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“If the youth are not initiated into the tribe, they will burn down the village, just to feel its warmth.” — African proverb


This story is a sequel to Trouble in Tiatarta

Reading Trouble in Tiatarta is not necessary to enjoy this story, but you should probably read Queen Chrysalis Reforms (Accidentally)

Rainbow Dash is certain she's about to have the best week ever! She's gotten a letter from her idol Daring Do, inviting her to an expedition to the ancient Centaurian ruin of Midnight Castle to retrieve a lost Equestrian artifact! A daring adventure with Daring Do? What could go wrong?

Well, for one thing, Doctor Caballeron could show up, chasing after the same artifact. For another, Lord Tirek and Cozy Glow could show up too, with their own nefarious plans. Wait, but they're supposed to be in Tartarus!

Maybe this isn't going to be such a great week after all...

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Equestria has been through a lot lately. An evil alicorn escaping from the moon. A mad spirit of chaos turning the world into his plaything. An invasion by evil shapeshifters. A monstrous lord of fear returning from exile. An attack by a vast, unstoppable mass of vines.

But nothing had yet compared to the ravages of Lord Tirek, who stands virtually unopposed in his quest to absorb all the magic of Equestria, especially now that even Discord, the Lord of Chaos, has betrayed the ponies and decided to help him.

Unopposed, that is, except for a single pegasus filly. Her name is Cozy Glow. And though neither of them realizes it yet...this is going to be the start of a beautiful FIENDship.

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This story is a sequel to Cozy Glow: FIENDship is Magic

Four Equestrian teenagers. One human mall. Predictable results.

Takes place during Season 8!
Rated Teen for a few small scenes of non-sexual nudity

An entry into The Discovery — A Young Six Writing Contest

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This story is a sequel to Queen Chrysalis Reforms (Accidentally)

Cozy Glow has a bone to pick with a lot of creatures at Twilight's School of Friendship, but six in particular stand out. During a small get-together with the other members of the Legion of Doom, Cozy Glow regales Tirek and Chrysalis with her plans for revenge!

At great length. Whether they want her to or not.

An entry into The Discovery — A Young Six Writing Contest

This story is in-continuity with Queen Chrysalis Reforms (Accidentally), but reading that story is not necessary to enjoy this one.

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This story is a sequel to Queen Chrysalis Reforms (Accidentally)

Tiatarta! The hidden gem of Equestria’s resorts. Sandy beaches, colorful locals, and relative isolation make this the ideal vacation destination. So what kind of friendship problem could this tropical paradise possibly have for Smolder and Ocellus to deal with?

And what the HAY is Queen Chrysalis doing here?! And what did she do to her mane?

Reading Queen Chrysalis Reforms (Accidentally) is recommended for context.

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This story is a sequel to We Finally Did It

After a slight misunderstanding about how far Sandbar and Yona have taken their relationship, Ocellus and Smolder contemplate how far they want to take their own.

Thanks to Rated Ponystar for writing the fic this story launches off of and for permission to post this, and to Trinary for giving me the idea in the first place!

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Fizzlepop Berrytwist suffered a terrible tragedy as a foal and nearly lost her way until a chance meeting with Shining Armor showed her another path in life - as a member of the Night Guard of Luna. However, in her efforts to prove herself as being up to the task of being a Night Guard, she has pushed herself practically to the breaking point. As her commanding officers try and sort out her unique situation and if the Guard really is the place for her, she is given a simple assignment: keep an eye on Trixie Lulamoon, Princess Luna's new apprentice, as she spends a day in Canterlot.

This won't end well...

A Lunaverse story, and a prequel to the main series. However this is being written in such a way that new readers should have no trouble diving in.

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This story is a sequel to A Trip Through the Mirror

For a changeling, love is magic, and magic is love. They are one and the same within the changeling body. To share magic is to share love. And we all know what happens when an unreformed changeling shares love. Unfortunately for Chrysalis, she got caught up in the moment and forgot for just a second. But a second was enough...

A "what if?", alternate ending for "Frenemies".

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Sixteen years ago, Princess Cadance was forced to adopt a changeling grub as her daughter and Flurry Heart's younger sister. Her name is Cheval, and she was always intended to be a living weapon to be used against Cadance and her family.

In one story, that's exactly what she became, despite all her efforts to be otherwise.

This one is a different take.

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This story is a sequel to The 'Ling from Another World

It's been a couple months since Nightmare Night, and Ocellus, the lost changeling drone, has just about gotten used to life hiding in the Everfree Forest at the edge of Ponyville. She's still trying to figure out everything about her new home - something made harder by the fact that only the colt Snails knows her true nature - but she's trying her best!

A Lunaverse story, a follow-up to The 'Ling from Another World. All you really need to know is that changelings haven't reformed in the Lunaverse yet.

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