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A-Hole. Brony. Janitor. Robloxian. Facebooker. Trekkie. Weird Auntie. Bookworm. Potterhead.... *bleep* you, Ambitious People.

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I'm not that young. I'm in my late twenties

Well to be honest it feels really awkward seeing human faces on this site. It's very out of place and makes me rather uncomfortable.

Also, your face lets creepy people find you elsewhere. Someone can save the image of your face and then perform an image search for find all your other accounts. Information security is very important on the internet - you can accidentally hurt yourself years from now by sharing too much. Things you didn't even realize you were sharing.

So it's partially a safety thing. For example, the first thing your face tells me is you are not an adult. Using your face also tells me you aren't careful about information security. This actually highlights you as a target for people who might want to take advantage of you.

It's not that they're everywhere, but the ones that are look for this sort of thing. And while you're probably safe, there is a concept in security called 'attack surface area.' The smaller your surface area, the less possibility there is for someone to cause harm. If you make it small enough they'll go looking for an easier target instead.

So please please be careful with what you share.

Aside from skin color, that photo tells very little about me. I don't live there, My hair was dyed back then, And that shirt had to be thrown away. It was also my first selfie and deserves a place of Honor

I suggest using something other than your face as a profile image.

Why not? I don’t remember which shelf though, so I don’t have anything else to respond with. Don’t worry about it, I guess?

  • Viewing 136 - 140 of 140
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