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So after a long time of relative inactivity, I'm now relatively back. My current plan is to finish Holy Land and Room to Grow in parallel. Both stories are more than halfway done, and especially with Holy Land I need to just get through it. That story did not come about naturally. I had conceived it as a huge 100,000 word+ story, but there's just no time for that anymore. Room to Grow comes more naturally. It was supposed to be small, and I just have one and a half

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2268995 Noted. I will do that in the future

2267865 I haven't had a chance to look at it yet. I'll get it done by Saturday. And in the future, a PM is way more noticeable than a comment here. Notifications for user page comments get buried all the time.

I don't want to sound mean but you find anything else on my story or no?

2261786 Cool. I'm from Calgary, Alberta myself, but I've had quite a few family road trips into Montana and Washington. I've gone as far as Idaho and Wyoming, but only for Yellowstone.

It's really surprising just how small the cities are in the Pacific Northwest. Seattle was supposed to be this huge thing, but the population is less than Edmonton. And don't get me started on Great Falls. These places all have their own charm, but it's shockingly different from what's north of the border.

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