• Published 13th Nov 2013
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First Meeting - Terrasora

Vinyl and Octavia's first meeting, years ago, in the middle of Canterlot Station

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Canterlot Station

Canterlot Station at rush hour. Not a particularly pleasant place to be. Ponies of all shapes and sizes dashed to and fro, lugging their luggage, and almost throwing themselves to find their places on overstuffed trains. Nearly every pony who had boarded a train at rush hour had gained their share of near-death experiences. Whether they were running late for a meeting and had to dive through a set of closing doors, they had tripped and almost face planted down the tall stone steps that lead to the platforms, or whether a particularly large, probably braindead, monster of a pony had fallen asleep on the train and had decided to use the unfortunate pony next to them as a pillow.

Every pony had a story. The air throbbed with the collective determination to get somewhere in time. Canterlot Station was little more than a battleground.

Long Play loved it. He trotted through the crowds with a grin on his face, watching as businessponies trotted past, muttering numbers to themselves. Long Play scratched at his pierced ear.

Is it just me, he thought or is there-- He didn’t finish his thought, opting instead to float his CD player from his saddlebags. His hoof reached into a different compartment of his bags, deftly plucking a CD and slamming it into place. The track started.

Long Play let out the slightest cry of delight. His grin widened and he stopped walking, taking a moment to glance around and make sure that he wasn’t going crazy. To Long Play’s slight disappointment, he was still playing with a full deck. A slightly tattered, beer-stained deck, but a deck nonetheless.

The ponies, most of them well dressed, well-to-do, and well-tired of waiting around for their train, were dancing. Or… almost dancing. They were moving in almost perfect step, to the same rhythm as the music blaring into Long Play’s ears.

Today’s a good day, he thought happily.

Something took hold of the back of Long Play’s mane and pulled sharply. The stallion’s head jerked upward and his headphones slipped slightly.

“Good morning, lil’ sis,” said Long Play from his uncomfortable position. “Have a nice nap?”

“Mhmm,” replied the filly on his back happily.

“Wanna let go of my mane?”


“Vinyl Scratch,” growled the older pony, “if you don’t let go, I swear to Celestia that I’ll leave you here.”

Vinyl giggled and held on tighter. “Momma’d be angry with you.”

“Yeah, well, Momma’s always angry at me for some reason. Plus, I’d get rid of an annoying sister. I can only win from this.”

The grip on his mane slackened slightly. “I’m… annoying?”

Long Play craned his neck, coming face to face with the blue-maned, red-eyed ball of fluff that was his sister. He ruffled her mane slightly.

“Next time, make your lip tremble. Then you might actually make me care.”

Vinyl stuck her tongue out at him. Then, a moment later: “LP, when does the train leave?”

Long Play glanced up towards the wall, towards the giant table of constantly changing times. “The 4:30 back to Manehattan. Leaves in about 20 minutes.”

“Do we have to leave?” whined the filly.

“Enjoyed the concert?” asked Long Play with a smile.

Vinyl perked up excitedly. “It was awesome! And really loud! And the singer was really cool, and the guitar sounded really guitar-y!”

“Guitar-y? Really?” noted the brother in amusement.

“Yeah! Really guitar-y!”

“Is that what got you your cutie mark?”

Vinyl paused, furrowing her brow and pouting slightly. She turned around, balancing precariously on her brother’s back until she caught a glimpse of her flank. “I’ve got a cutie mark!” squeaked Vinyl happily. “Look look! They’re eighth notes!”

Long Play shook his head. “Yeah, that’s what they were the last time you found them. And the time before that.”

Vinyl grinned happily, unaware of her brother in the euphoria of having a cutie mark. Long Play didn’t doubt for a moment that she could have stayed that way for hours. Then the filly’s stomach roared.

“I’m hungry, LP!” said Vinyl.

“And what am I supposed to do about it?”

The filly clambered up her brother’s neck, perching on top of his red mane and staring down into his eyes. “Buy me food!”

Long Play raised an eyebrow. “You drive a hard bargain.”

Vinyl’s brow knit in confusion. “But I can’t drive.”

