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Yes I do wear aviators, a black leather jacket, and sometimes a fedora in real life.

Well crap!

So I accidentally deleted Tier 2 of my Tiered bookshelves system. So... uh sorry . i'm trying to get it restored but so far no luck.

A link to my bookshelves

Tiered bookshelves

I feel like I should explain my tiered bookshelves to anyone who happens across them.
Tier 2:Good reads is nothing special if I read your fic and I like it your fic is going in here.
Tier 3:Outstanding fics is where I put fics that I really like. In order to get in there you have to be able to make me d'aww or at least chuckle. It's not exactly an award but it's pretty good place to be.

Tier 1: Tracking is a bit more complicated. It doesn't actually mean that I like a fic any less than one in Tier 2. What it essentially means is that your fic is really long or there aren't enough chapters to make a good judgement. You see I don't put a fic in a tier until I've read the whole thing. So if your fic is really long and I didn't feel like reading it all in one go, your fic will be in Tier 1. If your fic only has a couple of short chapters (which means I don't have enough material to make a judgement) then your fic will be in Tier 1.

Tier 4:Favorites Okay getting here is quite an accomplishment. It is very hard to get into this tier. To get here you had to make me either; laugh hysterically, cry, or practically give me diabetes with how adorable your fic was. Additionally you had to have minimal spelling and grammatical errors. Though occasionally I will let that last rule slide if your fic was well written, well thought out, the characterization was good, the characters had good chemistry, the storyline was good, and was long enough to keep me occupied for more than half an hour(Yes I'm looking at you scorpclaw)

TopTier:Best of the Best. congratulations you have done the impossible. You been put in the same tier as famous fics like University Days and My Roommate Is a Vampire. There are at the time of this writing only six fics in TopTier. To put this in perspective at the time of this writing there are 220 fics in Tier 2:good reads now you can begin to understand how selective I am with this tier. In this tier are either fics that are already famous and I absolutely adore or that I think deserve so much more praise than they are given.

changelings isn't really a tier, I just like to keep the fics involving changelings together in one place, and I read a lot of changeling fics so it's easier to just tag them all with this bookshelf.

Anyone need an editor?

Looking to become an editor. If you've got a story that needs proof reading, then I'm your stallion. Sorry,but I don't do grimdark.

Prompt 1

Vinyl is addicted to drugs and alcohol and is trying and failing horribly to quit.
Octavia can not stand to see a fellow "musician" (and she uses the term lightly) in such a state and decides to help out. After awhile she is still trying to help and maybe it's not just musician's pride anymore. maybe it's her off the wall crazy antics when she's sober. maybe it's her determination. maybe it's her music, okay maybe not that last one.
After another while vinyl gets better, but in a drunken relapse lashes out "why won't you leave me alone!" "because I love you!"
pm me so I can read it

Prompt 2

L from death note is brought to equstria after his death by celestia to be the I.O.C.A. Investigator Of Changling Affairs. Nopony knows who the mysterious pony(he's not a pony) known as L is but he does good work so nopony cares. But are changelings really as bad as celestia says. L takes it upon himself to find out. p.s. L has no prior knowledge of MLP. PM me if your interested.

Prompt 3:Don't You Want Me Scratchy

~Vinyl was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, tavi thought she was cute~... yes I know I can't write song lyrics, Anyway Octavia asks her to dinner, where vinyl tells Tavi of her dreams of being a famous musician. She has her music already recorded, but no producers will talk to her. Octavia helps her out and Vinyl is an overnight sensation. 5 years later Octavia still loves Vinyl, but Vinyl has become a hedonistic party animal. Can Neon Lights get Vinyl Scratch to see that under all of her vices and hubris she still loves Octavia?
pm me so i can read it

Prompt 4: Let's Get Married

Best friends and roommates Octavia and Vinyl Scratch are doing what they always do on Friday nights; getting drunk off their flanks at their favorite bar, when drunk Vinyl says "Hey lets get married." In drunk Tavi's mind this sounds like a great idea, and they wake up in the same bed with matching rings and a marriage certificate on the dresser. Now they have to figure out how to get out of this without admitting they go get drunk every week, just one problem, at least one of them secretly doesn't want out.

My favorite ships


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It pleases me that you added I Ain't Your Sacrifice to your library. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for tracking The Changeling That Bugged My Heart.:yay:

I hope it'll eventually make it into your Tier 3 shelf, btw that's a really nifty system!

I am honored that you find The Bridesmaids to be as highly ranked as you described. I would love to know why you enjoy it so much, if you dont mind dropping me a PM.

1565150 Wait...I skipped from 3rd-9th & I didn't have any problems. Then again, I was on a 12th-grade reading level w/ a photographic memory, & I had been reading just that level of textbook since I was 6. Man, I guess being an avid reader paid off more than I thought. That sucks, man:fluttercry:

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