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Taking place 14 years after A 'Not So Simple' Simple Life, Applejack and Rarity finish the last of their Hearth's Warming preparations, just in time for more of the Apple Family to join them for the evening.

A short little one-shot of slice of life and fluff, that's sweet and to the point. Set in a world where Applejack and Rarity has been married for 13 years and they've taken over the care of Sweet Apple Acres. Big Mac has gone to start his own farm while Granny Smith enjoys a wild retirement.

Reviewed by Gwg.

Made for and luckily in time for the winter holidays. Happy holidays guys! Thanks for sticking with me for so long. Here's to many more!

Want to see the deviantart picture of this? Click HERE!

EDIT: Please remember, if you don't like the story, please leave a comment as to why. Then maybe I could improve it or offer a reason why I did whatever. Also, if you notice any grammatical issues, please let me know. Just in case.

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Comments ( 7 )

no homo.

but still good!:raritywink:

7746663 No homo? That's ok, I can understand. Glad you still liked the overall story and commented :twilightsmile: Thanks!

This was adorable, darling!~ :raritystarry:

7750252 :twilightsmile: Thanks! I like it too, really nice little fluffy thing to write in time for the holidays and as a bit of a break from the others. Thanks for the comment!

“We were in the kitchen for most of the day, weren’t we (name)?”

10/10 would nominate for best pony name.


7750798 :facehoof: I thought I got them all. Sorry :twilightoops: that would explain the negative thumbs. I did parts of this late at night and couldn't think of ponies names. Thanks for pointing it out!

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