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Welcome to the Monster Hunter Group!

A place where bronies who like the monster hunter games can share stories, chat and wonder how can ponies and wyverns coexist.

Anyway for the moment there isn't much activity within the group , and with that in mind I'm open to suggestions on anything we can and should do. And I'm currently working on my own contribution.

If you have a story crossed over with Monster Hunter and want people to help you along the way go ahead and make a thread for it.

And with that good day and thank you for your time. ^^

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Has anyone ever thought of doing a Monster Hunter Stories Ride on MLP crossover?
(if anyone decides to do so, and decides the ponies get monsties, they'll be this)
Twilight gets an azure rathalos
Starlight gets a pink rathian
Rarity gets a legiana
Rainbow Dash gets a nargacuga
Fluttershy gets a lagombi
Pinkie Pie gets a kecha wacha
Applejack gets a brachydios
Trixie gets a tobi kadachi
Sunset gets a gold rathian
Celestia gets a versa pietru
Luna gets a makili pietru (a non-blighted blue version)
Cadance gets a velkhana
Shining Armor gets a kushala daora
Flurry Heart gets a barioth
Apple Bloom gets a barroth
Sweetie Belle gets a mizutsune
Scootaloo gets a tigrex

I sometimes feel like I am the only MLP/Monster Hunter writer left. :applecry:

Is anyone currently in a mlp monster hunter discord server? All invite links I find say expired.
Also if any1 wants to have mh pony shenanigans hmu I'm on ps4 xbone and switch.

Hmm it just now has come under my attention that a story I enjoyed in this group no longer exists. I can understand why, it was on perpetual hiatus and it had been a few years, but I did enjoy what I did read and where it sounded like it was headed... perhaps I should think of a story after all.

Hmm, seeing someone finally post a story in this group makes me happy. Would love to write a story as well if I wasn’t so preoccupied with the two I’m already working on.

How do I stop sucking at this game?

If anyone is still active on this group, I have a Discord Server for Monster Hunter where people can get together and hunt. The server features a public chat and some private chats for groups of four wanting to hunt in peace.

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Any monster hunter: world players in here?

Hey everyone fellow MLP hunter here I created a Discord server for any Brony Hunters who want to chat and hunt! Message me for an invite! GreenEyesWithAGreatsword

Ah yes.... Monster Hunter... my second Calling in Life *nods*

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Welcome my fellow Hunters.

First off sorry for the extremely late reply :twilightblush:

Please make a thread here posting your ideas, and I will see what I can contribute.

God I don't know jackshit about being an admin! :fluttercry:

Anyways promoting everyone who have posted stories into contributors like how it should be.

Hmm, I have been obsessed with monster hunter playing 2G and I have been inspired to write a story on it. I will need some time but I think I'm gonna do a monster hunter meets Equestria kinda crossover. It won't be funny considering the nature of monster hunter but it could be a fun story that I have been inspired to do.

I'm open to all ideas, if anyone has a suggestion I'll be sure to add it in if interesting enough. If there happens to be anyone available for the story project we could talk more about it. However, I'm gonna make it with only monster from freedom unite because I would have to read about the others from the 3 and beyond which I as a busy writer do not have time for at the moment.

So anyone who is interested and has played 2G or knows quite a bit about it could talk with me on it. Right now I'm outlining it, so I'm open for ideas.

Hey how about someone writes a story where a human hunter from monster hunter 3 ultimate comes to equstria and meets the main six

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