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This story is a sequel to Friendship was always there

After their victory in the 'Longest Night' incident, Twilight learns that she had little to nothing of information about those she was introduced as friends.

Determinate to avoid a possible disaster, she plans to have a get along with all of them to reforge the friendship among all of them.

This is a story from the Canterverse of Skyeheart

the story was also edited by him and Regreme

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The first chapter is already amusing. Twilight is very much in character and Spike is too. I like the references to the original episode and the irony about Twilight's thoughts about 6 strangers bonding in friendship.

7997945 I thank you for the comment and I will work hard in to keep them at that way everyone can enjoy.

This was a good chapter and I liked the reactions of Twilight's friends to the invitation. Moondancer is completely right about Twilight's motivations of course. I hope the slumber party goes well and that it won't have the problems there were in the actual episode where Twilight had a slumber party.

It's a very good chapter indeed. I love how well the different parts of Canterlot was written as well as home of Twilight's friends. I can imagine it easily to be there as I read this chapter.
I really like Ponyville and the show it self but living in Canterlot and having fun and adventures with friends there is a different experience. It also an interesting thing to see Twilight Sparkle learning friendship lessons with other friends than the mane 5 of Ponyville in the show.

PS: Personally I like the idea of the ponies of Canterlot and the elit are dressing up and wearing clothes to show their difference from the lower rank ponies how doesn't care about dressing. Oh and I don't think that just because a pony is dressed up they are r34/NSFW stuff.

Lemon Drops opened the door with an excited smile, “Hello there, little Spike! Come on in,” invited Lemon Heart’s with a smile, as she guided him to the kitchen. “I was about to take breakfast early today. Wanna join me?” she offered with a smile as she began to collect two plates with her telekinesis, and placed them on the table.

Is the Lemon Drops a mistyped?

8068320 It could be... But then again it can be interpreted like Applejack's name, because ponies call her AJ for short as it was two names differently.

8067949 I thank you for the comment.
I really like to think that there is a difference of status among the ponies and that it is directed on how they are all dressed.

8067722 I thak you for the comment and your opinion about the chapter.
It may resemble the canon episode but it won't be any near of the events happening there and also... Don't jinx it!


It could be... But then again it can be interpreted like Applejack's name, because ponies call her AJ for short as it was two names differently.

It sounds more like a ship name between her and sweetty Drop aka Bon Bon.

8069495 I just realized something...

It wasn't supposed to be Lemon Drops but Hearts. :derpytongue2:

This was truly a hilarious chapter and it would make sense that Twilight would be mobbed by adoring fans. Partly because she's more well known in Canterlot but also for the reasons that were stated in the autor's note. I like the reactions of the castle staff as well which are fitting and Twilight's polite treatment is what we saw in the very first episode of the show.

Good chapter. Especially like maids interaction. :yay:

I need to agree with the others before me. This was a very good chapter indeed. Since the author didn't give us more details about the unicorn foal I like to beliveit was Tootsie Flute.


I Thank you for your comments about the maids, I really wanted to use the opportunity to use such dedicated mares from the castle.

I didn’t put a name on a background pony that was meant to be used once (Or because the vast majority of the foals are in Ponyville,) But I can possibly write that this one made he appearance.

Good start on this chapter. I can totally Twilight doing something like this.

to leave in its wake a desolated badland that mutated all living creatures into dreadful pony-eating monsters that would wander over the land in a ravenous hunt!

Is that a reference to Fallout Equestria?

Great work on this chapter. We learn a little more about Twilight’s friends.

Minuette loves her job

Twinkleshine is a actor

Moondancer still seems upset with Twilight

Lyra comes from a rich family yet wants to work for stuff

and Lemon Hearts makes cupcakes

Why do I have the feel this slumber party will blow up in Twilight’s face?

Thank you for your compliments!

And for the reference well yeah it is.. only that I never read the series.

Don’t worry Twilight always wears eye protectors whenever she deals with dangerous things. :raritywink:

Another good chapter. I really like the interaction between Celestia and Luna and the history of Astronomy and Astrology for this world. The ending was nice as well and I expect that Twilight will need a lot of help with the cooking.

So... Twilight is gonna be cooking? Okay. Spike ought to keep a fire extinguisher ready just in case. :P

She will have a supervisor, a good one as you know, so expect that nothing can wo grong... wait.

Do not worry there are several extinguishers located in the entire tower, most of them are in the study room.

Good work on this chapter.

Thank you for the compliment. :twilightblush:

Will Nectar appear sometime in this story?

No, since she is living in Ponyville and I never planed out something for her... Unless Skyheart allows me to do such thing.

This was another good chapter and it was great fun to read about the preparations they all made for the slumber party. I hope that the thing with Moondancer and Twilight won't go into shipping territory a little teasing is fine but I think that they're just best friends and not in the way that Lyra and Bon Bon are. Moondancer giving Twilight a taste of how it feels when you think someone important is not going to show up was nice too. I am looking forward to more.

You don't need to worry about that ship setting sail... Because I intend to have a polygamous relationship with all of them, including some other unicorns and more much MORE!!! Nah, just kidding

Thank you for the kind comments and of course there will be more fun times!

OK, that deserve at least one hundred up vote. And in my heart this prequel is better than original story.

Thanks a lot for your comment and I wish the story could reach to one hundred upvotes by the end of it too... We only need faith.

And this is a sequel. :twilightsheepish:


And this is a sequel. :twilightsheepish:

Yeah, I know. And I think it already better than original story.

Once again great work. So Lyra has family troubles? This should be interesting

This was a nice chapter about Luna's servants and it's interesting to see a bit about Luna's reintegration into Equestria. This second slumber party is undoubtedly going to have some shenanigans.

Author's Note:

So, by Skyheart's request I will be writing this mini arc along with the other to show Princess Luna's team of servants... There will be some comedy among each of them.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Oh, didn't expect that continued in that story.( thought it be its own story.)

To short to let it have it's own story... Sorry. :raritywink:

There will be shenanigans with these pones and with them Luna will have a serious talk with her sister about them. :rainbowwild:

This was another good chapter with lots of funny moments. I liked the truth or dare game and the mention of Minuette's nickname was nice too.

I was hesitant with the use of her nickname but since it has been well ingrained in the fandom I just had to go with it. :twilightsmile:

This was a nice chapter and I liked Luna's interactions with her guests. I also spotted an error it says milenia instead of milennium in the conversation between Luna and Celestia.

Great work on this chapter. I really like how Celestia is actually helping Luna adapt to the modern world as well as getting Luna some friends.

I liked this chapter very much. The pillow fight was funny and the part with the stargazing shows some of Twilight's growth and of course it's completely in character that they enjoy astronomy. I am looking forward to the last chapter of the story.

We still need to wait for Princess Luna's own slumber party to get there though.

Great work on this, it was both funny and heartwarming!

“I’ll soon take my research to find the proof about humans all over in Equestria!”

This is just the second fic in this verse and I already want to see how Equestria Girls will play out here...

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