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Set after the events of Cart Before The Ponies, what would happen if Spoiled Rich had been watching the derby, and was less than thrilled at Diamond Tiara's performance? If you read it, you're about to find out.

Oh, and Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle are there too. Just so you know.

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Normally don't like to say this, but yeah, THIS is what the episode should have been about.

well done diamond well done

halfway through the story:
of all the...how is that pony not in jail yet!?
after finishing:
shock and awe aside, someone get Nurse Redheart: Spoiled Rich just got BURNED!!!

What if a certain gentledragon took the CMC, Diamond Tiara, and Silver Spoon on a tour to Canterlot?

Going by this story, it's clear Spoiled Rich was dropped on her head as a foal and the resulting injury has resulted in her suffering a severe case of "evil, rich, bitchy pageant mother" disorder. How else could you explain her berating Diamond right out in the open and then turning on the crusaders and their older sisters(despite said older sisters being national heroes and being more than able and willing to knock Spoiled the hell out, which they likely would of had Diamond not spoken up). Also it's sad that Filthy has the backbone of a twinkie since it seems only Diamond's words have any effect on her pitiful excuse of a mother.

7458796 Well, that's exactly what she did in 'Crusaders Of The Lost Mark' to the sisters of said national heroes, her own daughter and lots of other innocent colts and fillies... in full view of their teacher, too. She's also apparently got away with treating Diamond like **** for years, right under the muzzle of her husband.

So, I think we can call your headcanon a definite possibility. :twilightsmile:

The only thing I disagree with a little would be Apple Bloom's and Scootaloo's excitement about the ribbons. More because they would feel like they did not fairly win them than anything. Although they would probably keep them as a remind of Diamond Tiara standing up for them.

7458895 Even so, the initial rush of receiving something like that out of the blue when they'd come in second would surely inspire a bit of excitement.

But, as I pointed out in my story, they could also be seen as a memento of Diamond fighting in their corner for a second time. Truly remarkable, considering all that had happened in the recent past.

Plus, they were doing her a favour, by taking away some of the power her mother held over her. So, it's win-win on both sides, I guess... :twilightsmile:

Instead of causing a massive fender

The way that race track was set up, it was inevitable.

"To see only two first place awards?! "

You think even Spoiled Rich wouldn't be THAT insane! Considering that a lot of the categories are mutually exclusive. (Tradition -> Fastest -> Creative.)

7459186 Based on the evidence we've seen so far, and until it's proven in canon, I refuse to think otherwise. :raritywink:

To think...I used to swear Diamond Tiara was the worst...yet now I find myself applauding her.

Well done, you young filly! And well done to you, deadpansnarker.

7459203 Thanks, I do my best... except, when I'm doing my worst. :moustache:

"Apple Bloom! You've been promoted to first place in the finishing line! "

Technically, that's a matter of facts rather than option, unlike the creative.

7459216 Give Diamond a break. She's just a filly... she probably doesn't think that technically this early on in her life... :eeyup:

While Spoiled Rich needs it hammered into her head that she can't treat Diamond Tiara like a soulless blob of clay, those ribbons were DIAMOND TIARA'S. SHE earned them, NOT her mother! She should be proud of what she can accomplish, she shouldn't give away momentoes of having done a good job just to spite her.

That being said. Interesting short story. Thank you for writing it.

7459222 I would tend to agree with you, but she's had a lifetime of dealing with a mother who's inserted herself into almost every aspect of her life.

She didn't even really want those rosettes... to her, they just reminded her of the 24/7 pressure she was under before the day she made her big turnaround. All she was after was a day of fun, and she got that. If she'd held onto them, from her perspective, it would only be an excuse for Spoiled to jump on the bandwagon again and demand more and more of her, like in the past.

Removing them from the equation was like a cleansing, in a way. She showed herself, like she did in the presidential vote, that she didn't have to be top dog filly to be happy, and she also demonstrated to her mother that such trinkets no longer meant as much to her as they did to Spoiled. Hopefully both now can move on, and pursue a healthier relationship.

And thank you for reading it. :twilightsmile:


A friend pointed out that Diamond Tiara is actually in a better position than before with that. Pipsqueak KNOWS who he owes his retaining his president status to (without her he wouldn't have been able to keep his campaign promise), and the foals know whose really responsible for their new equipment. She's not doing it maliciously and the difference is that she isn't rubbing it in or saying 'Oh you remember how I-,etc' like some straw versions of Rarity have done. It could be seen as her realizing there are more effective and less direct means of attending charisma and favor. After all, her cutie mark is leadership.

Geez, Spoiled can't possibly so be thickheaded as to belittle her daughter in front of not only her friends but her friends big sisters? I mean, does Spoiled even realize any one of those ponies could probably get her arrested?

7459315 As I said in a previous answer, considering the boneheadedness she's displayed throughout the series so far, I wouldn't put anything past her, so don't give her too much credit...

Oh, and P.S your story should be ready by tomorrow, if that's alright. I've had a very busy week, but I'll make it my No 1 priority Sunday, guaranteed. :scootangel:

How was Diamond Tiara's cart more creative than Scootaloo's phoenix-hawk cart thing? All Diamond had was a plain red car with diamonds for fake headlights. :applejackconfused:

7459712 I don't know, opinions are subjective. Maybe the judges saw things differently, and preferred precious stones to magical birds? I hope you enjoyed the story, anyway. :twilightsmile:

7459750 Maybe Spoiled bribed the judges. :raritywink:

7461529 Well she didn't do a very good job... her daughter didn't win all the awards. :twistnerd:

Comment posted by Blast deleted Aug 9th, 2016

I would love to see Spoiled Rich try her shit on the Canterlot royal guards. For all their ineptitude, they would not have a second thought about tossing her out on her flank. And imagine just how pissed off Shining Armor, Flash Sentry, or (gasp!) Prince Blueblood would have been.

Does Equestria have an equivalent to Child Services in their world? Because I'm pretty sure they should pay Diamond Tiara a visit.

7464153 Guards may be useless, but even they won't tolerate Spoiled Bitch!

for not getting getting

Whoops, double double.

Guard may be useless but even they won't tolerate Spoiled rich they would just sent her to Tarterus in a cage next to lord Tirek it would be a Fate worse than death or sent her in the everfree forest and not even queen chrysalis would drain the love from spoiled rich or king sombra and storm king would just stay dead rather being torture by spoiled rich annoying voice

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