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No one is really a grown up. They just act old because they have to. - An anonymous little girl to her big sibling.


Fiona Buckner-Smith (human Fiddlesticks) wishes to expand her musical horizons, and enters Celestia's Royal Academy with this goal in mind. But she finds that her country background and scholarship marks her as vastly different from the other freshmen in the music section.

Viola Krauss (human Symphony) is a rising star in the violin section, expecting her way paved with her family heritage and skills, only to find some backwater amateur upsets her plans. Finding herself suddenly challenged for first chair, she tries to answer with one of her own.

Two girls, both violinists and wanting to reach the top, find the other in their path. Can they work together to reach there or will jealousy and envy for one another drive a wedge between them?

EDIT: Yes, I changed the names. I used their pony names to get it to pass submission. I feel guilty and yet not. GTVS: The Great Teacher Vinyl Scratch is the sequel to this story (though this story was made AFTER GTVS started and got really far). I got the author's permission to write this and everything in here is correct and aligned with the cannon of his story.

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Sounds just like ah professional.

when an apple family member is speaking, still use "a". "ah" is used instead of "I", and saying "ah" instead of "a" makes it confusing.

And they're humans right?

5663974 Yes, they're humans. I made them ponies to pass the story, but this story is a side one to GTVS: Great Teacher Vinyl Scratch, by Mariacheat-brony, where they are all humans.

I've always did the whole both 'ah' for "I" and "a" but since their accents may not be as thick, I could change it in this particular case. Thanks for the comment though, do you like the start?

The start is actually a lot better than I thought it would be. It's awesome. I'll be watching.

I just noticed it because it confused me for a second. It could be difficult for non-native English speakers to understand however, and the apple family accent can be hard enough for some of them.

5664005 Yeah, in my more Applejack-centered story (no relation to this particular -verse), a commenter and I had gotten into a decently large debate about the use of 'ah' and the Apples' southern accent in writing. Accepting that an accent is an accent, and that some readers don't know what certain kinds sound like, I just go with 'write out all the accents'!

Glad you think it's awesome though for the start :pinkiehappy: I try. Though I bet Lindsey Sterling had something to do with it huh? :twilightsmile:

i actually don't like Lindsey Sterling music very much. But my sister loves her music.

On accents, as long as most readers understand it, it's fine. Everypony has to re-read some parts of stories to understand them. :twilightsmile:

5664046 Hmm, that's ok. Some music just doesn't resonate with others. ( I personally don't like rap, could never understand why others did, but again, personal tastes and all that).

I am glad for the talk though, hopefully I can continue to 'wow' you and others with the next few chapters that come out soon-ish. Lots of writing and yet so little time. :pinkiehappy:

5664073 Well that's an interesting song. I have heard some from Owl City before, but haven't heard any of the newer ones. Thanks for sharing! I think it's growing on me. : )

5664140 Weeeeellll, I figured since it had another story it went with, I was just going to post it with what (hopefully little) errors it had. Also, I'm pretty bad with distractions :fluttershyouch: So I maaay have taken some time between the Taming the Storm update and the Not So Simple Life update to write this *whistles innocently*

Also also, I just love to write. I can no longer stop nor deny my burning passion to write. While mostly it could be about anything, but these ponies man, they just get stuck in my head.

This story won't actually require you to read the other one to understand. I hope to pretty much set up how the characters got to their places in GTVS, so it's just background story really. You'd meet pony-err I mean people right along with them. Just takes a chapter or so to get used to the names.

I'll get right on those errors (Gwg hadn't gotten a chance to edit this one, I jumped the gun and went ahead with posting it... *whistles innocently* I'm not distractable at all! :scootangel:)

5664140 Shoot, meant to add on there, you don't have to have to edit this one if you don't want to. Unless you find that my writing is just that awesome and you want to read more of course :pinkiehappy:

Great story, it really helps fill in some of GTVS. You can write really well.

5773270 Thanks! I wanted to know what had happened to cause these two to be so sour towards each other, and now I get to know :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the comment! I'll try to get this one updated soon, though I have my other stories to work on as well. :pinkiehappy:

Very nice character openings.:pinkiehappy:

5838201 yes, yes, all in due time. :twilightsmile:

Great work can't wait for more!

7126693 Eeyup! I've been trying to finish this for a while and finally got this chapter done. Glad it is well done. :twilightsmile: Thanks for the comment!

7126338 Glad you like it. They are fun to write, even if they are starting to get at one another's throats. Thanks for the comment!

This really close to what I imagined had happened between our two violinists. The daily challenge bit is a nice idea that cemented their rivalry up to levels really out of the norm.

I imagine (no official confirmation yet) that Fiona and Viola would often trade the first chair position over the course of two years. By the third year of high school, it was getting old and the teachers banned next day challenges for just them. That and it soon became more individual based music learning than full orchestra type.

Spot on deductions on your part. As time went by the number of students in the music section diminished up to the point where only the ten we know (and love (I think)) remained.

While this last chapter hasn't been checked by editors or by Mariacheat-Brony for how cannon this is. But since it's so short, I don't particular care?

Gonna be honest here, I love that attitude :raritywink: You must write because you want to write, not because of or for someone else's desire. :twilightsmile:

All in all, I want to thank you for taking the time to write that epilogue and that short story as whole.

Dissonant Concourse has my seal of approval and I'd like to let you know that it is officially CANNON in the GTVS timeline.

Good job!

PS: and now, I'm up to read your update on 'simple life'

7643483 Hahaha! Yeah, I also wrote that (the story and the comment) late at night, after watching a scary playthrough. I was pretty well done with the story, waiting and watching the scary videos :twilightoops:

The daily challenge thing is true in the my high school band. You could challenge a higher 'chair' once a day, because otherwise things are just slowed down by those who are unwilling to give up when they lose. But Viola and Fiona are just too much for the system.

Glad it's fully cannon, because while I did want to write this since they are fun to write, I like when it actually complies and fits the story.

... You're really going to like the Simple Life chapter. :pinkiehappy:

7643933 Cool! Glad you liked it. It was amusing to write about their animosity growing. And it could have gone so much better for them! Such a shame.

small error noted:

She hardened her gaze as she pain rush through her chest at what had been said moments ago.

replace with "a"; and make rush into rushed for past tense or rushes for present tense.

Otherwise, good job! :twilightsmile:

7648192 Thanks for the note of where an error was, and for the comment itself. Glad you liked it! :twilightsmile:

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