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The fights between Octavia and Vinyl have only worsened, and now their relationship is hitting it's breaking point. But when Lyra gets four tickets for the Lunar Maiden, an eloquent cruise liner, both are invited. Now cramped together aboard the fancy ship, Vinyl and Octavia must cope with the circumstances. Can they hold on to the slivers they have left? And will they take Lyra and Bonbon down with them?

Art used with permission by: filipinoninja95

My great editors:

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Oh? Whats this? Another octavia x vinyl fic?
This has very much potential

First. HA.

Anyways, I approve.:pinkiehappy:
A couple things though:
You mention that Octy is brown, (unless I'm reading it wrong), which is somewhat off,
Also, "Tav". New nickname of Vinyl's? Seems fun, although there is a more common "Tavi", or "Tavia". Not that I'm judging, or saying it's terrible, just...putting it out there..

So far, I like what I see. :scootangel:TaviaxScratch is my favourite pairing and I can't wait to see what comes next. Defs tracking!:moustache:

man its pretty good, I always enjoy LyraXBonbon even if they aren't the main characters of the fic.:pinkiehappy:
keep up the good work /)

*looks at picture*

*reads description*

Yo dawg. This monday to friday ship better not hit a monkey fighting iceberg...

*looks at tags*

Oh, no sad tag. No iceberg! :yay: yay

Only thing about this that bugs me is that you mention Octavia as brown, same as Calvin. Octavia is grey, to my knowledge, unless something happened that made her otherwise. Like, if she dyed her coat, it'd make a bit more sense.

Otherwise, this seems like it's gonna be a good one! Can't wait to see more!

Two of my Favorite ships in one? :pinkiegasp:
Tracking! Brilliant so far!

317088 Haha thanks for alerting me of that! I went back an fixed all that I found.
And about Tav, I know there are others out there already, but I wanted an original one. Does it sound bad? Because if it does, I'll go change it (I wasn't so sure of it myself to be honest)
Thanks for the complements!

Is this going to end up as a ponified "Titanic"? I hope it is.

No titanic please!^

Anyway good chapter I hope to see this acctually come to an end.

319888 Haha no Titanic, I promise!
But what do you mean actually come to an end? :rainbowderp:


There are quite a few amazing stories somewhat like this, not the same characters, but like this that the author just gave up on. such a shame

I'm in love with this story so far, keep up the good work! :D

Unsure whether I have commented, but this is getting better and better.
Keep up the wonderfull work!

Oh lord... I was just going to say "About time something went right for Vinyl."

You're evil man.

Oh Vinyl...Seeker likes his drink as well but that is taking it too far. Well here is hoping she figures out to lay off the drink, and find what matters more.

A sweet moment ruined by the stupidity of a borderline alcoholic. Great update, gets the trash that I just read out of my head. So, great job as always! :twilightsmile:

I'll do it! I'll proofread/edit the amazing storyline!

But yeah, again an awesome chapter!

I would not mind proofreading for you.

I'll put my name on the list of people who will proofread. I can definitely give advice, but editing isn't my forte.

also, while I have little doubt that you will likely do it, I do hope that we get some explanation of why the dynamic of alcohol has shifted between Octavia and VInyl, given the indication that Octavia used to be more permissive of it,

Permission to speak freely?: Permission granted

Octavia can be quite a bitch from what ive read the last couple of chapters, and vinyl is SOOOOOO fucked.

i got a good laugh, good chapter i want moar

You write one of the best awkward conversation sections of fan fiction I have ever found, well done. And the ay your telling it is really good, keep it up.

quick typo I noticed

leaving her exposed to the part of two.

its "party" I suspect

I'm really starting to enjoy this now. Its nice to find out that Octavia has some issues too, and that we aren't going to spend the story bashing Vinyl, which I was a little bit afraid of. But no, this is going quite well

344022 Thanks for pointing that out

And I think that if the whole story was spent bashing Vinyl, it would be both bland and unfair. So I'm glad you agree with me:twilightsmile:

I'm impressed by your characterization of Octavia and Vinyl for this fic. You make it pretty clear that there's not one simple problem, but a fair few more complex ones. First, Vinyl clearly has impulse control issues that are only exacerbated by her tendency to turn to drink. Furthermore, she's shown that she has difficulty dealing with her issues, including her conflict with Octavia. Octavia, on the other hoof, has responded (or perhaps Vinyl's problems are partially in response to her) by becoming domineering and trying forcefully change Vinyl's character. It would be interesting to see how the problems started and I look forward to your plans for their resolution. Keep up the good work.

