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On her way to Cloudsdale, Rainbow Dash slams headfirst into a malfunctioning storm that grounds her hard. If that wasn't bad enough, the only help for miles comes in the form of a traveling boasting magician and her cart. But when this storm gone wrong turns out to be something more mischievous, these two find themselves in a strange new Equestria of finely dressed ponies and lavish inventions. And now, they need to find a way home, hopefully without strangling each other in the process.

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Haha, first! :rainbowwild:

Oh, and having preread this, I can tell you all that this bodes pretty well so far. I particularly like the characterisations of Trixie and Rainbow Dash, as well as the steampunk-esque world they find themselves in. (And come on, who doesn't like steampunk?).



I hate steampunk. I really, really hate steampunk.


Well, damn, that comment backfired pretty quickly. Oh well, if that is the case I can say that this first chapter is only the setup for the story to come, and thus includes only minimal steampunk, and only at the very end. So you can safely give it a read and decide if it's worth going against your principles over.


I'm the first viewer, but I'm a slow reader. That's unusual.
Well, it was pretty darn good. First time I've read anything by you in a long time, but it wasn't as good as your classics.
it seems to be an interesting premise, and I'm liking how it's turning out. I'm exited, and I can't wait for the next chapter. You wrote the characters very well, as is to be expected, and I think that I'll keep a good eye on this.


Don't worry, my love for steampunk will overshadow his hate. By a lot. WEEEEE!


Now, that's the spirit! WEEEEEE!

Wait...is this a Rainbow Dash/Trixie ship?:rainbowhuh:

1093781 As in a romantic one, it has the romance tag, so I thought it might be a shipping story, personally I'm not a fan of LGBT shippings (no offence)

1093794 Yes, it's a Rainbow Dash/Trixie ship. Sorry.

1093705 I don't know what you're talking about. My classics?


Oh. Well, I can tell you that yes, my source confirms that the "the shipping goggles are firmly in place." (My sources being this weird guy known as Lynked you might have noticed 'round these parts).`:trixieshiftright:

I have no idea what LGBT is an abbreviation of. Explain?


What do you call that?


Trainbow. Definitely Trainbow.

Edit: Actually, lets not disregard the last name: Trainbow Dixie will be the name of this ship.


The story idea intrigues me, so I'm willing to put up with shipping. :unsuresweetie:

But no clop. :twilightangry2:

I can't wait for more chapters!:pinkiehappy:

1093822 It's an abbrevation of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. Just not my thing.


I'm with you on this.

But anywho, this seems to be.... interesting, to say none the less:applejackunsure:

1093889>>1094282 Sorry guys, I just like to ship. :applejackunsure:


I honestly have no problem with shipping. When it's done we'll and isn't "Instant love" or cliche.

But no clop. Please.

1094371 Don't worry, no clop :twilightsmile:


Good. More.


Works for me. Two biggest egos in Equestria on an alternate universe adventure through the wacky world of steampunk, with promises of nookie? Noice.



1093705 Centipious! Hey! Imagine seeing you here! It's not like I have been stalking you or ANYTHING.(Finish the cover yet?) Actually, it's a coincidence.

But about the story, I found it really good and I will favorite this. I mean... it's Trixie. And Rainbow too I guess, but most importantly... TRIXIE! What could go wrong?

So I get the feeling this may rapidly become one of my favorite fics. Please don't make this a short story, I get the feeling you could pull a truly epic saga out of this. If you make a novel sized RD/Trixie ship with steampunk I will love you FOREVER! :heart:

Hmm, I'm interested to see where you go with this. Unfortunately, the style of your storytelling here was a little grating, and kept me from becoming as immersed as thoroughly as I would have liked (though it is beyond me to suggest any simple remedy for this; please PM me if you would care for me to expound on the matter). Additionally, there are a number of errors that don't help the situation, such as describing 'thick white clouds' sitting on the horizon only to have them be dark and foreboding two paragraphs later.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still eager for what happens next, for this tale has drawn my attention.

1093811 Yeah, your classics. The ones that seriously just tore everything else up, like Moonlight Sonata (Ironically named after a classical song), and Lyra's Lesson.

1095006 Oh, hai! I've been pretty jet-lagged for the past few days, and I was on holiday since nine days ago (last Tuesday) but I'm okay-ish now, so I'll get right on it.

This is GREAT :pinkiehappy: me being a steampunk fan I will look forward to moar.

1096568 :pinkiehappy: As I said before, take as long as you need to!

Ah one of my fav ponies combined with another of my fav ponies AND STEAMPUNK! It can not get better...or can it...PROVE ME RIGHT!
fav and a like as always when I comment with this much love.

Now this has me interested. I particularly liked the drinking scene; having been in a similar situation before, your portrayal of it reads as archetypal.

People are strange when you're a stranger. Faces look ugly when you're alone.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJY8jJkDoMY By The Doors

Say, you ever heard of dieselpunk? It's like steampunk, but with internal combustion. Because there's something you should know.....


Hooves shaking, Trixie yanked open the wooden doors and pushed the limp, freezing pony into the cart, before quickly climbing in herself and shutting the doors behind her.

I know I'm horrible for thinking this and horrible for sharing it but my first thought when I read that line was "alright necrophilia time"

Well, I am intrigued. When done well, steampunk can be awesome. You seem to be doing well, so I shall favourite this story.dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Sweetie_happy.png

Steampunk AND Trixie? This seems to good to be true...
Great so far, I will be keeping an eye on this.

This seems like a pretty interesting story, but that 'romance' tag makes me nervous.

Diesel punk does seem pretty interesting, I wish there was more of it. Oh, and I love that song.

So, is this going anywhere, or what? I'm not holding my breath, but this is a pretty cool idea.

I like the idea of Trixie and Dash being forced to team up in response to landing in Steampunquestria. Sadly the story seems dead for now.

You know, I wouldn't mind seeing this story being brought back.

So this story isn't being continued ever?

I love a good Trixie, dashie pairing but the comments tell me it's halted. Shame. I would ask for it but there's not much to go on yet to continue it myself.

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