Long Play grinned and tilted his head forward, sending his sister tumbling towards the ground. She let out a shriek just as a soft red aura sprouted around her and stopped her fall. The stallion floated Vinyl upwards until they were at eye level.

“Come on filly,” he said, “let’s see what we can find at the food court.”


Canterlot Station at rush hour. An uncomfortable place to be. Especially for one who hadn’t quite built up an armory of stories. One like Harmonia Philharmonica. She wasn’t exactly a social pony. Well, honestly, that’s a bit of an understatement. Harmonia wasn’t exactly a social pony in the same way that a hermit who has decided to move to the Frozen North, only close enough to the Crystal Empire to buy provisions on a monthly basis isn’t exactly a social pony.

Harmonia’s golden eyes scanned the station. Everypony seemed in a rush, heading someplace or another with their eyes forward and determination in their steps. She took a moment to appreciate that nopony would really talk to her.

Something caught her eye, though. The flash of an untidy red mane and a golden earring bobbing slightly above the other, mostly well-kempt Canterlotians. Harmonia raised an eyebrow, then turned towards the timetable.

“Octavia,” she said. “What time does our train leave?”

A gray face, topped with a charcoal-black mane, poked around the other mare’s head. “Half past four. On towards Manehattan.” She pointed a tiny hoof up towards the board. “Right there. In the middle.”

Harmonia squinted slightly. “That one?” she asked.

“Harmonia, did you forget your glasses again?”

“Well I wasn’t expecting to be looking across such long distances!” Harmonia turned slightly pink.

Octavia shook her head. “Anyway, we still have some…” The filly’s voice trailed off as she glanced up at a clock.

“Some what?” asked Harmonia teasingly.

“It’s…” Octavia squinted slightly, her muzzle scrunching as she tried to convert numerals into numbers and numbers into an actual time.

“It’s a quarter past four,” said Harmonia with a wry smile. “Dear sister, we still have some fifteen minutes until the train arrives. Remember that each numeral for the hour counts as five for the minute.”

Octavia’s pouted. “At least I can see,” she murmurred.

“What was that, Sister dear?” asked Harmonia.

“Nothing!” replied Octavia.

“Good. I thought so. Now, do you see any signs pointing to any sort of restaurant? I’m rather famished.”

The filly straightened up slightly, casting her gaze over the other ponies’ heads. “There!” She pointed towards a wall, adorned with a dilapidated green sign that read ‘Food Court.’

Harmonia squinted at the wall. “If you say so.” She adjusted her saddlebags and made sure that Octavia wasn’t in any danger of falling. Then they set off.


“Alright then filly,” said Long Play. “What tickles your fancy?”

Vinyl considered this, tapping out a rhythm on her chin. “Cupcakes?” she said uncertainly.

Long Play shook his head. “I am not dealing with a sugar-hyped you in a train. Seriously, it’ll be like Gremlins or something.”

“What’s Gremlins?”

“Little things that are cute but become evil when you feed them something at the wrong time.” Long Play paused. “Actually, it’s exactly like Gremlins. Huh.”

“But I want a cupcake!” protested Vinyl.

“Not dealing with it!” He trotted around the food court in a loose circle. “Look at all of the other types of food, see how they’re not covered in sugar and won’t make you bounce around the entire train? And how I won’t have to put you in a microwave for it?”

Vinyl’s eyes widened slightly. “Microwave?”

“I’m kidding!” said Long Play quickly. “Look! An oats and apples mix! How about an oats and apples mix bag?!” He grinned awkwardly at his sister and trotted over to the stand. The stallion behind the counter offered a polite smile.

Vinyl squinted at LP, but nodded. Long Play breathed a sigh of relief and hoofed a few bits over to the stallkeeper, receiving two bags in return, one of which went immediately into the filly’s hooves.

Long Play smiled, knowing that his sister would be preoccupied for the next few moments. He glanced around the food court. Not as busy as the lobby was, and certainly not as bad as the platforms would be, but still full of ponies. His head bobbed slightly and one of Long Play’s hooves darted into his bag. Another CD went into the player and the headphones went around his ears. He grinned as a burst of music filled the room and all the ponies began moving in tandem.

