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I'm just a dude that likes to write, can't keep a schedule to save my life though.


New Story · 11:27pm April 25th

I finally put out the new story, A Perfect Life. I've gone on and on and one about it forever and finally just broke down and put it out their as a multiparter. I hope everyone who reads it enjoys it.

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p.s. Why don't you say that in the group ?

in world? Randomness, complete luck of the draw as to what you end up like. from a "you are the writer and therefore god" sort of perspective? whatever is most ironically fitting

What are the rules of Pon-E ?

As in, I mean, What ditates your colt color, your mane color, are your race and gender ?

It's nice to see that even best friends can grow into something more :ajsmug:
Thanks for adding Flower Crowns and Dinner Dates to your bookshelf :yay:

Thanks for adding Spike's Hearts and Hooves Day to your favorites can I ask what do you like about it so far.

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