• Published 30th May 2019
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Queen Chrysalis Reforms (Accidentally) - RainbowDoubleDash

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“It’s not all bad,” Chrysalis intoned as the three made their way down the mountain, Chrysalis’ new wings buzzing a completely unfamiliar buzz as she flew rather than walked. Cozy had taken to riding on Tirek’s shoulder. “I mean…okay, yes, Cozy, you have a point. I won’t go hungry anymore. But I’m sure I can still steal love if I wanted to.” She looked at Cozy, who had tucked the bell securely under her hat. “Think about something you love.”

“Don’t listen to the changeling, Cozy,” Tirek said. “She’s in a mood.”

“You’d be in a mood too!” Chrysalis objected. “What if you…what if you’d turned blue?

I wouldn’t let it bother me,” Tirek said imperiously. “Oh, sure, I prefer being red, but blue has its charms. And it doesn’t change who I am.”

Chrysalis huffed, brushing her voluminous new mane from her eyes. You could lose a boat in the thing. “There must be something I can do to change back,” she said, trying to bend her vast and incomparable and regal thousand-year-old intellect to the task. “In fact…ha-ha, yes! Cozy, think about something you love!”

“You already asked me to do that,” Cozy drolled.

“Yes, but that was to see if I could still eat love. I’m sure I can. But if I eat enough love, if I steal love like a proper changeling, then maybe I’ll Dereform!”

“That’s not a word,” Cozy pointed out.

“You’re just a kid, you don’t know.”

“I think the term is deform,” Tirek ventured. “Or maybe revert might be better? Cozy, you were in school most recently out of the three of us. You should know this.”

“I never went to school…” Chrysalis said

“Seriously?” Tirek and Cozy both asked, eyes wide.

“Hang on, what about that pony that lived at the bottom of this mountain?” Chrysalis asked. “Ha! Yes! Him! He’s my only hope! All I have to do is completely drain him of love, then I’ll turn back! I’m sure of it!”

Chrysalis flitted off down the mountain with all the speed she could muster. Tirek and Cozy watched her. “Two bits says this doesn’t work,” Cozy said.

“You’re too young to gamble,” Tirek said. “But…I’ll take that bet. It might, you never know.”