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This story is a sequel to The Party Animal and the Bookworm

After the what would seem like an ordinary birthday party, Twilight and Pinkie Pie have found a new kind of party of the heart with one another. Can either mare put up with the ecentric nature or will their differences tear them apart? Then there's usual trials of relationships, something neither mare had any previous experience with. Can they see past the differences that would otherwise divide them to enjoy and a new kind of party?

Find out!

This takes place in the same 'universe' as my other stories; The Adventures of the Cutie Mark Crusaders - Fillies on a Mission!, A 'Not So Simple' Simple Life , and Taming the Storm. These are not required to be read to understand what's happening, but it helps to give a full picture.

The 'sex' tag is for how cuddly these guys get from the very start.

Co-made with Gwg, who helps with story, ideas, and editing/reviewing this story.

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I don't think I have seen a story to have touch the differences these two have.:pinkiehappy: I hope it works out for them anyway XD.

3635062 Thanks for the comment, and yeah, I haven't seen that many stories were some of the chapters/plot points focus or deal with how different these two are. I figure it's part of being together and they would hopefully learn to work around it.:twilightsmile:

In my opinion I felt that Twilight's acceptance of waking up next to Pinkie cuddling and becoming a couple on the spot was a bit too easy. What do I know though, the rest felt fine to me. :twilightsmile: I like it.

3640733 Well, I see it as the air of Pinkie, relaxation and less stress type of thing, because as soon as Pinkie goes somewhere, Twi stresses out. :twilightoops::ajsmug:

Glad you like it otherwise:pinkiehappy:

These two balance each other out well. Pinkie helps Twilight to not be such a hermit and study every second of every minute of every hour of every day. Twilight helps Pinkie by controlling her rambling and partying habits.

Also I find writing Pinkie Pie in love hard, but you do a good job on it.

3783541 It's a special kind of zanie. Kind of like usual Pinkie randomness but a bit more focused on her special somepony

*sighs wistfully* David Tennant ponyfied....it's not the same.

3783627 Lol, for a moment I couldn't figure out what you were talking about, but then I came across the Time Turner part and realized. :twilightsmile:

Yeah, David Tennant was a good Doctor but no worries! In this universe, Time Turner has no relation to the actual Doctor Who, just subtle nods for those who are Whovians (or whatever it's call, can't spell sometimes :facehoof::twilightblush:)

D: WHO WAS THAT PONY GOING AFTER THE CMC??? Or do I have to read your cmc story to find out?

3783805 well, you kind of have to read the CMC to really find out. You won't find out much on this story because Twilight would definitely put a stop to their work if she knew what they were getting up to.

Sorry, I typically see the full picture and didn't realize what a stinger that was. Maybe I'll mention it later on to help resolve it.

3783855 *flails* Ok I will read it! Im working my way throigh all your stories. You're a new favorite :raritywink:

There was so much d'aw in this chapter that my heart almost exploded.

3791476 Sorry, hearts are only covered by a limited warranty. Please read the manufacturer's instruction when reading 'd'aawww'. :pinkiehappy:

Glad you like it, I've always liked 'the perfect whatever goes wrong' things. It's a common thing to read and you just know that nothing perfect lasts; it's the slightly imperfect stuff that make it work and last for a long time. :twilightsmile:

Sorry it took so long for me to get caught up with this story, but I was busy doing things irl. Look for me on the FlutterDash story.
Ps- Is there any particular order I should read these stories?

3810025 That's ok, real life catches up to us all.

There's no real order (though PABW starts the earliest and the CMC story starts a little after that one). If you've read/do read the CMC story, the Flutterdash story 'starts' just after the Crusaders get back from the desert (or in the context of this story, just after the two month anniversary(chapter 3) is when Flutterdash starts). The Rarijack story starts 'a month or two' before Twilight's first birthday, at the end of PABW. You can keep track a little by when the CMC are grounded and/or are doing things.

Oh, and if you read the TaviScratch story, that one takes place four years before Twilight even gets to Ponyville.

3810157 Okay, good. I don't have to read them in any particular order. I don't know when I'll start the FlutterDash story, but it should be no later then Tuesday.

3810206 Ok, take your time, they're not going anywhere. :pinkiehappy:

I enjoyed this chapter immensely. Even though this is not a ship that I usually read, I can't help but enjoy the sweet fluffy goodness that is a ship involving Pinkie. Anyways good job, and keep up the good work.

3836041 Glad to hear it, because aside from a few funny moments (mostly a joke or weird interpretation Pinkie does from what somepony says) I actually cannot tell how the story is going (good feels, sad feels, fluffy, etc). The Taming the Storm one? Aside from a few parts, I feel nothing when writing it. To me, I just write.

