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I'm just a dude that likes to write, can't keep a schedule to save my life though.


Pon-E · 5:36pm July 3rd

So Trotcons around the corner and I'm still alive. working on thigns on and off.

thought I'd let everyone still paying attention that a new Pon-E story is in the works tentatively titles "Pon-E: Like Candy" not gonna try to hype it, but I just hope you all like it whenever it is finished.

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The one they know me for.

  • Pon-E You are user of a new designer drug known as Pon-E. A drug that can turn normal humans into multicoloured little ponies that look like they were pulled from tv. This is an example of one of your many crazy nights on said drug. by the_emmens 2,190 words · 5,190 views · 167 likes · 13 dislikes

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It's nice to see that even best friends can grow into something more :ajsmug:
Thanks for adding Flower Crowns and Dinner Dates to your bookshelf :yay:

Thanks for adding Spike's Hearts and Hooves Day to your favorites can I ask what do you like about it so far.

Anything new in the works?

When I get an idea for it.

When're you gonna update Hyands?

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