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“If the youth are not initiated into the tribe, they will burn down the village, just to feel its warmth.” — African proverb


This story is a sequel to We Finally Did It

After a slight misunderstanding about how far Sandbar and Yona have taken their relationship, Ocellus and Smolder contemplate how far they want to take their own.

Thanks to Rated Ponystar for writing the fic this story launches off of and for permission to post this, and to Trinary for giving me the idea in the first place!

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If you're curious about the chapter title, I was listening to this on loop while writing it.

It doesn't have much to do with anything, but on the other hand, I love this song.

Oh, and this is Trinary's comment that inspired the story.


Smocellus OTP!

Comment posted by Trinary deleted Sep 29th, 2019


sensual and intimate

the dynamic is dynamic as hell, the back and forth here is great

thanks for writing :twilightsmile:

That leaves with Gallus and Silverstream.

I love the ambiance of this story.

Oooh, but Ocellus has gotten good at this. Smolder wasn't sure who was manipulating who's emotions at this point. And she didn't care.

Whose :twilightsmile:

Damn, this is good. You knew what was going on without it being explicit.

Huh... well, this was an unexpected surprise. A good one, I think, if maybe ending a bit too abruptly.

Never quite took you for such a tease.

:derpytongue2: Unexpected for me too. This was one of those occasions where I read something (thanks again, Trinary) and the whole thing popped into my head. I just needed to refine it a bit.

Personally, I thought I teased quite a bit back with In the Heat of the Moment, at least at times. Though that was also a pretty explicit story too, I suppose. I've actually been considering an Ocellus/Smolder story anyway, although that would have been mixed in with adventure, and would also feature a certain deuteragonist.

But I have a lot on my plate right now.

Thanks! I actually like romance a lot, and it was kind of fun to step out of my usual adventure and/or slice-of-life wheelhouse, even if it was only for a single brief scene.

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Thanks a ton! Though truth be told if not for this story of course launching off of a Yona/Sandbar one, and Yona/Sandbar being officially canon, I think I'd probably ship Sandbar and Gallus. Also when they were first introduced my natural inclination was for Silverstream, Yona, and Smolder to not really be shipped with anyone, while Ocellus as a shape shifting emotion-eating Hive creature just has a...very different...view on romance. But over time I've come around to Yona/Sandbar, and I've read too many good Smocellus fics to not come around to the coupling.

Speaking of good Smolder/Ocellus fics (even if Temple of Truth isn't a romance) - senpai noticed me~!

And once more with feeling, thanks for spontaneously inspiring me.

I've actually been considering an Ocellus/Smolder story anyway, although that would have been mixed in with adventure, and would also feature a certain deuteragonist.


I would pay SO much money to see that!!!

Comment posted by Trinary deleted Sep 30th, 2019

Where do I even begin. The body language, the spoken language; everything about this, and how it came together was so well done, words almost fail me. Good show.

Also, I just want to observe that nearly a week after posting, this story is still dominating the popular stories list.

Smolder awoke when the door to the dorm room opened and the dim hall light crept in. There had barely been any noise, but dragons were light sleepers, at least as long as they weren't bedding down for a century-nap.

"It is also an awkward fact that they keep half an eye open while they sleep, if they are suspicious."

Emotions, she'd said, were like fire. They spread out from one creature to the next to the one after that, warming and caressing everything they touched. Changelings just got a few extra benefits from emotions that other creatures didn't.

And of course, dragons were experts on fire.

Oooh, now there's an interesting magical parallel. Or a metaphor, but what's the difference really?

Neither had lips really designed for kissing...but long draconic and changeling tongues were a different story. Smolder rolled onto her back, holding the changeling tightly so she lay on top of her. Ocellus was more delicate. It would be better if they started with her on top.

They're like Turians in that way. And Occellus, delicate... more than a dragon sure, but she *is* a shapeshifter you you're feeding magic as we speak...

She'd already taken a lot of other "firsts" from Ocellus. First date. First kiss. First tentative steps towards intimacy - it had been weeks since Ocellus had slept in her own bed, the bunk above Smolder’s own. Smolder had built a private horde of memories...and tonight that horde was going to get its crown jewel. And for every one of those firsts, Ocellus built her own horde of firsts from Smolder, taken from Smolder, too, but in a way she didn't mind. After all, it was a horde that Smolder could share, for as long as she had Ocellus. And dragons didn't give things up easily.

"Mine." It was a growl, a statement of fact and a promise, all in one.

Ocellus grinned and leaned down, gently nibbled on Smolder’s neck. The dragon’s toes curled. "Yours," Ocellus breathed back.

Ah, there we are. Well.

They're certainly going to have a lovely night aren't they.

I think you mean Burning Love(bug) :p

*looks at the intro* Sandbar and Yona… I wonder how... *one trip to Furaffinity later* Ohhhhhhh… kinky!

I wonder if Ocellus and Smolder will get into domination games. One day, Ocellus plays a helpless little Crystal Pony in the clutches of a ravenous dragon, the next Ocellus morphs into a huge roc intending to gobble up the poor young dragoness.

Probably! But I like to think that at least for their first time it was just them as they are.

9872263 Sandbar eventually ends up crushed into a paste when Yona really gets into it one night... :twilightoops:

Wow. This was just plain awesome from start to finish!
My only regret is only just now getting to this. Excellent work!

Adorable one shot story.


That is all.

There’s a spiritual prequel if you like: Trouble in Tiatarta. It’s not directly in-continuity but it can be thought of as what it took for Smolder and Ocellus to reach this point.

Also Queen Chrysalis is in it! Surely that has nothing to do with anything, though.

D'aww! That was rather adorable. :heart:

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