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I am the Storm Scribe. Let my words thunder across all creation! Let my imagination rain down and bring life to new worlds and adventures. Above all else, may you enjoy what meager gifts I bring...


Aria Blaze, while walking home from work, meets the Canterlot Movie Club as they plan to frame Sunset Shimmer for posting embarrassing secrets. She gives them some free, unsolicited advice that makes them reconsider several important things...

Rated T for some mild language.

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Moondancer, after talking with Twilight, came to the distressing conclusion that a lot of her dear friend's life has been manipulated by Celestia. When she works up her courage to confront her, however, Moondancer gets the last answer she expected - Celestia agreeing.

A commission for Alex Warlorn.

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Tempest Shadow was forgiven, and assigned to Twilight Sparkle's personal guard. Another villain reformed, another new friend for Equestria.

Another villain who didn't face justice.

The Noble Court has finally had enough, and has gathered together to form an inquiry into Celestia's reasoning for letting so many villains off the hook. The time has come to have the Princess of the Sun reveal why she's let so many of Equestria's most dangerous threats off of the hook.

They have to be careful, as Celestia has hooks of her own.

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A reboot of Waking Nightmares, taking the story in a different direction.

Celestia has been suffering from nightmares and her sister Luna cannot seem to stop them. Alongside this, the dreaded Queen Chrysalis has been caught and is finally standing trial, several world leaders attending to help decide her fate. On top of all this, nine ponies and a dragon have appeared, claiming to have been transformed and sent to Equestria by an insane wizard.

What else can go wrong?

Chapters (7)

Starlight Glimmer has been arrested and brought to trial for her reckless magic use! And there's some hefty charges against her, including charges that will bring about a long prison sentence. On top of that, the prosecutor is one of the best in Equestria.

However, this trial isn't what it seems. Something strange is going on...

A commissioned story for Alex Warlorn
(Rated Teen for language and discussion of rape.)

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At the G.I. Joe Nevada headquarters, a strange portal opens, revealing an alien ambassador by the name of Sunset Shimmer. She seems friendly enough, and claims that she's only there to extend the friendship of her kind to other worlds. The question remains, are these Equestrians really as friendly as they seem? Or are they up to something else?

For that matter, how will the rest of the world react to them?

Chapters (6)

Ladybug is a newly transformed changeling. She and her race have been given a new start, a clean slate, thanks to their new ruler, King Thorax. Life is looking up for changelingkind!

Now if she could only convince the cynical Kevin of this...

A commission for Alex Warlorn.

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One fine morning, Spike woke up early and ran some errands. Then he found Discord putting up a seller's stand, apparently ready to open his own business. One which offers a one-day transformation into anything the user wants. And he apparently had the patience to set up his shop LEGALLY. Twilight and the others brace themselves for the inevitable...

(Content of future chapters controlled by user votes!) (Now with Tropes!)

Now with a 'dramatic' reading: Prologue

Current poll: The transformation is chosen already (Tatzlpony!) You pick who becomes the Tatzlpony! (Voting ends 6/25 at 5PM EST)
Previous poll: The Cutie Mark Crusaders (63 votes out of 390) and Age Manipulation (83 votes out of 392) won
Previous poll: Sunset Shimmer (transformation error won with 83 votes out of 325)
Previous poll: Princess Celestia (85 votes out of 397) and Seapony/Siren (104 votes out of 421) won
Previous poll: Trixie (86 votes out of 357) and Alicorn (90 votes out of 338) won
Previous poll: Fancy Pants and Fleur Dis Lee (genderswap won with 199 votes out of 381)
Previous poll: Princess Luna (zebra won with 85 votes out of 368)
Previous poll: Rainbow Dash (griffon won with 274 votes out of 596!!!)
Previous poll: Rarity (diamond dog won with 184 votes out of 444!!!)
Previous poll: Starlight Glimmer (changeling royal (Chrysalis-type) won with 74 votes out of 257)
Previous poll: Pinkie Pie (alicorn won with 80 votes out 282)
Previous poll: Spike (unicorn won with 60 votes out of 225)
Previous poll: Applejack (minotaur won with 56 votes out of 254)
Previous poll: Fluttershy (draconequus won with 75 votes out of 181)

(Voting closes after a week from the posting of the current chapter)

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Twilight Sparkle, in a surprise gesture, goes to visit her Canterlot friends and take them all out to dinner, also having gotten tickets to see a wildly popular stage show. They're all happy to go, but Moondancer's noticing that Twilight seems rather... desperate... in her need to see them happy...

A commission done for Alex Warlorn

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"There's a mare in the woods."

A simple prank by Diamond Tiara. Six words, and Cheerilee's life is send on a downward spiral. Rumors go out of control, as the teacher's life falls apart...

Based on a poem by Jacob Streilein.

Chapters (1)
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