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It's anything but a traditional story when Vinyl Scratch meets Octavia and falls in love with the colt-loving grey mare. Vinyl can't explain it, but there is something about Octavia that has sucked her into love's arms. But with Vinyl's jealous ex in the picture, she can barely find time to think straight. Can Vinyl find the will to fight through an overbearing ex and somehow win Octavia's heart? Or will it all crash and burn around her?

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This is pretty good :pinkiesmile:

Wow, this was awesome :rainbowkiss:

mo summary?
make one or else 0.5 star

I have a soft spot for Octavia, so I'm interested in this; it seems it will be fun :pinkiesmile:

A herp and a derp :derpytongue2:


Haha, whoops. Sorry, I'll add one in just a tick. Knew I was forgetting something.

Ohai, UltimatheGod of DA here. Nice to see your story up here.

0.5 star has changed to 4.5 star

Great start so far, I can say that.
Different take from what I've seen recently, sticking with and gunning on love at first sight.
This will get interesting.

'There's plenty more where this came from', does this mean you have the whole thing typed out already? :rainbowhuh:


No, I've got 10 chapters posted on DA and I'm working on 11 right now. I'm just spacing out when I add them. Though I'm not sure that's entirely necessary anymore? All I know is that I've heard complaints about people posting chapters like crazy and kind of taking over.

Woohoo, you rock :yay:


Heh, thanks! Glad you're digging it thus far.

Nice chapter ^^

I would say more, but seeing as you already have the others written out makes me hesitate.
That and I don't have an real criticism, the chapter is pretty good.
But, oh god the nicknames, why Vinyl?! :facehoof:


To piss off Lyra, of course haha.

:rainbowkiss: I love this so much! Pretty please update soon! I love DJ Pon3 and I love love love love love Octavia. I also love you. :rainbowderp:

Just keep making DA MAGICKZ!:coolphoto:

Wow this is a really good Octy-Scratch story please continue it :pinkiehappy:


Haha glad you enjoy it! I'll keep updating it regularly. Just have to polish up the chapters before I post them.


There are actually 11 published chapters on DA. I just have to polish all of them before posting them here.<____<. Glad you like it though!

I am really enjoying this story and when I say a new unread chapter in my tracking section I was thrilled to see it about this story. Can't wait for the next chapter.

yay! this is coming along very well! :D

That's bizzare, I just came up with 'Jason Mareaz' this morning

Well, it is now time for me to catch up on this story, and most likely comment on each chapter.
Curse you Holidays and your absurd buildup of unread stories! :flutterrage:

Vinyl Scratch, swooning? My my, this story definitely is different, in a good way.
Also 'She knew that she wasn't in love with this pony'... what?!
She was losing sleep over her, and she was always in her thoughts. In the very next paragraph it mentions cuddle filled fantasies!
If she's not in love, then she has a very serious obsession problem and should probably get that checked out...

Anyways, off to the rest of the story :pinkiesmile:


haha. I think Vinyl has a VERY serious case of denial.

Well that chapter was packed with 'd'aaawww'
This story is different, I can't quite say what, most likely your writing style, but it's different.
It's a good different, as I've said. This story is getting increasingly interesting.
One mistake I saw though:
"Pinkie, how to you talk and not breathe?' And that's pretty much it ^^

Vina? Can't say it's what I would use, but I'll roll with it.
And Vinyl is defensive about her glasses? Hmm... I've always liked when writers incorporate that into their stories with Vinyl.
Mainly because I like to see how they have the characters react to her eyes. It's always fun to see how other people pull that off.
Eagerness restored in full, I continue with this wonderful story. :twilightsmile:

Okay, I've figured out why Vina sounds weird to me.
It has to do with the fact that I pronounce Vinyl's name incorrectly, but oh well, I like my way :twilightsheepish:
If you care at all, this is how I pronounce it [ v-in-yul ]

You bet she does, and if she doesn't realize that yet - which I'm still on the fence about - then that solidifies my obsession theory.
And my, that is one awkward sentence to let out. Now my eagerness for another chapter increased again, but sadly there aren't any more :fluttershysad:
I may just need to make a Deviant Art Account for this story :twilightsmile:


That is an interesting way to pronounce it. Hmm. Whatever works though! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for pointing out my typo. I usually try to polish the chapters really nice like before I post them here, but sometimes rum happens and I'm not doing my best.

I finally have a day off tomorrow (sort of?) so I'm going to try and get seven and eight polished and up over here, while finishing the rough draft of chapter twelve. So stay tuned!

Also, thanks for the comments. I really appreciate them :pinkiehappy:

It's my pleasure :pinkiesmile:
I think more people should comment in general. So many people read the story, but never say anything.
It just kind of feels off, but that's just me.

Yeah, it is weird, but I prefer it to the way it is actually said. I think it sounds better to me.

Only 2 chapters :fluttershysad:
Curse that rum! It takes our common sense and judgement :twilightangry2:
Oh well, progress is progress, right?

I'm liking this so far, can't wait to read more!

Should probably be noted that stuff like "don't," "wouldn't," "I'm," and "doesn't" aren't slang, but rather contractions. Very different.


Aaaaah yes. THAT'S the word I was looking for. Thank you!


Great minds must think alike, eh?

I dont like the Idea f Lyra being a bad guy... But this looks like its going to be fun to read.

that can be a forchen cookie. "Ask Pinkie"

I wish the chapters were longer

I wish the chapters were longer

I wish the chapters were longer

why did that post 3 times? sorry

I thought she was going to puke lol

so close, she was so close to the kiss!

you have a real problem., I cant find chapter 7 anywhere? and it is making me rather mad..:flutterrage:

Where is it? and why am I not reading it right now?


Fun fact, I'm actually working on editing seven now. It SHOULD be up tonight.

tonight? but I want it now!:raritydespair:

He's most likely drinking while he does it, and I wouldn't be surprised if he passes out.

I wouldn't rely to heavily on that reply if I were you...

... he loves his rum you know :3

Anyways, awesome chapter. Lovely pillow fight.

"Oh, I can work those muscles… I mean what." I LOLed.


Rum>? who has rum?:pinkiehappy:

I am so damn ready for the next chapter. SO READY.

Loved it loved it loved it!! Cant wait for the next one!!!

and take it easy on your Rum:moustache:

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