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Wolfie 03

No one is really a grown up. They just act old because they have to. - An anonymous little girl to her big sibling.

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You've found the User Page of Wolfie 03, a Jane of All Trades who specializes in writing.

Aside from fanfictions about ponies (among other fandoms on other sites), Wolfie draws, creates and collects many pony related things.

Why create?

Each person creates for their own personal reason(s). Just as there are as many who share reasons, there are just as many with vastly different reasons.

I create to show the world what I have done. To put something out into the world that others like just as much as I did making it. So it's a bit of both for the audience and for myself. To show that I am here, alive, and creating; and to spread very cool things to the world which seem to enjoy what I do.

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2467811 It was indeed a good one. There's just so many points and stories that I end up as a mixed bag instead of on one side of the fence or another. That and as they span time and I had to work normally, the time I had to read was limited and could only remember the chapters that confused me the most. Though I did like Silver Spoon's especially. Still good job on writing, very natural and full of life. But just as life is confusing and leaves one in a mixed state, so did that particular branch of the over all story.

I'm proud of a lot of stories in Butterflies. Zecora. Cheerilee. Nurse Redheart. And we begin to dive into the history of the previous gens of My Little Pony. As long with a lot of a lot of the series' supporting characters.

2465131 It's ok. It's the mind control/altering. I can't approve of it, but I can see what Flutters was trying to do. So it's a neutral one for me. Though I am amused that I've had to make two new bookshelves for your stories :P It's all good, I liked parts and there are interesting ideas there. I just... Don't like when others are forced or mind controlled. When their free will is taken. I'll keep reading because the overall story is good and there's still more to learn and see.

I'm sorry you don't know how to feel about season 2.

2465009 Ahhhh, thanks for the link. That explains much. Funny how my vague idea was on the right tract for what it meant. :)

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How I have the episodes when it comes to my main three stories · 4:35am Feb 14th, 2016

I've confused some of my editorial staff with how I am lining up the episodes when it comes to my stories. If you are confused as well, I am sorry. I thought they had really put some of the more seasonal specific episodes very oddly, like how Fall Weather Friends came after Winter Wrap up in only a few episodes (which either means a year went by for another fall to arrive so soon after winter or they didn't arrange the episodes with properly). And then, even though the running of the leaves is

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