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I got curious, that was all.


With a crumbling home almost ready to collapse on her, Moon Dancer had taken it upon herself to accept a magical surrogacy that would help pay for her living situation. What nobody could expect was how strong the surrogacy was and now, one month away from delivery, we have a look at what the typical day of a heavily gravid Moon Dancer is like.

Warning: Hyper Pregnancy

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Overall a interesting idea, and done so well good work

I enjoyed reading this and wouldn't mind another chapter, if possible. Have a like :twilightsmile:

yeesh, with a belly that enormous, I'm surprised Moon Dancers spine hasn't turned into a noodle.

Gotta admit, I admire those who put the well-being of others above their own. Specifically women who put themselves through the pains of pregnancy to provide a child for couples who cannot. That certainly demands respect.

She tossed the all the old T-shirts aside, at least until the pregnancy ended.

But this morning, all she needed was a cereal.

mama-to-be through some photos!”

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