problem is you are putting LZ and Co2E nearly back to back, so can't really squeeze IAT in between them. Then again, as I pointed out above, the actual LZ seems to happen in spring/summer (or at least early autumn, before the leaves turn). Whereas in this M!Equestria you have seemingly placed it in winter. So by that same measure maybe Twilight's questioning of her future self would be altered slightly to accommodate the crossover.

...or maybe you should just ignore my nitpicking and treat the whole issue as irrelevant, and instead just focus on telling a good story. :twilightsheepish:

Glad you've not 100% abandoned all things Lunaverse. This is the BIG event, so it would be a shame if you missed out.

Also, best of luck on working up your own time line for your MLA stuff. It's tricky and requires keeping track of a swarm of minor details (or just taking a broad-strokes approach that allows you to ignore continuity snarls), but can be a whole lot of fun when approached with the right frame of mind. Personally for me though, the hardest part is always deciding what to do with the truly standalone episodes which can basically just be dropped anywhere; I hate having to arbitrarily place events without any frame of reference to work from. :twilightangry2: :twilightoops: :facehoof:

Oh sweet gods above yes. So very much yes. I've been looking forward to this.

Kicking off well, though a bit slow start, since we have yet to get the much expected 'Trixie meets Twilight' scene, with immense fireworks and culture crash. That, I'm predicting will be awesome. Heh, just the prospect of Trixie coming to terms with 'Bizarro Ponyville' will be interesting. This is setting up well. Godspeed!

2306169 In that case, shouldn't he have her checked in at the inn? *whistles recovery music*

funny part is pinkie will know that trixie broke the fourth wall

Well, this will all become clearer once M!Trixie:trixieshiftleft: and L!Twilight:twilightangry2: show up looking for payback. I'm sitting here trying to think which of the two Bearers will be most disgusted by her alternate. On the one hand, we've got somepony who's stupidly thrown her life away because she doesn't need friends and on the other, someone who doesn't even care that her abrasive yapping has driven what could have been friends away. It's something of a crapshoot, isn't it?

1: Personally, I always imagined that if Magic Duel had aired as originally intended it would have been 1-2 episodes before It's About Time. Explaining Twilight's confidence in being ready to take on Cerberus directly. (Personally I consider most S1 episodes to be in random order, but all S2 and S3 episodes to be in correct chronological order, except Magic Duel which should take place sometime between Lesson Zero and It's About Time.) But I don't really mind this embellishment.
2: Hell, I've completely given up on Lunaverse as a whole, but I'm here for his fic cause this is the kind of stuff I eat up. If done well, anyway. And while RDD isn't my favorite author, he's certainly competent and able.

The 4th wall is the wall between the audience and the character/setting. Walls between universes in the setting don't count.

Huh...would you look at how much sense that timeline makes.I always used to think of each season as being 1 year each.Starting with the Summer Solstice and ending a few weeks after Winter Solstice.
But I think this timeline works better.Makes more sense.


:facehoof: the fourth wall can also refer to things happening outside the characters universe

I kinda wish that Magical Mystery Cure had happened already in your story, just so that I could see the colossal freakout Lunaverse!Trixie would have upon waking up to Princess Twilight.

I might not like the Lunaverse because of its treatment of the mane six (especially AJ and Twi), but this story seems interesting. I'll take a look.

2306319 Given up completely, you say? How come? (if you have a blog post already written about it, just tell me. Or link it if you want) I'm curious as to why.

Or Trixie could blame herself for being unable to bring Celestia back to Luna, feeling herself an inferior Magic/Friendship Bearer in comparation with Good Twilight.
It would be interesting nevertheless, if Celestia herself could give Trixie a couple of advices about how to deal with Corona next time.

Crisis on 2 equestrias?

"we both looked to the abyss, but when it looked back at us, you blinked"

Hope you include this line somewhere, somehow!

I like that you rearranged the episodes, it makes some sense, especially since in the actual episode order, Fall weather friends is only 2 episodes behind Winter Wrap Up.


title a referance to the DC event story. Crisis on infinite Earths?

The night was... moist.

It's here... it's finally here. I can't wait.

And there are not a whole ton of episodes in MLP that really rely on continuity other than the Season Premiers. Boast Busters has to come before Magic Duel, obviously, but the Canon was wonderfully written to be enjoyed out of order. It's a lot easier when writing to assume that events happened episodically, but why back down from the challenge? :raritywink:

Yup. Only the title, though - the story is going to be completely different. We're not going to have a massive character die-off or anything. Probably. :pinkiecrazy:

OMG Finally it is here! I've been waiting for this since Boast Busted. GO RDD GO!!!


Nice opening chapter but I was hoping for a cliffhanger of sorts like most stories I read:twilightblush:

2306343 No. The Fourth Wall refers exclusively to the "wall" between the characters and the audience.

Well, I can surmise a couple things from this first chapter. I'm assuming that the reason Trixie was able to travel between universes (aside from being struck in the horn by lightning while trying to teleport) is that Twilight's initial incursion has made a... well... crack in the barrier between worlds. As the crack widens, it will allow interuniversal travel to become easier and easier. This would explain why it took Twilight a crazy amount of power and a specific interuniversal spell coupled with a lightning overclock followed by three days of unconsciousness compared to Trixie's one day to traverse worlds. I'm assuming this will culminate in ponies randomly ending up in the other universe just by going left when they should have gone right or something.

I'm also figuring that, due to the way Trixie's injuries were described in this chapter, we're probably going to have a period of M!Twilight and her friends assuming that the lightning strike/over-channeling has made her delusional and no amount of reasoning will change that opinion. At least up until Princess Celestia or Luna hear her say something about their past that she could only know about if one of them had told her. I am hoping this state lasts for at least the length of a chapter, with Trixie continuously trying to bring stuff up to Twilight to prove she's telling the truth, but it all being basically unbelievable BS from the perspective of the MU ("Viceroy? My dad's not a viceroy! Why do I care if you know the royal gardener?")

Anyway, looking forward to the rest of the story.

Well this story looks promising enough. A little tweak in the chronology never hurt anyone either. I look forward to more.:twilightsmile:

2306439 One of the best Batman lines ever. :rainbowkiss:


I absolutely LOATHE Lunaverse. LOOOOOOOOOOOATHE It.

That said, time to read. You've got me till something comes up that makes me cringe.

Might I ask why? Because if it's "treatment of the Mane 6," that problem has been addressed and corrected, except for with Lunaverse-Twilight, but that's going to be happening in this story. If it's "The Night Court," that's also been addressed...rather finally.

Well, you're giving it a chance. That's all I can ask for.


It's the blatant abuse of Twilight as she takes the role of Trixie, a character, who, in my mind, is still a complete cunt and almost ties Blueblood for 'least liked character' in this particular fan fic-dom. So, treatment of Twi PLUS having Trixie being the 'main' character is a double strike right there. Add in evil/tyrant (two are interchangeable in my mind and equally deplorable) Celestia instead, and it makes the requisite three strikes. Yes, a lot of it is personal preference.

And I'll give most things a shot, having the REAL cast in it is kind of what's making me decide to go for it too.

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