Except for one.

Long Play watched with an astonished expression as the grey mare calmly walked across the food court, completely shattering the rhythm in his head. She was completely out of step, off-key, untuned, and various other music-related comparisons that Long Play couldn’t be bothered to think of at the moment. It was almost like she couldn’t hear the music!

Something tugged sharply and familiarly at Long Play’s mane.

“I’m still hungry,” squeaked Vinyl, oat crumbs and apple skin adorning the area around her mouth.

Long Play dragged a kerchief from his saddlebag, rubbing it roughly against Vinyl’s face. “Alright, we still got some money. What do ya want?”

“Cupcake!” said the filly with a grin.

Long Play cast a look around the food court. “Hayfries?” he suggested weakly.

Vinyl raised an eyebrow.

The stallion sighed. “Right. Cupcakes.”



“Yes, Octavia, cupcakes.”

“Mummy says that we’re not supposed to eat cupcakes before dinner,” said Octavia uncertainly.

Harmonia sighed slightly. “Dinner’s not for a few more hours.”

“But it’s still before dinner!” Octavia looked utterly shocked that her sister would dare to suggest such a thing.

“Do you want a cupcake or not?”

The filly glanced from side to side, then back at her sister. She nodded softly.

Harmonia smiled, then glanced over at the cupcake stand. There were… quite a few ponies in line. At least five, one of which didn’t seem like the most refined pony. Her smile faded, replaced by the beginnings of panic. Five, not counting the mare behind the counter. Who she’d have to talk to if she wanted to order the cupcakes.

Maybe, she thought to herself, cupcakes aren’t the best idea.

The mare serving cupcakes, an aquamarine unicorn with a plate of steaming cookies as a cutie mark, turned away from her post. He horn glowed softly and a fresh batch of cupcakes were pulled out of an oven that Harmonia couldn’t quite see. But she saw the cupcakes. And she certainly saw the mare apply a coat of frosting to the cupcakes.

That’s it. I have no choice. “Octavia,” began Harmonia.

“You want me to ask for them, don’t you?” said the filly flatly.

The elder mare flinched but nodded.

“Okay,” said Octavia with a sigh. “What am I supposed to ask for?”


Long Play floated a chocolate cupcake over his head. Vinyl nearly jumped up and snatched it out of the air, greedily biting into the pastry. Her brother smiled.

“Careful filly. I have enough problems when you get sugar, try not to fall off and add a concussion to it.”

Vinyl, her mouth full of delicious chocolate, wasn’t able to stick her tongue out.

The aquamarine mare behind the counter watched with a smile. Long Play caught her looking from the corner of his eye. He glanced at her and smiled in what he was sure was a charming fashion, then threw in a wink for added effect. The mare’s smile grew slightly.

“LP,” squeaked Vinyl, “the train leaves in ten minutes.”

Damn it, thought Long Play. “Alright, then lets head towards the platform.” He cast another glance at the mare, then turned around.

“Bye, Lady!” said Vinyl, waving at the cupcake salesmare. “Thank you for the cupcake! It’s really good!”

Long Play mentally pumped his hoof, thanking his sister for the bonus points she had just won for him.

He passed a slightly familiar grey mare. They locked eyes for a moment. Long Play nodded in greeting. Harmonia Philharmonica gave a much smaller nod, her eyes immediately snapping forward as she stepped up towards the counter.

Long Play noted the grey filly that the mare carried on her back. Octavia was staring at the other pair of siblings, her eyes darting between the two of them. LP smiled, and nodded at her as well. Octavia averted her eyes, focusing on Vinyl.

Vinyl waved her cupcake at the other filly.

Octavia looked away, her eyes as straightforward as her sister’s.

The two pairs separated again.

“You happy now, Vinyl?” asked Long Play.

“She was pretty,” said the filly.

Long Play tried to call up an image of the mare. Definitely a looker, if obviously a bit cold. And the necklace made her look a bit older. Not that he’d ever say that to a mare. Not unless he wanted a concussion. “Yeah,” he decided. “She was a pretty mare. I really liked her eyes. Golden-y yellow. Like a gemstone.”