This one's a bit slow I know, but I feel like I did well:twilightsheepish:
Though I could always use some input :raritywink:

I liked it, but I wonder what that flower's doing to Tav... :twilightoops:

Intriguing.... Wonder what Vinyl is trying so hard to forget... Might be a miscarriage. That, or some kind of physical abuse Octavia suffered.

Perhaps something completely different. Guess I'll find out at some point.

sneezing flower should come with a tissue around the steam! :derpyderp1:
but seriously, this is a interesting take on the whole octyXvinyl stories and it's refreshing and well written, can't wait for more! :rainbowwild:

so why the picture change?

376192 Toying around with new things. I felt like the previous one didn't quite fit the 'feel' of the story.


fair enough. I kept expecting it to get happier because of that picture

378235 Well I won't say much, but I will say that the 'tragic' tag does not apply :twilightsmile:


well, you did promise not pulling a Titanic, so I suppose with that out that everything would be relatively happy, to say the least

I liked the previous image. It had more emphasis on the story itself, even if it was a play on Titanic.

Aw, I missed the "new" pic. But I do quite liket his one so :)

And I hope you get to revealing what these flashbacks are, or so help me I shall sic Flutterrage and Twifury on you! :flutterrage::twilightangry2:

What happened the vinyl. And about the image. Tav better get lifted up by vinyl or i shall flutterrage and twifury on you!:flutterrage::twilightangry2:

bah, I had to put off reading this for most of a day because I found the Romance Reports, and yeah, that took a bunch of hours. So I finally got to read this now

and somehow you've managed to continue to not tell us whats going on while keeping our interests. Damn you and your ability to write well. And damn the time I'm going to have to wait to read the next chapter.

As a side note, I personally like this picture better. Both were good, but this one seems a little more pertinant to the fic.

formatting...Formatting...FORMATTING :flutterrage:

Anyways...have fun with this new chapter, hope everypony likes it :pinkiesmile:

At first, I was incredibly happy that a story I was reading had updated. And then I saw that it was this one, and I was even happier. Finally, I thought, after the last chapter, the author will have to tell us what the story has been hinting at for chapters.

And then I was wrong. First you managed to avoid giving a solid explanation about the Lover's Spore. At least we could guess what that did. Then you somehow managed to tie in deeper to whatever the event that keeps getting hinted at WITHOUT TELLING US WHAT IT WAS.


update times on this fic are downright inhumane, thats what they are.

Nice, loving this story so far. Each chapter has so much emotion I'm always left wondering what is going to happen next. Vinyl/Octavia is my favorite background pairing. I love how there is so much love for background ponies who haven't even gotten any speaking lines.

Hmm. you know it acctually is very little vinyl's fault. Vinyl only did the things she did because of others.

396528 I do feel that it isn't all her fault but I feel that she originally may be drink for something we have yet to have been told and is trying to emotionally and physically numb the pain, now she is drinking more because of her current relationship problems.

For Lynxed:
P.S. can't Help but get the feeling you want this to be a clop fic, but don't want to to do it because of fear it would ruin the story?
P.P.S You should do have some anyways after you finish the story as bonus chapters telling what ever chapter they happened in. (if you want that is):scootangel::pinkiehappy:

401904 You caught me. My deviant side has been screaming at me to do a clop fic. I keep telling it no.
As for this becoming a clop fic: I don't, nor have I ever wanted to involve clop in this. I want this story to hit the heart, nothing lower. Yet unfortunately, I may write a clop fic in the near future :trixieshiftleft:

395122 If you thought that was inhumane, then we may have a genocide on our hooves here. I've heard back from EqD, and will be spending a lot of time editing this sorry piece. I may not update this thing for two weeks or so. But hey, who knows? :trixieshiftright: I may update it tomorrow (not really). Point is, nothing I ever do is truly set.

in the name of simplicity


that is all

402708 Good things come to those who wait. Once the story ends you'll be wishing for the times when you were highly anticipating an update, I know I will.


My hope is that the replacement rate of good fics is such that I'll end up being fine. I'm still finding a few complete ones to read still, but that number is far outmatched by fics that I hope will update.

Just motored through all of this one so far - my hat is off to you, Lynked, superb stuff. Poor Vinyl, she really seems to be getting the worst of everything so far :fluttercry: Looking forward to your next update, whenever that may be. Take your time, I'm sure it'll be masterful when it arrives.

~Caffeinated Brony~

You're all gonna kill me. yay:yay:

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