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James Fire

Slowly catching up on unread stuff.

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I am an editor, and a pretty decent one at that. So, if you want me to edit something, pm me a link, in google docs or on the site. Just be warned, I edit on a first-come first-serve basis, with stories and authors I like going to the front of the line. And anyone that "tips" me also gets to go up front. I reserve the right to refuse service, although I will probably tell you why.
Currently editing:
Divergence by RQK
Lateral Movement by Alzrius
What the sun is cooking by Anonymous Writer
And here is everything I have edited. (On fimfiction anyway.)

What I'm like while I'm editing.
Word Crimes
Well, except for that last line. I don't give up.

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    For those of you that would like to know

    I have a Patreon and Ko-fi now. Those of you I have or still do volunteer editing for will not be affected in any way. I will continue editing what I said I would.

    However, if you want to send something my way, that would be much appreciated.

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Yes, it's a compliment. Have fun!

thank you, I think ?:rainbowhuh:
doing what ?

There's the kind of response I like to see!

I'm not a stalker:raritycry:

I followed because I wanted:rainbowlaugh:
some problem ?:rainbowdetermined2:
if you do not mind and of course:fluttercry:

Something along that line...

An inspirational quote? Nice.

If sarcasm is a tool used to hide the pain brought upon by those who seek to harm you, then by all means, use it. But know this...
Unless one starts to stand for themselves and fights for what they believe in, what they seek out... The pain will never end. Yes, the fight will be dangerous and harmful to yourself more than normal, but that is what everyone must face in order to seek what they desire the most...

It's at your fingertips... errr, hooves... tips... In your grasp. All you need to do is push through the thorns rather than lightly prod them.

  • Viewing 120 - 129 of 129
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