Vinyl furrowed her brow. “Her eyes were purple.”

Long Play mirrored his sister’s expression. “Purple? … The filly?”

“Uh-huh!” said Vinyl happily. “She was really pretty. I like her.”


“Do you think we’ll see her again, LP?”

The siblings had arrived at the platforms. There were about five minutes until their train arrived.

“I don’t know, filly. It’s a train station, ya know? Can’t really tell where anypony is going.”

“So we might see her again?” asked Vinyl excitedly.

There was a pause. “Vinyl?”


“Let’s make an agreement right now. When you decide to make a ‘big decision’ and you gather Mom and me and everyone, I reserve the right to sit out of the conversation on the basis that it’s pretty obvious. Deal?”

Vinyl thought about it for a moment, then shrugged. “I guess.”

“Sweet.” Long Play reached out for his CD player, plugging his headphones back onto his ears. Vinyl went back to her cupcake.


Octavia thoughtfully chewed on her cupcake.

“You okay back there?” asked Harmonia. “You seem quiet.”

“I’m eating,” replied the filly.

“Never stopped you before.”

Octavia nodded, finishing off the rest of her strawberry cupcake as they approached the platforms.

“But seriously,” said Harmonia. “What’s on your mind?”

“Nothing. I’m eating.”

“Uh-huh. Well, I’ll be right here if you need me for anything.” She reached into her saddlebags, pulling out a book and quickly flipping through it. “It’s a long ride to Manehattan and Nana’s house, so prepare yourself for that. And make sure that we don’t crash into anypony.”

Octavia nodded again, burying her face against her sister’s neck. Harmonia had developed an introvert’s walking ability, being able to wander the busiest streets with her head in a book without crashing into anypony. A feat made all the more impressive as she was only using three of her legs to walk.

No, the filly didn’t have to worry about her sister crashing into anything. She was, however, rather worried that she’d crash into those two ponies from the cupcake stand. There was something… off about them. Octavia wasn’t the most outgoing of ponies, but her sister had forced her to speak to enough ponies to ward away the most debilitating aspects of shyness. But Octavia didn’t feel like she’d be able to talk to either of those two colorfully-maned unicorns. Especially the filly. Octavia was already bad with ponies her age, but that filly seemed-- well, Octavia wasn’t sure exactly what that filly seemed like.

Except loud. She seemed like she could be very loud.

Something poked at Octavia’s side. The filly jumped, startled out of her stupor. She glanced up and found herself face to face with the white-coated, blue-maned filly from before.

Vinyl reached out with a hoof, resting it on the other filly’s muzzle. Her face lit up in a massive grin. “It’s you again! Hi! My name’s Vinyl Scratch!”

Octavia went slightly cross eyed, trying to look at Vinyl’s hoof. Harmonia was lost in her book and the stallion Vinyl was hitching a ride on was silently dancing to some song.

“What’s your name?” asked Vinyl.

The other filly flushed by the slightest bit.

“Look!” said Vinyl, undeterred, “you have a cutie mark too!” She turned slightly in order to show off her new eighth notes. “That’s a trouble clef, right?”

Octavia shook her head.

“It’s not?”

Octavia shook her head. There was a slight rumbling off in the distance. A mechanical voice rang from the speakers, bleating out an almost understandable warning towards standing too close to the train tracks.

“Well, what is it?” continued Vinyl.

Octavia stayed quiet.

There was a slight pause before Vinyl spoke again. “I like you! I think we’re gonna be friends! And look, we’re taking the same train!”

Both Harmonia and Long Play lurched into the train, still lost within the world of their interest.

Vinyl grinned, her eyes never leaving Octavia’s. “Isn’t this gonna be fun?!”

Octavia shook her head.

Author's Note:

Honestly, that picture give me diabetes every time I look at it.
Considering continuing this as a series, but as it stands now, it'll stay as a one-shot. Because we all know what happens when I seriously write romance. +100,000 words, easy.
Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed it! :twilightsmile:

EDIT: Yeah, it's still going.