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How I have the episodes when it comes to my main three stories · 4:35am Feb 14th, 2016

I've confused some of my editorial staff with how I am lining up the episodes when it comes to my stories. If you are confused as well, I am sorry. I thought they had really put some of the more seasonal specific episodes very oddly, like how Fall Weather Friends came after Winter Wrap up in only a few episodes (which either means a year went by for another fall to arrive so soon after winter or they didn't arrange the episodes with properly). And then, even though the running of the leaves is to get rid of most of the leaves in preparation of winter, the next seasonal thing is Nightmare Night, which is like Halloween. Certainly not happening in winter. Just a lot of crazy line up if we are trying to think each season is in line like our own time and seasons. That or it means that every season of the show IS a new year technically; except that in the fourth season, they made it seem like it happened recently, certainly not four years ago.

So this is the line up of when I think episodes happen. Mostly for just my stories, because I'm willing to accept the show just is a bit disorganized when it comes to a timeline (aside from events in general).

[S= season, E=episode]

S01E01 - June 1003A.D. (the very very start. The start of Bookworm and Party Animal)

Second Year of my stories (1004A.D.)

Third Year of my stories (1005A.D.)

Fourth Year of my stories (1006A.D.)
Equestria Girls

Fifth and Final Year of my Stories (1007A.D.)

So as you can see, there are a LOT of time jumps and things may seem a little out of order but it should work just fine for my stories. You may also notice that I do not put every single episode in this re-organizing list, though I've roughly clumped it by season. By the time the 'new' season starts, everything that happened in the previous season had happened. So by the time season 2 stuff starts showing up in my stories, everything from season 1 should have happened. We just don't see it per say.

And remember my earlier posts about the total lengths of the stories, I'm not going to do every single thing they do. It would be nice to finish these things. I've cut down the chapters a lot to make sure they are what are truly needed. And I've upped my update scheduling, though if you guys want to help me be able to afford focusing on ponies by becoming a patreon I would truly appreciate it.

Hopefully this helps you guys keep it all straight, or not be too confused by when things happen. Thanks and have a nice day you guys!

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