• Published 30th May 2019
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Queen Chrysalis Reforms (Accidentally) - RainbowDoubleDash

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No no no no no OH NO NO NO NO!” Chrysalis babbled uselessly and weakly as her form glowed. Neither Tirek nor Cozy noticed, Cozy getting into position while Tirek was too enamored with the return of his power. She was vaguely aware of Tirek shooting his magic forward and tearing a hole through the force-field and Cozy shooting through.

But she had bigger problems.

She noticed something happening to her hooves first. “Stop it!” she demanded, pawing at her hooves to try and get the holes in them to stop closing. It didn’t work.

There was a flash from above her. Chrysalis glanced up, and saw her horn had straightened itself out, its beautiful twists gone save for a slight jagged edge at the bottom. And her hair, once wonderfully thin and slick, pompfed out, becoming thick and fluffy, aquamarine at the roots but fading to lime green at the tips.

Stop it!” She demanded again.

But it was no use. A glow appeared around her chest. Orange fur erupted from the base of her neck back to her elytra. She tried shifting a hoof into a blade to cut it off, but she had just given most of her love/magic to Tirek. Her hoof wouldn’t change. Another flash from her dock revealed that her tail’s hair had gone the way of her mane.

I don’t want this…!” Chrysalis cried.

Her carapace glowed and shimmered. The base of her hooves were now orange, but the color swiftly paled and transitioned to a cream white. And…and was that…fuzz? Yes, it was. Exactly what she’d feared, the worst thing in the world. The reformed changelings weren’t just garishly colorful. They were fuzzy.

Another flash from behind her drew her attention. “Oh no, come on!” she demanded. But it was too late, and the change didn’t care about her objections anyway. Her wings had multiplied, from two to four. They’d elongated. And they’d turned purple, concealed beneath a pair of purple elytra, while her underbelly had become lime green.

Chrysalis was so busy staring at herself that she barely noticed a flying filly hitting a snow pile near her. She did notice when the filly emerged from it, holding something aloft in her hooves.

Ta-da!” Cozy exclaimed.

The Reformed Queen of the Changelings glared at Cozy’s choice of words.

Cozy looked back at her, as did Tirek. “Uh…” the centaur ventured, holding up one finger. “Chrysalis…what did you do to your mane?”