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Title is self explanatory. This group is for those who want a quick read

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Hi everyone! Just joined your group. Glad to be here! :twilightsmile:

google images.

366354 LOL:rainbowlaugh: where did you get that pic from:rainbowkiss:

Also, you can post a story initially with over 1000 words, and then edit/delete chapters, removing words. Even when the story then goes below 1000 words, it will remain published. :twilightsmile:

366354 incorrect the some of the earlier fimfics are below 1000 cause it used to be you could have less than a 1000 words


>500 words
>mfw the minimum word length is 1000

366335 stupid key board!


You mean 1000 words.

you know, stories have to be at least 100 words to be published.

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