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Twilight Sparkle, in a surprise gesture, goes to visit her Canterlot friends and take them all out to dinner, also having gotten tickets to see a wildly popular stage show. They're all happy to go, but Moondancer's noticing that Twilight seems rather... desperate... in her need to see them happy...

A commission done for Alex Warlorn

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This feels very sweet and cute.:scootangel:

You made it to "popular stories!"

A reviewer who doesn't have an account says "It was good, up until the last line. Maybe the only remotely possible explanation for why Lyra sits like she does. The it had to get her too interested in humans, and that killed it for me."

I like how Moondancer was the one to notice that was something was wrong with Twilight and got her to open up and talk about it. Though the bursting into tears scene was a bit sudden

and is now all three tribes of pony at once,” Moondancer said with a wry smirk.

There's seaponies, thestrals, changelings, crystal ponies, breezies.

“Duke Nezmarron is a tribalist jerk and a royal suckup. He wasn't even using all those seats in the box anyway, he just didn't want to be around commoners.”

Uh, that's 'classist' not 'tribalist.'

that saved Restaurant Row?”

I still find that episode very strange. In particular a food critic who is incredibly popular and influential, but everyone hates the food she likes? How in the hell did she get popular to begin with to the point where everyone was doing their hardest to live up to her tastes? (It's not really right to call them standards). And Rarity being given the strawmare t-shirt to wear (like AJ in bats) was just annoying.

Hey do you mind if I made a reading of this?


Where can I listen to it?

This was a nice story and I should have read this sooner. I think I have actually seen the musical that the new Musical Nightmare is based on it was good.


There's seaponies, thestrals, changelings, crystal ponies, breezies.

Changelings and breezies are pony fae, thestrals are a type of pegasus, seaponies are pony merfolk (though outside of the comics, the only seaponies we've seen are transformed hippogriffs), and what do crystal ponies have going for them aside from being shinier?

Uh, that's 'classist' not 'tribalist.'

He can be both.

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