Believe me, I feel the feels when reader others' stories; I just can't my own. So I'm glad to hear you like it (and that it's fluffy) :pinkiehappy:

3836112 I'm glad it's fluffy too, 'cause I don't think I can handle anymore sad fics.

3836467 Well, I hope it's Twilight and Pinkie :derpytongue2: :pinkiehappy:

Hope you mean that it's good, of which I'm glad to hear that you like it :twilightsmile:

Awwwesooommme! Also I know that was a Surprise reference

3850678 It was, and Twi's original color reference too :ajsmug:

I think you did well, it makes sense for Pinkie Pie to be the one making sure the kids are having fun and are safe. She does love kids and she's probably the perfect pony to do that

3890743 Indeed, I had thought it was odd that Pinkie was just constantly running around like a ... chicken with it's head cut off:ajsmug:... When put this way, it made more sense (to me at least)

I felt bad about not doing more with Twilight in this one, but in the episode we're kind of really just following her anyways

I like your explanation for why Pinkie was acting that way. I shall now read some more of the RariJack fic.

Apparently if you do nothing but watch anime in your spare time you get lots of updates to catch up on. Anyway good chapter; I'm really liking this interconnected story thing, it's pretty cool.

4084532 Thanks, I like how the interchanging thing works too, gives me a chance to see/write all sides of an event and give different perspectives on it. :ajsmug:

What anime are you watching? (Though I find TV in general can do a similar thing to a reader)

4085684 At the moment I'm watching Eyeshield 21.

4085861 I think I heard of it but haven't really seen it or anything, hope it's amusing/good. So long as you don't forget the wonderful stories to be found online as well, then it's all good. :ajsmug::twilightsmile:

4086219 I always come back to reading eventually.

A lovely addition to a great story. To answer your question, I am very, very tired of the snow. I've been in two states this winter and both are saturated with snow, and now flood risks are happening.

4106509 Yeah, here I was hoping spring was finally here and then I get to hear that there may be more snow next tuesday :ajbemused: (like, maybe even 10 inches)

At least there's only one more chapter that has snow for this story before we do a little time jump. :twilightsmile:

Just wanted to tell you how much i enjoy your actual stories. I'm not just talking about this one but all of your stories. You have a certain drive that most do not, its refreshing. I know what it feels like to put a chapter out and get no feedback, it sucks. If you would like me to help you with your story in any way do not hesitate to ask. I already edit for a few stories and would be glad to help you out in any way possible. :pinkiehappy: I will be watching you... in the least creepiest way possible of course :facehoof:. Keep Up The Fantastic Work, My Friend.


4157532 :twilightblush: Well, gosh, that's a nice comment to see. I'm rather glad you like them (all of them) and are willing to offer help. I do have a drive for writing, the sake of writing. Bringing these characters to life and seeing what they will do is, rather fulfilling. Can't think of any other way to say it. :twilightsmile: If I don't create, I go a little stir crazy and by writing, I get to make whatever I want, however I want and still be visualizing in a way. :pinkiehappy:

As for that help, my editors and myself always seem to miss things (little things, luckily growing few and far in between) but I want to present the best work that I am able. If you see something, please feel free to point it out (grammar, odd phrasing, typing error, whatever). Or, you know, just regular ol' feed back. :twilightsmile: Those are nice too :pinkiehappy:


4157572 actually Wolfie, it might be a good idea to take on another person like me (someone who offered their services like this) and you can nevef have too many editors. I say test him(her?) with whatever chapter comes up next.


4159773 4157532 :trixieshiftright: This is true...

Bronco (is that how you'd like to be referred to as?), the next chapter I'm working on is Taming the Storm, would you be willing to help edit/proofread them? (I appreciated help with all the stories, but Taming the Storm is the one I have coming up next to update)


I like how the pet name scene was just like our discussion about it, made me laugh when I remembered that conversation.


4290193 Well, it was the just right kind of awkward :pinkiehappy: Yeah, it made me smile a bit when I wrote it too, Twilight is just so adorkable :twilightsmile:

4157572 okay about to start the story and I have one thing to say before I do. And that is if you end this fic with Pinky Pie and Twilight seperating THEN I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN MURDER YOU IN YOUR SLEEP BRING YOU BACK TO LIFE AND FORCE YOU TO CHANGE THE ENDING BEFORE KILLING YOU AGAIN!!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!?!? :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Comment posted by SUBJECTXVI deleted Apr 29th, 2014

4309998 lol, well, thanks for the heads up. I don't like tragic endings though (plus no sad tag on this story!) so there's no need to worry... Mostly :pinkiehappy: :raritywink:


4309998 don't worry, it won't end that way:trixieshiftright:

4310949 Good cuz you are currently the only Twipie peddler that i like (most of the others who write TwiPie don't do it right) and it would be a shame to have to graphically and brutallly murder you while you sleep. :pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

4316807 ruin the ending and you'll find out how fun it feels to have a septic tank shuved Up your rectum. :pinkiehappy:


4321265 heh, no worries faithful reader, nothing about the story is ruined, so there will be no need to murder people in their sleep or have foreign objects shoved in places they really don't belong. Have faith and everything will turn out all right in the end.

4321778 I have faith in no one and nothing. Shitzophrenia tends to do that to a guy. :derpytongue2:

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