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Dead Tree Edition! · 3:16am Apr 26th, 2019

I love books, actual physical media you can hold in your hands and clock someone with! No, wait, don't do that. In any case, fanfic doesn't usually cross paths with the non-electronic world.

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Undead, at least.

Write more. Please.


Thank you for the kind words on 'The Frozen West', it means a lot when an author of your skill level enjoys my work. :twilightsmile:

If you can put up with my writing style (a big if), you might also enjoy the much happier story 'Our Girl Scootaloo 3 of 3'. Just as this story asks 'what would happen if NMM won', so OGS asks 'What would really happen to a pony growing up on earth?'.

Thanks again,

Cozy Mark IV

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