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My name is Michael and I watch or read about my little pony when ever I have the time

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Hey, Power of Six here! Depressed the Duskverse is over? Well, stop moping 'cause it's coming back and with all new action! Not just that regular MLP action, I'm talking about serious, kick-butt, soldier bashing, monster thrashing, vehicle crashing, robot mashing, alien smashing, supervillain slashing, teeth nashing, sword lashing, mutant clashing, motorcycle dashing, jaw-dropping crazy adventure-filled action! Come along and join the adventures of the newest group of heroes of the MLP universe: Equestria's greatest elemental heroes: the Element Gang! To get started and join in on their elemental advenutes, I suggested with reading the first of the series, "Rise if the Element Gang, Book 1: The Adventure Begins"! See ya there!

Thanks for reading my story, Out of Darkness. I will continue it again as soon as I'm able, but at the moment it's on hiatus. Thank you for your patience.

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2313640 Okay then. It's the same with blogs once you write one, but then delete it the number stays on your user page

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