• Published 30th May 2019
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Queen Chrysalis Reforms (Accidentally) - RainbowDoubleDash

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Tirek had become a living taxi service, as a pegasus filly (or something that might have been a pegasus filly, anyway) sat on his shoulder, and a morose Reformed changeling queen lay sprawled across his back. “It…it…it didn’t work…!” Chrysalis cried. “I d-drained all the l-love I could from that p-pony…and it didn’t work! I d-didn’t even d-darken in shade a little…!” Great tears fell from her eyes, splattering onto the ground below. “I’M STILL FUZZY…!”

She couldn’t see Tirek or Cozy roll their eyes, nor see Tirek pass two bits to Cozy, who stuffed them into her jacket. “He’s gonna be okay, though, right?” Cozy asked.

“Of course he is…” Chrysalis moaned as she continued to hang limply off of Tirek. “He’ll wake up in a day with a headache. I even left him inside and tucked in bed. Because that’s what I have to do now. I’m Reformed.”

“What?” Tirek asked, stopping and looking back at Chrysalis.

Chrysalis continued to stare at the ground. “I’m Reformed. I’m good now, don’t you see? That’s what all this fuzz and big poofy hair and bright colors mean. It means I have to be good. So I left a fire going in his fireplace and I left some cookies by his bedside. That’s what a good creature would do, I think. I am new at it.”

“Oh for the love of – ”

“Yes!” Chrysalis moaned. “For the love! That’s what I have to do.” Her wings buzzed and she picked herself up off of Tirek’s back. “I have to go. I can’t be part of Grogar’s Legion of Doom anymore. I guess I should go live with Thorax, or maybe see if I can move in with Cadance now. Yes, that’s what I’ll do. I’ll go and live with Cadance, apologize for everything. I’ll be Flurry Heart’s nanny. I’ll make her oatmeal and teach her to pounce, or whatever nannies do for foals.”

“The first thing, sure, the second, not so much,” Cozy informed her.

Tirek reached up and grabbed Chrysalis’ tail before she could fly off. He decided to not observe aloud how soft and smooth it was. “Chrysalis, you’re not good.”

“Recent, major chromatic changes in my life suggest otherwise.”

“You drained a pony completely of love and left him all alone. Sure, he might be fine, especially since you tucked him up and left him with a fire. But he might not be. That’s not good. Ergo, you’re not good.”

Chrysalis hovered in midair, still facing away from the two. “Really?” She asked.

“Really, really,” Cozy said. “I mean, that’s more negligent then evil. But it’s definitely not good.”

Chrysalis turned around. Her blue eyes were huge and full of tears. “Thank you!” She cried, flitting down and pulling Tirek and Cozy into as tight a hug as she’d ever given any creature while not in disguise.

“You know, doing this will probably not help with the fact that you Reformed,” Tirek said.

Chrysalis broke away from the hug, realizing the truth. She landed on the ground and sat back on her haunches, twirling her front hooves around each other. “So…what should we tell Grogar?”

Author's Note:

Oatmeal and pouncing being taught to a baby Flurry Heart by a changeling is a reference to Dear Small Pony Book, by Carapace (among other of his works) (although it's Thorax doing the teaching in them, not Chrysalis). Read Carapace's stories!