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I've always been a fan of animation, so that I enjoy Friendship is Magic didn't come as a huge surprise to me. I've also always been a reader, but I didn't expect enjoying MLP fanfiction so much. So yeah, mostly here to read. There is that one little thing I wrote over there, but it has very obvious flaws. I might try again at some point, but I have been saying that for years now, so... Yeah.

I'm here to read, not so much to chat, but if you want to contact me for any reason, feel free to send me a pm.

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Thanks for the favorite!

Thanks for the fave! :twilightsmile:

It gets touched on a /little/ in Equestria Mares: The Secret Apprentice of Princess Celestia, though their relationship isn’t the focus of that one and it’s mostly implied. Also, the pacing of their courtship is yet to be revealed. But there will be other stories in the future which deal with their relationship in greater detail.

Granted, I have a lot of plots I’m weaving right now. But I assure you, I haven’t forgotten about those two.

I read the sequel and the two jamboree stories. Mostly because I'm curious to see where, if anywhere, any potential relationship between AJ and Twilight goes. Any other stories of yours where that gets touched upon?

Thank you so much for favoriting Twilight Doesn't. If you feel like reading my other stories, I hope you like them as well. :twilightsmile:

Hiya, thanks for the fave :twilightsmile:

I've been looking through the first three pages of every list my story has been added to since it hit the feature box a couple of days ago. I've been through hundreds, and yours is the first time I've seen Sucker for a Cute Face, which is my absolute favourite story :pinkiehappy: Yay Flutterdagio! :yay:

I'm glad you enjoyed my story Reformation Buddies. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the fav on Sweetie's Shadow :twilightsmile:

:D :D :D Thanks for the favorite!

Thank you so much for the favorite! :heart:

I'm glad you are enjoying my story so far.

Thanks for the favorite!

Thank you so much for both the fave and the comment! :twilightsmile::twilightsmile:


I read it as it first appeared on EqD. I already had it in my "favourite fics" group, I was surprised to find I hadn't actually faved it yet. But yeah, its one of those nostalgic fics (insofar as you can speak of nostalgic in a community so young).

Thank you for the Fave of Tangled Up in Blues! I'm glad that you could enjoy it, even if it is an older work.:twilightsmile:

Thanks for the fav! Sorry that ones on Hiatus. I am focusing on the sister story first, though I will get to it right after I finish. :twilightblush:

I'm following you :pinkiecrazy:

Thanks for the fave :).

Thank you so much for taking the time to favorite Variables!

Thanks for the favorite on Lady and the DJ!
If I had a choice between curly fries and you, I would pick you!

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