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We are The Jazzy Fillyfoolers. We live for reading, writing and loving music, ponies and fillyfooling. We were inspired to delve into the realm of Jazzy Fillyfooling by psp7master, our dear friend and mentor.

(We thought perhaps, by creating such a group, some of the heat could be taken off of psp7master's comment sections for his blog posts and fics--which has been the primary social forum of this group up to this point--for everything from the past weeks episode to which kind of Scotch is best...)

Picture and Banner are AcreuBall's "Live at the Club".

Folder Directory

Main - Stories that are kinda relevant but don't fit in any of the other folders.
Feel-Good Fics - Stories that give you a pick-me-up when you are down.
Jazz Related Fics - Stories based around Jazz music/musicians in Equestria.
LyraBon - Fics based on the relationship between Lyra and Bon Bon.
Musical NSFW - Adult theme musical shipping.
OctaScratch - Fics based around the relationship between Octavia and Vinyl Scratch.
One-Shot - Single chapter stories that are relevant to any non-NSFW folders.
Other Musical Shipping - Fics based on the relationship between any musical ponies.
psp7master - Stories selected by the man who inspired the creation of this page. ONLY HE CAN POST IN THIS!
Recommended Reads - Less known fics that the admins think were good but didn't get enough attention.

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I guess I could write a few jazzy filly foolers stories.
was it FF/Jazzy?
if it is for stories with Filly-Foolers, and/or Jazz/Music, I guess I could find a few stories on my list already.

But of course. Throw it in the Jazz Related Fics folder, since it isn't really based around their relationship. Hmm... but if they are going to be in it somewhat, and since you have the Romance tag, maybe it would also go with OctaScratch.

Maybe if you want to PM me a small bit of what you may be planning I could help you decide (always up for helping out). Or just throw it in what you believe it belongs in. I am going to look through all the folders this weekend and fix them (if needed), so accidentally misplacing it won't be a problem.

333772 The first chapter is not only the only time OctaScratch will be present, it is the only time any shipping will be present. That's why I wanted to ask because there won't be any other romance for the rest of the fic (which admittedly won't be that long). Is it still acceptable here?

I just read it. Very good.

If the OctaScratch is gonna be prominent, I would say put it there. If that is really gonna be the only time they are going to take the spot light, I would suggest putting it in the 'Other Musical Shipping'.

I apologize for the length it took for someone to respond to this. I have been away and the others seem to be... slacking. You could have also made a Thread about it, just to make sure you got an answer, or linked it in the comment, but no matter. I have addressed it.

But it was a very good story and I wait for more of it.

What do I do if I have a fic that has a focus on one of the pairings but isn't the main focus of the fic?

Look, mommy!
I commented!


306513 Splendid, when you have both, PM me, and I'll PM you my user name.

Sure, soon as I've got Skype and free time :twilightsmile:

306400 That reminds me, sometime I'd like to skype chat with you, I'd like the opinion of one that doesn't know me personally. I'm trying to set up a cast for a Doctor Whooves fanfic with yours truly being The Doctor.

Well, you don't pronounce the 'u', though. It's like... well, let's say, you say it like |ka-lor|, while in the UK you'll probably hear something like |cɜ-lor|

305784 Hmmm, Doctor Whooves would say colours then?

Well, British pronunciation differs from American pronuciation, mostly due to the accent. :twilightsheepish:

305721 But the question, yes the question. No no no the question, is, is it pronounced the same way or the way it's spelled?

Exactly. :twilightsmile:
Colour, neighbour, vigour, and so on.

305719 Ah, so like color vs. colour?

It's the British way of spelling it. That's how English used to look like before Yankees ruined it 4ever :trollestia:

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