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At the G.I. Joe Nevada headquarters, a strange portal opens, revealing an alien ambassador by the name of Sunset Shimmer. She seems friendly enough, and claims that she's only there to extend the friendship of her kind to other worlds. The question remains, are these Equestrians really as friendly as they seem? Or are they up to something else?

For that matter, how will the rest of the world react to them?

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..... if this is another Friendship Bureau fic of any kind I'm really not sure I can read this.

8081155 NONONONO. God no. No. FUCK NO.

8081165 Alright. I'll give it a better look..... but if it's a bash fic I'm dumping you.

8081168 It's nooot, I swear! It's just a first contact fic!

8081171 Okay. Sorry. Just have to be careful like Private Davis you know.

I hate you sometimes, I really want the next chapter of Waking Nightmares, but when you do stuff like this instead...

Now it's 2 things of yours that I want more of now.

8081252 My brain works like Rarity's on Inspiration Manifestation at times...

Shipwreck to Sunset: "Are you sure this is the first time your kind has visited? Cause I remember meeting a pink pegasus once."

Hmm. Not sure if I'm well enough versed in Joe lore to properly appreciate this one, but you have my interest. Especially given Shimmercorn. I look forward to more.

Oh I do hope that gets a mention. Of course, if Ponyland and Equestria are on two different realities, and the Rainbow Bridge is still operational...

...come to that, Transformers and GI Joe share the same continuity, so there are already Aliens operating openly on Earth. Thankfully the Bots and the Jarheads rarely interact, so a lone mention or two could handwave that away.

Tiny error: Rainbow Dash's normal top speed is Mach 5. Then she Sonic Rainbooms, and hits Mach 10 for a few seconds.

8140726 Conversion Bureau, i believe is what VampDash meant. Crazy evil ponies lead by Adolf Celestia decide to convert humanity into happy pony zombies. This is NOT that kind of story.

When Mutt & Junkyard and Law & Order meet Fluttershy, she'll be able to tell Mutt and Law of any complaints Junkyard and Order might have.
Though, I'm pretty sure their only complaint would be a lack of putting a bite on the backside of more Cobras.

The GI Joes, flummoxed by Pinkie Pie. Cant wait to see Cobra's reaction to her.

I just hope this doesn't turn into a Anti Conversion fic (are there any other kind?) with the serial numbers filed off (seriously, you can take out the transformation aspect, and the barrier, and it wouldn't change a damn thing, it'd still be 'ponies invade, get their asses kicked by humanity'. In other words, just another alien invasion story with our beloved ponies shoehorned into the role of the villain).

8141101 It's not!

Do I have to put a freaking tag on the story saying that this won't be a Conversion Bureau story?!

There will be NO Xenolestia! NO newfoals. NO conversion. NO INVASION.

This is a NORMAL crossover with NORMAL magical loving FRIENDLY ponies!

8141014 Now neither can I, luckily we should have until at least chapter 4(end of 3 at the earliest) before things go pear shaped.

Pinkie Pie works on a level I can't even begin to understwraneurysmand.

:rainbowlaugh: I'm not sure if this is intentional or the most hilarious typo I've ever seen. If the latter, please leave it in. It's even more perfect than Shipwreck's reaction to the zap apple jam.

In any case, a lovely little meet-and-greet. I do wonder where you'll go from here.

8141288 *blinks and sighs* Yeah, it's a typo. Sorry, but I have to correct it. It's gonna drive me nuts otherwise.

I'm just laughing at the thought of a Tirek and cobra commander team up.

8141014 I'm sure Cobra will all probably just surender in exchange for Joes closing off the portal after they toss pinky back through.

pink pegasus.....i see what u did there?

Duke, why did you just let Private Snafu onto the base?

8223980 Private Snafu's always on base, Duke just invited Commander Fubar

And where is Starlight in all of this?

Another enjoyable chapter. Good job.

Duke, as a former soldier I can tell you with certainty, that Privet Murphy is always nearby and on duty.:facehoof:

No, he invited the big cheese, Sir Issac Newton! Back from the grave to ruin your day!
Oh no he also brought his friend, Murphy.....wait Eddie Murphy?

Pinkie Pie really needs to learn that just because you can eat it, doesn't mean you should. :rainbowlaugh:

Having grown up with these GI Joes, I approve of this entirely. Keep going.

PS: I want to see Iron Will meet Sergeant Slaughter.

I meant where the ponies prove to be spectrally incompetent in warfare in comparison to humans (which is all those stories are actually about now these days) and say get steam rolled by Cobra.

Oh. IT's not going to be that, either, so don't worry.


I was serious BTW, those fics aren't about people becoming ponies, they're about Equestria getting steamrolled by humanity's military might for the quad trillionth time, conversion is just a macguffin for it to happen.

Maybe this takes place before that season?

Well the time is some point in the future for the ponies, but maybe Starlight is back home holding the fort and keeping the portal running, or she hooked up with Sunburst and moved to the crystal empire?
On another note the "Hasbro 1980's Universe" is G. I. Joe, My little Pony Friends, Transformers and Inhumanoids. I believe the massive crossover fic The Elements of Harmony and The Savior of Worlds also included M.A.S.K.(retconned into a division of G I Joe when Hasbro got the IP) and the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon.

Hehehe-hahahahaha! I am amused by your screams to explain that this is not a Conversion Bureau fic!

Hehehe-hahaha, I love how everyone assumes this is a Conversion Bureau fic and KnightMysterio is yelling it's just a Normal crossover! It amuses me!

May I have a link to the 'Elements of Harmony' fic?

Oh wait, I know this story! I thought you were talking about two stories and 'the Savior of Worlds' was the one with Megan and G.I. Joe and 'Elements of Harmony' was another. NVM! :twilightsheepish:

I might have laughed too much at Pinkie's reaction to eating the pepper. :pinkiegasp: :pinkiesick:

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