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Our past experiences shape us. Our joys and sorrows both come reverberating out of the past to influence the present and the future. For Vinyl Scratch, today is the day that she will start to come to terms with the echoes of her own past and how they continue to affect her relationship with her marefriend Octavia Melody.

Contains: References to abusive relationships, lots of pony hugs and cuddling

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This was a nice short story. :twilightsmile:

Good short story.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go find the pony who would hurt Vinyl.

Opened this story because of its content and was curious as to how you would depict a pony that had previously been in an abusive relationship. I was honestly hoping for a little more development with Vinyl's abusive background and it honestly felt a little rushed. I noticed quite a lot of spelling mistakes and repetitive phrases and sentence structure. It took me out of the story a little bit, but not so much that I couldn't still stay invested.

I would recommend looking over your work two or three times before posting just to catch those little mistakes. Overall, this was good. I mean, I've personally just recently come out of an emotionally and physically abusive relationship and I am now with someone who treats me well. I can relate to Vinyl's situation in the sense that there have been several occasions where my significant other might do something that triggers an awful memory of what had happened to me in the past.

I feel like this story could've been longer and you could've developed the themes of abuse and the psychological ramifications of such abuse a little more. It felt like it focused more on the contrived and forced mistake that Vinyl made when she broke Octavia's bow. We don't really get much time to explore how Vinyl's psyche deals with her past.

To summarise, this was a short story that struck a more personal tone with me but it could've been better. Consider getting an editor on board next time if you want some help with your stories.

Good luck with your future stories. :twilightsmile:

A mare can dream!
Hilarious and true... Dream of moare chapters!^^


PS. Know how she can make up for the broken stuff

Maybe it ain't as fancy ...

Love it.

beautiful story, almost had me in tears :fluttercry:



I'm tempted to say "But violence only begets more violence! That's bad!"...

Then I remember that they hurt Vinyl.
carry on, comrade

Hah can’t be in an abusive relationship if you ain’t got no relationships. Haha.. yeah... I’m lonely. 😢

Nice story! It felt very real and sweet

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