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Group about the cute couple that make Fiddlesticks and Symphony, both violin mares.

Yes, I know it sounds like I ship them because they both play the violin... (it's partially true though :p)
But I'm sucker for clashing personalities in a couple
and I think the Country mare with the white stetson and the orange scarf will do more than wow the High-class mare with a purple bow tie... (Any says that this is an alternate Rari-Jack might have a point, but it's always more than :))

Let the stories embark to let this ship sail!!!!!!!!


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362975 And I see some resemblance between both of them and Tavi (OvO)

that's a possibility, but I wouldn't take the physical resemblance as A sign of sisterhood/brotherhood: the characters related in the show's canon don't really look alike for most part along with a few exceptions..

Maybe it's just me, but I think they look pretty similar... What if they were sisters?

Woop. This ship won't sink.

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